I might have not gotten my learners permit at the normal age of 16 (I was having a tough time then) but I am well aware that I actually have my learners permit FINALLY.

It took my lazy butt to actually get the guts to read through the book, practise and study through the questions.

The ACTUAL Learners Permit Test

I passed on my first shot of the test (I think I rather keep my score personal tyvm).

But yes, I actually get to set foot on the steering wheel, feet on the accelerator/breaks and soon enough, be able to drive anywhere, at anytime without having to get someone else to drive.

But you know, Pfft driving should be easy I thought before I took the test.

Now, for you older drivers out there, “well of course driving is easy! Duh.” But as a newbie, IT SEEMS HARD.


First off, you got to multitask. It’s not like I’m awesome at multitasking or anything but not multitasking at driving!

Oh my first driving, I got anxious and it was hard to pay attention because I was scared I was going to hit something.

My dad, who is my supervisor, tends to get “very angry” when I do something wrong. And I seriously want to cry right then or not. It’s very frustrating for both him and I when I make a mistake or do something wrong like accelerating fast and breaking too late.




The Mistakes I made lol

One is in which was accelerating fast on a curb or nearly driving onto the outer curb(?) of the footpath. Maybe it’s because I keep getting this anxious feeling of getting into a crash or something.

Pretty much that and the fact that I can get distracted somethings because I have ADHD.

Anyways, after all the driving, I would end of being so exhausted after that. It’s a thing for me (probably because I’m an introvert?)

But yes, as a first time driver, I tend to get anxious but everyone else around me says I will get use to it once I get the hang of it and practise driving a lot.

My next problem is the highway.


How did you feel when you first drove for the first time? Did you have the same feeling as I was or did you feel as confident?

Definitely let me know in the comments!

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