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Right now, I’m currently doing online school so I wanted to share some experience of it.

I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks now so I kind of got the jist of it. I wanted to share with you guys what I have found out so far.

Also, this maybe is an idea if you (a parent) have any kids who have been begging you want to do online school. (I’m not ashamed to say this but I begged my parents till they finally gave in. Took about 4-5 months of begging to finally let me do online school.)
But mostly I’m writing this post towards kids & teenagers.

Bonus video sources at the end! Really helpful Q&As and experiences so feel free to check them out if you want more information!

*Disclosure: Some links are affiliate. So I earn a compensation if you purchase the items. I share what I like and use from my personal experience.*


Online School Pros & Con

Alright, enough chit chatting. Let’s start!

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

~ PROS ~

  • Flexible timetable (do it whenever you want!)
  • Time manageable (any time that you desire.)
  • Being self-scheduled (planning on your own is a great opportunity to organize and get things done.)
  • More time for other stuff (Part-time, sport, work, blogging etc.)
  • Optional for kids with anxiety, socially awkward, medical condition or traveling.
  • Learn at their own pace & independent learners (another reason why kids who do online or home schooled get good grades is that they like to learn faster or slower whenever they like.)
  • For teacher’s help, you can either: call, video chat, email or message.
  • No bullying or drama (Yep. All that rumor you so don’t need to worry about!)
  • You can sleep in and wake up at any time (ahh.. seems relaxing right? Match made in heaven with your bed ~)
  • Not having to pay the expensive school uniforms (Australia/England) or try to
    impress people in your school by wasting half an hour on your makeup (girls) and
    wearing something new to catch up every week just to impress people that go to your
    public school (such a waste of money!) (US).
  • Eat and wear whenever you want!!! (Yep. Feels just like heaven…)
  • You can finish your homework early or finish it late.
  • Do it in a comfortable environment (bed, library, café etc.) [Pfft why does this sound wrong on so many levels? Lol I guess it’s just me.]
  • Not get yelled or punished for being late or for breaking the dress code (in my old public school, we get yelled out for wearing a black scarf because it’s not ‘part of the school’s dress code *roll eyes*)
  • If you are sick, you can still do it at home as you cough everywhere without harming
    anyone else around you. While in public school, you have to call in sick and miss out on work and then it would be catch-up cycle all over again.


Now… on to the cons…

~ CONS ~

  • Easily bored & lazy (and really, I do mean TOTALLY BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND!!! *cough* sorry) / procrastination (seriously, I really need to see if any of my friends has texted me… *cough*) /  distraction… oh, look! A butterfly!!
  • Anti-social (disconnected from friends and ‘people’ (you know what I mean. Acquaintances.) / you don’t get to see your friends every week (sadly they seem to become done the distance but at less try to Skype or text them on weekends.)
  • You need motivation (Hint or trick (whatever you want to call it): Every time you finish
    your work, give yourself a treat at the end.)
  • Losing that ‘special’ feeling for doing something (example. You do it every day and it doesn’t feel special or exciting anymore.)
  • You need access to the internet if you have no available internet nearby & you want to get your homework done, you’re screwed (and I do mean SCREWED. Not really unless it’s on the due date.) Plus you need a PC (laptop or computer, iPad etc.) which cost a lot if you don’t have it.
  • Teachers take forever to reply back or they have a certain time when they can answer
    your question.
  • Can either cost more than private/public school. (Mine cost $160 + another $100 for the textbooks.)
  • Fewer subjects to pick from. (I’m currently doing 4 subjects at my current score while in
    my old public school, you get to choose 6 subjects to choose from.)
  • You can’t do hands-on activity (such as projects, pairing up activities, class sports,
    science experiments etc.)



As I’ve said, I’ve only been doing online school for 2 weeks now.

I’m going, to be honest with you. I like it.

I like to learn at my own pace and independent. Setting my own timetables.

I have social anxiety so it’s hard to focus at school because I would get paranoid and I’ve been involved in so much drama during the time in public school that it’s hard for me not to stress and breakdown.

Plus, my brain doesn’t work in the early mornings so it’s a great opportunity to do work in the afternoon or at night.

Online school is a great way to make your time flexible as it helps you do the other stuff you need.

Like for me, I would focus on blogging, editing YouTube videos, digital art and League of Legends (gotta get to the plat!) all at the same time as schooling.

What’s even better is that you can do it in whatever, eat whenever and anywhere (with an internet access of course!).


I suggest to NOT do online school if you are very social or you get distracted too easily.


Why do you ask?

You might miss your friends a lot for the first part. If you are very outgoing and need socializing, online school is not the place for you. I tend to have those days where I missed being sociable a lot and it get’s irritating and lonely.

But I usually get used to being alone because back in public school, I didn’t have many friends because of my social anxiety so I tend to be alone for the most of it.


The other part is you can’t self-manage. Simple. You need to motivation to do your work.

If you tend to procrastinate a lot or get bored super easily, then the online school is not an option. It’s an online school for a reason! You do it INDEPENDENTLY.

Like me, I have a time scheduled where I do the word for about 3-5 hours or so and then do whatever that needs to be done in my planner.

I like to procrastinate a lot (I’m not going to lie) but I always have the motivation to make my work as fun as possible. Give yourself a treat now and then.

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