9 STEPS to BOOST & DECLUTTER your Desktop

The other day I made a post on how to declutter your phone but as a full time 247 desktop user, I know that my laptop can be a lot more “messier” than my phone will ever be (ya know how it feels desktop users!)

As a fact, you bloggers and entrepreneurs, designers, business people and anyone who works on a desktop uses a computer or laptop to get their work done, right?

How about using that free day or take that break time of yours to organise your pc for a much organise and faster aftereffect.

9 STEPS to BOOST & DECLUTTER your Desktop

1. Software updates my dudes!

Did you forget to update your Windows or IOS? Better to keep up to date with the current updated software than the old one. Not only does the system need updating but so does your other applications too!
I made a list on Wunderlist on the software that I need to check and update once a week such as game launchers, art applications etc.

Oh yeah, did you know you can update Google Chrome? (that is if you’re using Chrome) If you don’t know, I’ll show you:

– Go the 3 buttons on the right end tab.
– Click on “Help” > “About Google Chrome”
– Let it automatically check for updates
– Click “Install” if you have an update (warning, you may have to let it close & relaunch after it’s done).
Pretty easy am I right?

2. Defragments

If you want to have your desktop running smoothly, try defragging. You would have to wait for mins or hours so based on how much files you have on your system but it would make a difference in the performance. I usually have to wait about 1-3 hours but it’s totally worth it! You could do other things while it defrags but sometime it may slow down or lag because it’s working its butt off. [Oh btw, you gamers out there, DON’T PLAY WHILE IT’S DEFRAGGING!]

3. Recycle leftovers or unused files

I use CCleaner for deleting unnecessary files or browsing history and it’s awesome! Literally, I don’t even need to scroll through and take up hours of my time to go one by one, deleting files I have no single clue about. It makes life so much easier and along with that, it’s totally FREE!

4. Antivirus Scan

I use to use Avast (the free version) till my bf gifted me a code for a premium 1 year of Malwarebytes (cheers to him) and it’s sweet because now I get to scan actual files that show actual threats – glares at Avast – but anyways, definitely try to scan daily for check if you have any installed or potential malware or viruses that might be lurking beneath.

5. Change Wallpapers

It would totally refresh your desktop along with making you more motivated *cough* check out my freebie desktop wallpapers *cough*

6. Delete browsing history

You could either follow step 3 or just manually do it (I prefer manually). By manual, I have the power to delete histories that I won’t or will delete.

To delete Google Chrome history on Windows:

– The 3 dots on the tab bar
– History > “History” (Ctrl + H)
– “Clear browsing data”
– “Advanced” > tick the boxed that you would like to delete or uncheck to not delete
– “Clear”

7. (If you’re using Chrome) Change Chrome’s theme

As I use the internet pretty much every day, I would always like to go on my browser and not find a bare Google home screen or a gray tab bar. Here’s the trick on replacing that basic tab bar: Theme. There are so many different types of free or premium themes out there based on your likings. For me, I prefer Floral themes.

8. Organise them files yeah?

Don’t expect me to believe you that you have a totally 99.9% organised folders (unless you do then good job to you, skip this step) but if you have a messy unorganised folder displayed everywhere on your desktop or inside your document files, then you should probably start reorganising theme. Believe me, I never got lost ever again when trying to find a file that I need to work on.

9. Uninstall.

Any applications you don’t need or haven’t used in forever – puts a trash in front of you – in the bin. No exceptions.

Have you found these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments.
Btw, if you haven’t checked out “Steps to Declutter your Phone” you should!

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