Let’s Talk: Coffee

If anything, coffee is like a daily productive “wake-me-up” drink.

Just imagine having a cup of your favourite coffee.

It could be either espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto, Americano, a latte, mocha or anything you desire, that is brewed with water or milk, developing a fresh aroma.


Let’s Talk Coffee


Topped with a glop of foamy cream, sprayed with whipped cream added with a sprinkle of brown or white sugar, honey or syrup. 

Side dished with something sweet or savory like bread or a dessert.

Great to sip on in the morning with breakfast or in the afternoon with lunch either on a cold or warm, sunny day. 

It can look earthy, natural, bold but dull. Any type of colour brown that could either be light or dark. 

It may fit your taste, bitter, sweet with sugar, savory, spicy, nutty, floral and cocoa like. 
But the texture is the important part. From watery to froth (foam), hot or cold, warm, acidity, bright, smooth and the sensation from the aftertaste that tingles on the tip of your tongue after you sip the slim, light water. 

How did I first meet coffee?

Back when the smell hit me every morning when my parents would make coffee at 7 am.

I loved that aroma and bitter smell that flew through the kitchen, through the hallways, and into the living room.

I was only 12 then.

Very young to drink coffee.

But I took a small sip out of the cup without my mum knowing.

It was black coffee addition with a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of milk…

And it tasted like someone had just thrown a hard basketball at my cheek.

It was the first time I felt like I had awoken from the devil’s dungeon (aka the dead emo soul inside that 12-year-old girl).

It was a life-changing moment for me till then.

I may have got in trouble being caught drinking coffee but it was well worth it.

Because now, without coffee, I seriously don’t know what I could do without it.



How about now?

Don’t get me started.

I literally drink coffee nearly every single day.

Only during the mornings though.

(The only exception I drink coffee in the afternoon is when I’m typing up this post. Hey! It’s chilly here in Australia.)

It helps me get through the day.

I get tired now and then.

But hey! Why not check out TOP 10 BEST MANUAL COFFEE GRINDERS if you’re looking for the best coffee grinders!

The smell is really addicting and I love it!

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