People I wish I could see again

There are some people that I wish I could see again.

Sometimes I get some kind of triggering memory somehow and it reminds me of this person.

Well, I really don’t know but I sometimes miss them like a lot. I mean ALOT.


People I Wish I could see again



One of them is my ex-best friend aka my last ex.

Now, I’m not saying I want to get back with him (I’m currently in a stable and happy relationship at the moment with my current boyfriend) but all I’m saying is that I wish we could still be best friends.

He was one of those types of people who has a chill, caring and kind personality and is always there for people.

Usually, feelings get in the way and we can’t help it but during my time with him, it wasn’t the type of love that you felt for when you actually want to spend your whole entire life with that person.
It was the love that you want them to be there for you as a friend type of love.

Do you get what I mean? He was someone I could go to if I have any problems and want to chill.

We get the same humor and music which is the reason why I sometimes miss him.

We broke up in good terms but it just hurts knowing that I had hurt him as much as he hurt me a long time ago.

So I unfriended him just so we can both revive.

Maybe someday we can go back to being friends but I don’t think that can happen anytime soon.



The other person or let’s say people are my public school best friends.

I miss them so much since I no longer can see them often in school anymore.

I still keep in contact with two of them but one of them we don’t talk that much anymore.

My other friends from public school kind of lost touch but I still have them on Facebook.

My two other best friends don’t have Facebook or other social medias so that’s sad that I can’t keep in contact with them anymore.

It’s nearly the end of vacation and I still haven’t met up with them in person because we three are so busy with our own stuff that we don’t have the time to meet up.

Sometimes in the future when we ain’t busy we could meet up in person but for now, it’s senior year and we got a lot of homework and work that we have to do.



So yeah, that’s the people I wish I could see again.

But don’t worry, with Social Media, we could still keep in contact with each other!

Kind of got emotional typing this haha~



How about you? Do you have someone that you wish you could see again?

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Hi! I’m Ellen and I’m a student who blogs about lifestyle, self-wellbeing, productivity & relationship advice to make your life as simple and stress-free. I love art and playing video games. I have a pet duck (yes, I did do a post on that) and I’m currently studying Graphic Design since I have an interest in designs.

9 thoughts on “People I wish I could see again”

  • My mom passed a year ago this week. I would love to see her again. The good news is that our relationship was in a good place, but we were just really becoming friends, so I must sharing small and big things with her. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m sorry for your mum passing away (sending love), hope you’re ok! 🙁 But that’s a good thing that you had a good relationship with her, because now you can look back on the wonderful times you spend with her and make her proud on what you’re succeeding atm <3

  • I do too, my bestfriend. Ex-bestfriend. Friendship breakups is hard knowing you know each other well, and spend most of our time together. But to know she’s the poison behind everything crushed me so hard. I decided to not even bother to be in contact and such. I still have nightmares about it. i want things to work out, but it’s not fair for what she did. Now I’m too afraid to even have friends 😂😂

    • I know how you feel 🙁 I too sometimes am afraid to have friends. I’m sorry that you had to experience a toxic friendship like that but I’m glad you got out of it! If anything, you don’t need her in your life, there are so much more better people out there who deserves you. Stay strong! ~ ^^

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