10 Reasons Why Blogging Is NOT For You


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Last time I did a post called “The Blogging Dos and Dont’s” and it seems like you guys found that post helpful. This gave me an idea to do another post on why blogging is NOT for you.



Let me clarify something first. If you’re easily offended, then I suggest you close this tab. If not, then continue. I myself have done these stuff in the past and I’m not here to offend you so you shouldn’t take this too personally. And I’m not saying that EVERYONE should not blog, it’s not my right to tell someone to not do something. I’m just stating my own opinions to those who don’t know whether or not they should blog or not.


Anyways, you’re still here right? Well grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it.

10 Reasons Why Blogging Is NOT For You

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1. You only blog for the cha-ching (money)

I think you probably know this but did you ever stumble upon Pinterest and see all these blog post that says “how much I made this month” “how to earn this much” etc etc?

Well girl, to tell you the truth, blogging is not like that. If you ever think of making money the quick way, I suggest working either a 9-5 job, freelancing or a part-time. Blogging is NOT (I said NOT) a quick way to make money.

All these people that wrote posts like that have either spend years on years to create that amount. Another truth is some of them are using that title to earn an income for themselves and gain more clicks.


2. You hate writing

If you hate writing, then this blogging thing is definitely not for you. You want to be able to be passionate about blogging or you’ll end up burnt out, leaving your blog AFK (away from keyboard) for over 2 months. No audience would want that do they?

The way to succeed in blogging is to have consistent posts (at least 1-2 weekly) so that Google will rank you higher in their SEO.

I went into blogging because I love writing stories in class (my story got posted in the school’s book hehe) and my mental health as well as my introverted shyness. You don’t have to be extremely good at English to write a blog.

Not good at grammar and punctuations like me? Definitely check out Grammarly. This is a tool where they can help you check for spelling errors, grammar, punctuation and more. Of course, you can apply this on your browser, blog posts and even essays. If you haven’t got it, what are you waiting for? click here to get it for FREE!


3. You think of blogging as just a “job”

Again, if you ain’t passionate about blogging, then you’re going to be thinking of it as “slaving” or a job. I’m not talking about blogging as a full time, I’m talking about your mental attitude.

One way to know that you’re feeling like blogging is just a job (wither or not you’re blogging as a hobby or a part-time/full-time) is when you feel it’s actually a job! I’m kidding, the real reasoning is when you don’t feel the passion that you use to. You do the same thing everyday and you get tired of it is what I meant. That is the feeling when you feel like blogging is like a job.

I love writing every Friday because it’s blogging day! (And also my day off from school). I always make blogging like a kind of happy break if you get what I mean. A relaxing way to put on lo-fi in the background, have a cup of coffee or tea, write my next scheduled post and not have to focus on school.


4. You feel like giving up the moment something goes wrong

Get ready for this because for real, it’s something that every blogger should know. When you blog has less views, it does not mean your blog is failing. There are times when you usually hit the 1k mark of views per day until that one day you hit only 200 views (this is just an example, not my own record per say although I wish but ok enough of that).

Same with any entrepreneur’s product sales. When this happens, you work harder to improve the scores. But if you end up feeling depressed over this one bad day or you just feel like giving up, then blogging is not for you.

I was like this with my last two blogs. I gave up easily because I wasn’t get “views” (I didn’t know what sharing was back in those days. I know embarrassing) but now that I’m gaining readers, I’m able to work harder to bring out the best posts for you guys and also explore my own writing personality.


5. You ain’t happy with your blog

When was the last time you weren’t happy with your blog? If you ain’t happy, then you should fix it. If you want to improve your blog, invest in tools to help you blog grow.

Those who just feel like their blog is not good enough and not bother to fix it, then you get the title. If you’re really into your blog, you should improvise your time into it. That brings me to the next part…


6. You don’t spend the time wisely on your blog

Like I said in #3, I always use up Friday to make it my blogging day where I research, write, fix and schedule my post. With this routine, I don’t have to stress out about having to write a terrible post and having to bring in consistent contents that people don’t enjoy reading.

And for those of you guys who say they are too busy trying to take care of their children (if you’re a parent), have school (like me) or a 9-5 full time job, still, you should at least fit in blogging in your schedule if you want to have a successful blog.

Because of my SACs coming in nearly every week (that counts to my final end of year score), I’ll have to use up my time to do my hectic homework, study and prepare for these exams, assessments and essays. So that would take nearly my whole week just for it (cuz school is important kids!) But I always would have to take advantage of free time just to fit in my blogging schedule (like Saturdays and Sundays if school takes over Friday). If you can’t do that, then blogging is definitely not for you.


7. You only feel the need to become famous

There is a famous Singapore lifestyle blogger (I was inspired by to restart my blog) name XiaXue. I use to love reading her blog posts because legit, her personality is just like mine! It so personal, sarcastic and realistic. Currently, she is focusing on YouTube but still, I’m a big fan of her (and Dash). She started blogging way back in 2003 (isn’t that a long time?) and by then, she rose to fame from her blog, receiving plenty of interviews etc.

If you’re here to make a blog to become more famous then absolutely not, you should blog. Fame comes a long way like XiaXue as she started way back and was consistent. If you’re not consistent or passionate (I’m not sure how much I’m going to mention those words but you get the point), then you won’t get anywhere near fame.


8. You want the quick way to become successful or rich

Guys, the point of blogging is to share your life or help other people who need answers. If you are just finding a quick way to become more successful or rich, then I suggest Twitter or Instagram since there are more people on those platforms as well as plenty of hashtags.

You won’t get successful or rich quickly unless you are lucky, you’re original, you work hard or you are consistent. It takes a lot of time and effort to get successful and rich but not in a quick way!


9. You only introvert yourself from other bloggers communication

Don’t be that type of person to go against other bloggers and not communicate with them. They’re the reason that your blog is getting somewhere. If you ain’t ready to communicate and go out of your comfort zone, then this title.

Ok, to be truthful we all just want to get people to follow our social media, share and read our hard work. But it’s better to create new friends, guest post and share your interest than isolating ourselves (it’s pretty much the secret to gaining new readers. Good karma you know?)


10. You have no internet

HaHAA got you. Seriously though, what is the point of blogging when you can’t post your blog post in public if you have no internet?

84 - 10 Reasons Why Blogging Is NOT For You

So that’s my 10 reasons. Do you relate to them?

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~ Ellen



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