What does Depression feel like?

Many people who don’t suffer from this mental illness will think,


“you’re just sad, don’t worry, it’ll probably be over soon”


No. It won’t be “over soon”.


You may think depression is just some person being sad for a long period of time but you’re wrong.


Depression is the fact that you feel isolated in your own problems, feeling so low that it can affect your normal everyday life.
Yes, you can be sad, angry or down, but in reality, it’s something that can go below your average negative moods.

You end up getting anxiety, fear or even bipolar disorder.

It’s something that can come and go but will stick to your forever.


That emotional feeling that just doesn’t want to make you get out of bed. You feel like you have the urge to do something productive like getting your work down, clean, cook or garden but you can’t.

You just can’t make yourself to do those stuff because your body is just taking you down, giving more weight on your shoulders.


Worst of all, you think of committing suicide because you take in the negativity you built on yourself that overweights the positive. All you could think of is being useless or that no one cares about you or even think about if life is really worth it.

You can’t control these thinkings because, in reality, people ain’t really nice as you really think they are. In that case, it’s the negative people, media and pretty much society that can affect the way you see yourself.


Sometimes, from my personal experience, there are people who act rudely upon others, trying to make themselves feel better by attacking another person either for their flaws and mistakes.

Then there are people who don’t give you good credits or couldn’t care less for doing something you did well in.


Others are things that you can’t get away from. It’s problems that you can’t avoid, even by trying to do something about it will make it worst. Even if that problem goes away, another will come your way. Life isn’t always perfect but we wish it was.


There are some people around you that don’t or do notice when you’re depressed. But they ain’t mind readers.

You feel like you want to talk to them about this mental illness that won’t go away but you might think that if you tried talking to someone about it, you might feel like a disturbance or annoyance to them.

But there are times where you might think that they won’t listen to you or wouldn’t care.


The hobbies that you were so interested it back then, don’t have that exciting or interesting vibe anymore. The only interest you have is sleeping forever till time goes past. It’s something to avoid your problems.

Sleeping, crying, staring at the ceiling.


To me, this is what depression feels like.

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What does Depression feel like

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