Autumn Activities you should TRY

As most of you know, I live in Australia so it is Autumn here in the Southern hemisphere.

I know most of you readers out there live in the Northern hemisphere where spring is.

But if you want, keep this list in mind when Autumn comes around for you.


Autumn Activities you should try


Cuddling In Bed /With A Cup Of Hot Coffee

One of my favourite things to do during Autumn is snuggling in bed while the heater on, drinking a nice cup of coffee and listening to the wind blowing outside. But if I feel productive, I usually sit at my desk while I do schoolwork, study or writing out a blog with my cup of coffee (milk + 3 teaspoons included plzz!)


Lighting On Scented Candles

Lighting a candle always make the day feel so much better. Especially if you have your favourite scent. Mine is apple and vanilla. What’s yours?


Sketching /While Looking Out The Window

I like to gain ideas and inspiration by looking out the window and sketching down whatever I could think of. Whenever something comes up, I usually draw it out and feel good about myself once it’s finished. If you don’t draw, it could do the same for writers.


Taking A Stroll Through The Park

Don’t always stay inside on a cold day, you can’t miss out on a day to exercise. Take a few jogs through the park. Which leads me to the next part.


Snapping Photos Of The Trees

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take pictures. Use your smartphone and take a few pictures of the leaves falling off the branches. Save it as your memory. Don’t miss out the opportunity in admiring the colourful leaves!


Having Chitchats With Friends At A Café

It may be cold to chill out with your friends but it would be so much better if you and your friends had matching hot chocolate in hand with a sweet snack. Maybe your scarf might fly away and clash into a cute guy/girl 😉


Cuddling On The Sofa Watching Movies

Cuddle with your partner or your pet on a sofa while watching one of your favourite movies is always a great deal to spending a great Autumn. What’s great about this is you can do this at every season of the month.


Making Snow Angels On A Pile Of Leaves

Missing Winter? I sure don’t (no snow here in Australia unless you go up the mountains, sadly) but still, while missing the opportunity of snow, I could always imagine the fallen leaves on the ground as snow. Much more fun, you know?


If you have any more ideas for Autumn activities, feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments.

Also, what do you like to do during Autumn? 🙂

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