TIPS to keep your Long Distance Relationship STRONG

Personally, being in a LDR (long distance relationship) has it’s ups and downs (like having to keep in touch with your significant other or not being able to be physically there for each.)


Even though people think you’re alone, it doesn’t mean you’re not.


I’ve been in a LDR with my boyfriend for 7 months now (by the time I’m writing this) but we’re still standing strong as ever because we know that we have goals to reach that include each other.


So if you’re in a long distance relationship, then here are 10 tips to keep your LDR together.


TIPS to keep your Long Distance Relationship STRONG


1. Communicate often but not always

I know that some people say that communicating 247 everyday would make their relationship stronger. Maybe that’s just them but for me, I would have my alone times than spend every hour with my boyfriend. Why? Because sometimes, relationships can get boring and irritating when you have nothing to say or discuss with each other or you might even get too attached with each other! (Not a good thing at all)

2. Let your significant other know what you’re doing

Letting your partner know if you’re going out with friends or going to a club is a good thing because then you’ll be able to keep in touch with one another and know what’s going on in their daily life. Don’t forget to let your partner know what you’re up to! (except go to the bathroom.)

3. Be hopeful and positive

People who have been in a relationship for a long time would know that it’s tough having a LDR especially with the lack of physical interactions. But don’t worry, always be hopeful and positive because some day, who knows if you’ll either be able to get married and living with them.

4. Have some space sometimes

Same with the first tip, it can get really irritating, boring or “attachy” if you spend time communicating with your partner 247 along with distractions! Having space can be beneficial to both of you because 1. you’ll get your work done and 2. you’ll get this feeling where you miss them and have more things to talk about.

5. Try things together

Who says LDR can be limited? (Miley says. Jokes.) But seriously, you get to still do things with each other like watch videos while voice calling or texting (that’s what my bf and I do), duo with each other on video games or video call and cook together. What is your favourite thing to do together if you’re in a LDR?

6. Talk to each other about your goals in the future

My boyfriend and I love talking about the future. For example, my boyfriend and I are planning to split the bills, have two puppies etc. (but I won’t go further on talking about our future goals because that would take forever.)

7. Be honest

Being honest is the top number 1 thing that will keep ANY relationship together. If things turn from honesty to dishonesty, things will get a lot messier in the long run. Don’t forget to be honest to your partner.

8. Be open

People may thing that keeping their problems in would cause no problem but it doesn’t. Be open to your partner in any relationship so you’ll feel relieved to let it out to someone who’s special and also, your partner will gain more trust in you.

9. Have a deep conversation

Ever stayed up all night talking to your bf/gf having these deep conversations and never wanting it to end? I have. It made my bf and I closer together. These deep conversations have an impact on our bond. It sure makes you lose track of time and have that feeling on how you fell in love with them in the first place.

10. Take to account that visiting them in real life is a special moment

One thing that is great about this is that you’ll get this really happy, nervous and bubbly feeling inside when you haven’t seen someone for a very long time. So make sure you cherish those moments.

Have these tips helped you with your LDR? Or if you have any personal experience in being a LDR through good or bad times? I would love to hear it so let me know in the comments below!

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