15 SoundCloud music you should listen to

Soundcloud music are great, calming beat music that helps you while you’re doing chores, working, studying, sipping coffee/tea or relaxing.

If you never heard of lo-fi before, what are you waiting for?!

Here are 14 list of SoundCloud tracks I recommend you listen to while you’re working!

(Not in order)

15 SoundCloud music you should listen to


1. Joakim Karud – Dreams


2. Elijah Who – A Cute Date


3. Marlboro – A Great Day


4. Artesia – Her


5. Edo Lee – Black Coffee


6. Edo Lee – Funatabi


7. Jollibeats – Fireflies


8. Jollibeats – Flower


9. Aso – Loungin


10. Sky High – Feelings


11. Prima – Autumn Leaves


12. Elijah Who – a summer-y demo (Original was removed from soundcloud)


13. Birocratic – misty


14. Elijah Who – I’ve got her love


15. Swell – I’m sorry (feat. Shiloh)

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