Don’t you ever feel like everything is a mess all of the time?
Feeling frustrated and annoyed by the simple things that keep disappearing in front of your eyes?
I’m probably one of those OCD people that just feel like life is still collapsing in one huge messy bundle on the floor!
I’ll share my 5 tips on how to stay organised.

*Disclosure: Some links are affiliate. So I earn a compensation if you purchase the items. I share what I like and use from my personal experience.*

1. Planners, planners, more planners and to-do lists

I have mentioned about these before on my “how to be motivated in (study + work)” post.

I think to the extreme that to be organised, it is to think mentally organised too.

How many times have you forgot to do some important project but realised that is it due in 3 days and you haven’t started at all? I’m pretty sure most of you have.
Back then, I was a totally.unorganised.person.

When exams were coming up, I would study in the last week when the exams came.

Don’t even ask me about my results! It was horrible to say at less.

Pretty much today, I am obsessed with planners, timetables and to-do lists.

Check out Erin Condren for all the latest and prettiest planners!

One bonus for me is that they are so damn customisable, pretty, cute and simple which I love! #obsessionofastationarygirl  

Emily Ley, Simplified Planner, Grace Not Perfection

2. Cleaning up once a week

If once a week doesn’t suit your match, try 3 times a month.

If you leave pretty much everything clamped up, it could become a simple messy disaster.

No harm to use your free time doing house chores or throwing away old paper pins.

A bonus to cleaning up is finding items that you were trying to look for in the past 5 weeks. Plus it will leave you in a simply good mood.


It’s a first start to curing procrastination.

3. Clearing up your space for freedom

With a whole bunch of stationary, paper and books on your desk, you won’t be able to BREATHE!

Seriously, maybe think about storing away or even better, throwing away stuff you don’t need and try keeping it clear as possible.

You could even put a small plant to keep you feeling motivated and inspire creativity.

Think minimalist!

4. Adding a new touch

You would probably feel really bored once you keep sitting in the same spot and staring straight at the picture you hung for 2 years ago.

Try adding something new like a succulents plant or a small display.

Add new photo frames or buy a new chair to replace your old one.

It would make you feel like you’re a new person again.

Like you’ve just woken up from living in New York to London.

5. Changing the scenery

Same with the fourth tip, try changing your placements once in a while.

There are always ways to change your furniture’s new look.
An example of one is if your desk was facing a wall, move it towards a window.

Your storage could be placed in stacks next to your desk to easier reach maybe?

It will feel like you’ve just moved into a brand new apartment.

How do you keep your self-organised? Feel free to comment down below and follow + like for more lifestyle and advise content from a teenager’s perspective ~ 

Have a great week and stay motivated!

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Hi! I’m Ellen and I’m a student who blogs about lifestyle, self-wellbeing, productivity & relationship advice to make your life as simple and stress-free. I love art and playing video games. I have a pet duck (yes, I did do a post on that) and I’m currently studying Graphic Design since I have an interest in designs.


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