Memories of Primary School (part 1)


I was on my Facebook just you know, scrolling through my newsfeed while messaging friends and something caught my eye. It was a photo posted from one of my old primary (or elementary for you Americans) classmate. The feels of primary school hit me so hard so why not share the memories I’ve experienced with you lovely people?


The feels of primary school hit me so hard so why not share the memories I’ve experienced with you lovely people?

(Warning: Long to Read!)

Also, what’s your favourite primary/elementary school memory you had?


Let’s Get Started!


Memories of Primary School (part 1)


“Everyone experience this on their first day right?”

I remember my first day of primary school where I didn’t want to leave my mum (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has experienced that).
I used to clutch onto her leg or arm and begged her to stay.
She was a great mum and stayed for awhile until then, she had to leave.
I was crying so much (*laughs*) but then got used to being independent.


“Yellow is NOT my lucky colour.”

There was a time where I couldn’t ask the other kids, who were on my table, to pass the can of pencils in my direction.
I was so shy back then and not very talkative, I minded my own business and coloured my whole picture with YELLOW!
Yes, my whole entire picture was yellow.
I told the person next to me if she could pass the can of pencils to me, but she ended up giving me a purple pencil.
I ended up crying because the other kids weren’t sharing the can of pencils.


“The secret WETTER”

This is going to be embarrassing but I was seriously a WETTER!
Since I was shy, I couldn’t ask my teacher if I could go to the toilet.
I couldn’t hold it in so I ended up wetting my pants.
This hasn’t happened once!
Oh no, what’s more embarrassing is that I use to wet my pants in ASSEMBLY!
Where the whole entire school was, I wetted my pants, right there, sitting down.
No one knew until the end of the assembly where the art teacher came around to check everyone’s pants.
Yep, I got caught and had to go to the sick bay and change every single time.


“Are these editable cherry blossoms safe to eat or poison???”

During recess or lunch, my friends and I would go near the front bushes and pick on the flower petals.
From my amazement, they were like editable cherry blossoms where it melts on your tongue. (If you know what they are called, leave a comment!)
We would always pick these and have them to snack whenever we didn’t bring food to school.
Like this, there was another tree with berries on them and my friends would climb the fence to pick on them and then we would end up snacking on them.
Still, to this day, I don’t know if they were even eatable or poisonous.




There was a really mean girl who used to bully a lot of people including me especially.
I use to be her friend and hung out with her and two other girls.
The mean girl and the other girl was mean and very sarcastic.
I didn’t enjoy going to school that much because of them.

One time, I would want to hang out with the other group of girls who were friendly and smart and the 3 of them would not allow it and pull on my arm.
That was the reason why the mean girl didn’t like me.


“She stole my favourite¬†GOLD GEL PEN!!”

She was very obnoxious and bitchy that during a seating arrangement, the teacher had arranged me to sit next to her.
Yes, TO HER!
Every time I would go to my seat, I would sit opposite to her on the edge so I wouldn’t have to be close to her (like really?)
She saw a gold gel pen I was using and asked to borrow it.
I said no twice but she kept pressuring me. So as a kind person as I was, I lend it to her.
She never gave it back.


“Prep buddy duo with my bully”

One time, I was away and missed out on picking a prep reading buddy. So, when reading buddies came along, I went to my reading buddy and guess what? The other reading buddy was my enemy (the girl above).


“I have no idea why she didn’t like me.”

I had this girl that didn’t like me and I didn’t like her back.
She would always give me this angry glare for some reason.
I don’t know why since I didn’t do anything to her (maybe it was because she was friends with that popular girl in school).
She wouldn’t even go near me and I wouldn’t go near her.
If we were forced to group, she would give me this continuous glare which gave made me uncomfortable.
But once she had a falling out with the popular girl, she became nicer to me.
I guess she felt powerful since she was friends with a pretty girl(??) at school.



Welp, this is the end of part 1 because there’s gonna be so much more.
I didn’t realise while typing this that there were a whole lot more memories, stay tuned for the next one if you enjoy part 1! ~


Update for part 2: Here



Have a fabulous and wonderful day ~

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