40 List of things to be HAPPY about!

40 List of things to be HAPPY about!
Here is my list of things to be happy about in life ~


1. Freedom

2. Puppies

3. Kittens

4. Social media

5. Technology

6. Pretty things

7. Motivational quotes

8. Spas & Manicures

9. Water

10. Food

11. The smell of baked bread & cakes

12. Sunny days

13. Listening to rain drops

14. Colourful things (like this list you’re currently reading)

15. Coffee & tea

16. Cupcakes

17. Looking out the window on a road trip

18. Inspiration

19. The smell of flowers & how pretty they look

20. Taking a break

21. Snuggling in bed

22. Having a celebrity crush

23. Swimming in a pool in Summer

24. Organizing

25. Nap

26. Completing a task

27. Listening to your favourite music

28. Binge-watching tv series or movies

29. Cooking

30. Texting or calling a good friend

31. Walking into a store with a good smell

32. Nature

33. Reading a good book while the sun sets

34. Resolving an issue

35. Planning for a event

36. Hugging someone or something you love

37. Achieving your goals

38. Working out

39. Writing out your thoughts in a journal

40. Finding your childhood toys


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