Balance in Life of a Teenage Perspective

This is what I’m doing at this stage at the moment: school, work, study, relationship, social, fun, and self-care.


So I’m 18 this year. How do I balance these? Well, I’m pretty sure some people know this.


Organisation, Planning & Timing.


Balance in Life of a Teenage Perspective


So let’s start off with school.

I’m in my senior year of school.
But, I do online school so I got more time to actually have a flexible timetable and schedule to do my school work and of course, learn.

But the thing is, I only have about a week to due in my work, which seems to me is like a short period of time.
Although, I do think school is my top number 1 priority.

My parents think so.

I focus more on school first and then once that’s done, then I’ll focus on the next one.



Next is work.

Now, to me, work doesn’t mean getting paid or working at some retail or industry etc.

I think work to me is using your time to make something or on something for a change.

If you get what I mean? Blogging to me is like my work because I take the extra time to research, write, edit, make a Pinterest graphic, post and share to social media etc etc.

Also, it is one of my passions to share & write and a goal to also make blogging my full job in the future. That’s why I put blogging as a 2nd priority.



The third is study.

I’m splitting study into two parts.

So the first study is learning Graphic Design.
I have wanted to become a Graphic Designer.
I love how creative images can send a message across by using the simplicity of designs. So that’s why I’m doing a course in Graphic Design atm.

Part two is actually a combination of school subjects and other subjects such as Maths and English.

I feel like the first study is combined with my blogging priority and the second study is combined with my school priority.



Now relationship and social.

My boyfriend is really supportive and understanding in my goals and school so I’m happy about that.

So mostly I keep in contact with him often.
Now because I don’t go to public school anymore, I try to keep up with my friends.

Thanks to social media, I can keep contact with them by using app mostly Facebook and Discord.
I try to balance my relationship and friendship together by texting them at the same time or whenever I finish the top 2 priorities, I’ll have time to game with them.



Which leads to fun.

Now I think fun to me is like, going out or playing videos games, relaxing or doing hobbies.

Fun for me is drawing, playing PC games like League of Legends, Tekken, Team Fortress 2 etc, watching YouTube or just sitting outside chilling.

I usually combine these (aka multitask) which saves me more time but also let me have some “hype” in the mean time.
For example, before a game match starts (depends on how long it will load), I tend to sketch and since the internet is fast, I let my YouTube run in the background while I play.

But if I’m on a voice call with my friends, then I won’t use YouTube in the background but I will also put on some quiet music.



Self-care is my last priority.

Why? I tend to get easily stress and angry, frustrated very quickly.

Thanks to meditation, I can feel calmer and happier.

Reading is also a great way to de-stress yourself and also bring your mind to think consciously.

I try to fit these in my daily life and keep a schedule on my journaling.



Seems like a lot right? But it might not be if you take a little bit of your morning (during breakfast) to have a planner on you.

It can also motivate you to be productive.

But especially take TIME caution.

What I do is I write down my goals for today and then add bits on what you might actually achieve today (so you don’t get overwhelmed!)

Once you’ve done that, cross it off and remember to give yourself a reward at the end!



Also, “don’t leave it for tomorrow, DO IT TODAY.”

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Author: zyrakuma

Hi! I’m Ellen and I’m a student who blogs about lifestyle, self-wellbeing, productivity & relationship advice to make your life as simple and stress-free. I love art and playing video games. I have a pet duck (yes, I did do a post on that) and I’m currently studying Graphic Design since I have an interest in designs.

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