5 Ways YOU can spread KINDNESS

We all need kindness once in a while right? (who am I kidding, we mostly need it every day!)
But the world can’t be all flaws (if there weren’t any flaws, we would all probably be robots by now.)
We have some negatives and rough patches in life but there’s way where we can overtake those negatives and turn them into the opposite. Positives.


I’m going to be listing some ways on how you can benefit yourself and others around you with kindness.


1. Compliment

Your friend has a new look or hairstyle on them, that stranger over there is looking massively fine (am I right? I really don’t know who I’m actually referring to unless it Kim Tae-Hyung heh) but seriously, you could make an effort to make someone else’s day happy.
I don’t mind being complimented a little (I tend to get irritated by a huge amount of compliments) but what makes it special is being able to tell someone that they look awesome today.
Even if its just by text or saying it over the phone. But hey! Don’t forget that you, yourself, look awesome!


2. Say Hi to a Stranger

I had this one experience where I was sitting by myself in a library just watching some videos on my phone and texting my mates when suddenly a random stranger came by and said hi to me and asked if she could sit at my table (ok this isn’t like Mean Girls where Regina ask Cady to sit at their lunch table) but it really made my day in fact, better.
I mean, I was a little nervous but I got used to the fact that one “hi” could make someone’s day a little more “sunshine-ey?”
Take the courage to get out of your comfort zone and say hi.
You might never know that that stranger could be having a rough day but you made it 100% better.


3. Donate to Charity

I think this is one of the reasons why I think people are great.
It’s donating money to people who really need it, either for support, education or survival.
It makes the world go round really.
Back in grade 8, my school used to do a project where we made a business (sell food, fun games, prizes etc) and then we use all the money we have collected to donate it charity.
My friends and I did a cupcake sale and we fund the most money.
This made us really excited and terribly cheerful.
It brings a huge smile to everybody who participated in fundraising.


 5 Ways YOU can spread KINDNESS


4. Tell someone close: “I Love You”

We don’t live forever so why not make the most of your time and spend it with the ones you love? Being in an Asian household, it makes it awkward to say “I love you” to my family (not with my boyfriend though.) But I do show them that I love them for everything that they’re done for me by doing the chores without them having to ask. Since my family is busy all the time, it’s very hard to spend some family time with them unless its the holiday. So I make those holiday times by spending the whole day with them. Instead of telling them, I’m doing it by showing them that I love them. So make sure if you live by yourself that you call your parents that you love them once in a while.


5. Appreciate the things you have

Remember, there are people around the world who have very little than what you have. Cherish the things that you have and be grateful for living in a free world. I was that person who used to be very spoiled and wanted to get what I want (and I want it now!) I was pretty much selfish for the things I have and the most problematic part was that I still wanted more! I watched a documentary on child poverty (Poor Kids) and that single handily changed my whole perspective on life. I also felt guilty for the kids in the documentary, living in a poor household. I became grateful for what I currently have and it made me a happier person.


Let me know what you do to spread kindness! Reply in the comments 🙂

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Hi! I’m Ellen and I’m a student who blogs about lifestyle, self-wellbeing, productivity & relationship advice to make your life as simple and stress-free. I love art and playing video games. I have a pet duck (yes, I did do a post on that) and I’m currently studying Graphic Design since I have an interest in designs.

6 thoughts on “5 Ways YOU can spread KINDNESS”

  • Some really lovely ways to spread kindness. You never know how much saying hello to a stranger could make their day…a hello and a smile may have been exactly what they needed! I try to tell my husband and boys I love them at least once every single day and hugs are given as often as possible! I find that appreciating the things we have makes all the difference too. When we focus on what we have rather than what we think we want, we’re so much happier. Practicing gratitude really helps too. It makes us realise there’s so much to be thankful for and that we’re far richer than we perceive. Thanks for sharing!

    • I love how awesome of a mother you are! You’re very inspiring and I definitely want to do the same when I have my own family in the future. Thank you ~ 🙂

  • Simple, light and airy. I had a bus diver be so so lovely and kind and happy the other day, and the happiness he spread was evidence in each person getting off the bus, and taking that happiness to others too. It was amazing! Wrote about it on my blog!

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