TOP 3 Countries I Want To Travel To

Hey guys,

Do you ever wish to travel around the world? Well, I do too. I have dreams to travel to the countries I want to travel too.

So I’m sharing my list of the top 3 places that I want to travel too in the future.
Whether it is for their mouth-watering foods and great architecture, I would sure make a trip there for sure.

Also, let me know what countries you have been to or want to travel to in the comments!


TOP 3 Countries I Want To Travel To


So let’s get started ~


1. South Korea

I love how South Korea has a unique fashion line.

It’s just my style, simple and cut to the chase!

With the cute and kawaii cafes and bakeries to adore, who wouldn’t want to visit this country? And plus, Kpop everywhere you go!

Their beauty cosmetics are to die for.

And the foods like Samgyeopsal (grilled pork), Jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles), Kimchi Strew, Bibimbap & Ox Bone Soup… OMG, I should stop listing the names of food before I start drooling.
I would certainly want to try all these foods in Korea.

Plus, they are known for their e-sport and fast (like really fast) internet.

South Korea is my first choice to go like always!


2. Japan

Japan has like the best noodles on earth (well for me). They are most known for their famous Ramen noodle dish and their manga’s.

With their Cherry blossom trees, I would certainly relax under those trees all day long.

They have creative technologies that are like far ahead into the future (TOILETS WITH FOUNTAINS!!) so I would certainly want to discover more and try them out.

Their Udon, Tempura, Takoyaki, Omerice & Sushi are certainly mouth watering and you just got to check how cute their bento boxes are!

And I love the Japanese traditional kimonos. I would want to try and wear one one day!

Japan is my second choice to travel to for sure!


3. France

France is the most romantic country on earth.

Even though I am forever alone, I had a dream to come to this country whenever.

From a kid to now, I still had a dream to come here.

Anyways, I always wanted to go up the Eiffel tower and take a photograph from a high view.

Their pastries are so gorgeous I want to take a bite out of it. Like their famous Croissants, Macarons, Lemon Meringue pie, Flan, Crème Brulee… thinking about these brings a shiver down my spine.
They look and sound so delicious!

And who cannot forget about their extraordinary fashion? Someday I wish to watch the runway show. How cool would that be?

I certainly love their language. Real fancy I would say!

France is my third choice to fly too!


What country do you want to travel to, or what country have you been too? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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