5 Tips to Self Care during the Holidays

Wooo! It’s the holidays!!! Like FINALLY!

(Fun fact: Here in Australia, we finish the end of year term of school and come back on January 31st or February 1st to start the new year and new class.)

But yeah, we’re not really here for discussing the school terms and what not.

We’re here for YOU. Yes, you.

You’re reading this because of all the busy shopping for Christmas and all the decorating. But all of that becomes so stressful for you that you end of having a mental breakdown!

Don’t worry girl/guy, I got your back.

Here are tips in order for you, yourself, to get through the holiday with a cheerful and stress-free smile on your face.

5 Tips to Self care during the Holidays


1. Baths or showers

Who knew that baths can make your world like heaven? You need your chill time and what better way is to spend it on relaxing in a soothing, warm, bubbly bath.
If you don’t take baths, why not take a warm/hot shower?
Oh yeah, did you know that you spend more time thinking creativity when you shower?
Heck, I didn’t even find that out until I watched “Why Our Best Thoughts Come to Us in the Shower”Β 
So spend that time on relaxing…Bringing me to the next part…


2. Relaxation

Every single person on this earth needs a break! Amorite? It can be anything from spending time at your favourite destination (cafe, library or beach etc), doing your favourite hobby, chilling outside or even napping. After you finished shopping and wrapping up presents, make sure to get your relaxation right after a busy day. It can definitely help a TON.


3. Quiet Time

Boy, do I need that peace and quiet in my life.

Who doesn’t?

I rather listen to the birds chirping and cars going past than people chattering and loud music (or maybe that’s just my introverted life?)
Use your quiet time to listen to nature, read your favourite book and even meditate if you want.
I would prefer to have a quiet lifestyle than a noisy one.
Don’t you?


4. Hang out with your family and friends

It’s the holidays like common people!
Even though I said what I said in step 3, it doesn’t mean using up that whole entire time trapped alone when you should be using those time to chill with the fam.
I like to spend time with my family from time to time (not during school days though) but I feel it will make up for a special moment to look back on.
It will sure make everyone happy and excited for the holiday spirit!


5. Nature is your friend

Yeah, that’s right.
Get your butt out there and breathe in some fresh air.
Walk around your neighbourhood and look around you.
Pretty much this is what makes life beautiful.
The sunshine and spending time at the beach (Australia) or playing in the snow and making snow angels (everywhere else) would definitely have you wanting to become the happiest human being on earth.


So that’s my 5 tips to self-care during the Holidays.

What is your self-care routine during the holidays?

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