Hey guys,

Doesn’t every have at less one or two (or ever more) pet peeves?
I’m pretty sure everyone has a pet peeve (even if they don’t know it.)

Outstanding right?

I’m the type of person who has a really bad temper.

So get ready for a long list!

Let me know if some of these pet peeves are similar or if you have some on your own!


Let’s get right into this rollercoaster list!




Slow Internet Or Low Signal Wi-Fi

Ugh. This is like on my top number one list. Just the fact that your browser page will load in 40 minutes is like getting an arrow to the knee. Even for gamers like me, it’s like a NIGHTMARE! All that lag makes me 100% irritated & frustrated.


Spam Texting And Chainmail

Yep, ever got one of those from your email inbox or Facebook messages? It’s so damn annoying. Like c’mon now, those spams get on everybody’s nerves. Like why do you do it? What is the purpose? Especially those chain emails. TOTALLY.FAKE.


When We Start Plans To Go Out, But We Postpone it 

Yep, I had a number of these before. (I’m not afraid to admit it, but I did this multiple times.) You get excited to go out and hang out until that last minute, it’s all down the drain. Kind of a mood buster don’t ya think? But everything happens in the last minute.


Fake People/Friends

Can we please focus on this for a second? Have you had any of these people in your life?
I had these people in my life before. Totally nice from the start but once you get to know them, they’re a total pain in the ass. (Kind of related to the ex-best friend I had.)


Losing Unsaved (IMPORTANT) Work

When your PC crashes and you lost all those important work you’ve work hours on.
ARGH! It’s like watching a horror movie! I hate it when my laptop has the “blue screen”. It happens rarely but when I had my old computer, it would crash nearly once a week.
Please! Can’t you at less crash another time ???


Loud Music (ESPECIALLY When I’m Sleeping Or Studying)

I have sensitive hearing so I get irritated by these easily. It makes it so hard to concentrate on studying or have a good night rest. Especially when the neighbours start playing karaoke every single Friday night. (Their singing are sooooooo bad my ears started bleeding!)


Drunk People At Parties

God this is why I don’t like going to parties (even if I’m forced to go.) I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on the people (and plus it’s your body so do whatever you want) but when they’re drunk…they talk nonsense (funny but annoying) and the guys try to make you get in bed with them. I’ve never been drunk in my life. (I mean I’m only 17 so it’s not even legal (YET) to drink here.) Like, I know you’re drunk but please, and plus, keep the damn noise down, you’re waking up the dogs.



I hate when these happen. Like you’re busy on something really REALLY important and then you get an important phone call or a text, or one of your family member or roommates comes in and you can’t do anything about it because you don’t want to be rude and all. Then there are times when they stomp into your room to check on you and you lose all that focus.


Feeding Teammates (The Ones In Videogames) 

When they feed for no reason, that is a good game for you. GG.


Flies And Bugs (Pretty Much All Insects Particularly) 

Do I have to explain?


Unfinished Work

Yeah, I’m that type of person that get’s really stressed and frustrated if I don’t finish a work. If it’s not done, then I tend to get paranoid so I have to get it done like ASAP!


Feeling “Unloved” or “Lonely” 

Ahh yes, I hate this kind of feeling and what’s worst is you can’t help it. Just the fact you over think that no one loves you is like a stabbed to the heart. Don’t get me wrong, I love being alone but when it gets really lonely?
There are people who care for you but they don’t say it out loud. So stop trying to think that you feel unloved. (Yep, including me.)
Also, always have a social life with you. (I don’t know how you people with no friends can leave without others communication but I really want to know your secret!)



I don’t mean the type of comparing when you compare food. I’m talking about the one where society is involved with appearance, what you wear, how your body looks etc. My parents always compare me with either my brother or cousins or any other relative just to put me down. It’s a tough world but always stay strong and do you boo ~


Family Leaving The Door Open

GOSHHH I can’t STAND IT! It’s simple! Just before you walk out, close the door on your way. It’s not that hard. Even a 3-year-old can do it. (I simply haven’t seen a 3-year-old close a door before really.)


Waiting On Long Texts

For me, once I get a text, I instantly reply. Like sonic but with hands instead of feet.
Some of my friends just take about 6 years to send when all they reply back is “lol” or “ok”. Like what are you doing? Cleaning the dishes? Feeding a dinosaur? Geez.


Taking Selfies On My Phone In Dark Areas And Poor Lighting

 One of the things I hate is poor lightings. It’s like taking a selfie and looking back at your selfie to see a shadow figure. Spooky. But what is worst is how it looks because you know how phone cameras are nowadays. They make you look ugly for no damn reason showing your flaws and stuff. Such things that phone cameras can do.


Touchpad And Mouse Sensitivity

Yes, there are settings for these but it still doesn’t make a difference. You set the sensitivity to 50% and it seems like 110%. Sometimes, a dust would fall on my mousepad and a program would open. Either a ghost is using my laptop or I have malware on my pc. Either way, the sensitivity is annoying af.


People Walking Into My Room Without Knocking

Cmon, a person needs privacy ya know?


Speaking To People In Person

I totally hate trying to speak to people in person (sorry, my social anxiety tends to act up in these moments). Like one moment we’re talking for a bit and the next we don’t have anything to say and it will all get super awkward. You know how much I hate being awkward. I tend to splutter my words everywhere. That’s why I choose text over call.

Problems of introverts



Yep, so that’s all my pet peeves I got for you.

What are your ultimate pet peeves that your HATE?

If you got any more or you relate to some of these, feel free to comment them below!

Have a great day guys~

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