10 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Kpop

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Hey guys


As you might or might not know, I’m a big Kpop fan. I love pretty much anything Kpop and listen to it every single day.


If you never heard of Kpop, then I’m not sure if you’re living under the rock or if you ever been on YouTube but Kpop is pretty much everywhere and exploding international!


If you’re curious about what Kpop stands, it stands for “Korean pop”. So just like your average American pop, you got Korean pop, Japanese pop, Chinese pop etc.


I first listened to Kpop in 2009, when I was on a holiday in Vietnam and just got my brand new and first ever mobile phone. I was looking through my phone for any types of music. I didn’t know what Kpop at the time was so I was quite confident that the music on my phone was all English because I use to listen to music like Maroon 5, Lily Allen etc. Until I stumbled upon Girls Generation (a popular girl group kpop band). There was the song “Gee” and the song “Genie” on my phone. I was listening to it and analysing the lyrics. I was like “wait, is this even English?” I was very confused as a youngling because, either I’m having hearing problems or that this is just in a different language but why is there also English in the music? I ignored it, deleted those songs from my phone and listen to the other ones because, girl! It was so confusing for my little brain to handle.


I’ve first got sucked into Kpop in 2012, when I was just first starting out in high school. I heard Kpop being talked about among my friends, there was Kpop on the tv and Kpop on the internet. But what got sucked me in the most was SBS PopAsia. It was a cold season, probably Autumn or Winter and I remember sitting in front of the heater in the living room until this show popped up on the television. Didn’t know what the show was about until I heard one of the songs that my friends talked about and sang all the time. I continued to watch it every day and as days went by, I became addicted. The first song I loved was by CNBlue – Love Girl

which to this day, became my nostalgia song.


But the reason here is for me to explain to you about why you should love Kpop amiright?


Then let’s get started on the top 10 Reasons on why you should listen to Kpop!

69-10 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Kpop
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1. It’s catchy & fun to listen to

If I hadn’t fallen in love listening to “Love Girl” then I wouldn’t have fallen in love with this jumpy and pop-tastic music that we have now today. There are so much out there to get you lip-syncing, singing or even dancing around your room. Even though you might not understand a single thing except for the English lyrics, the background music is the way too catchy for you to not even click off the tab.



2. Their dances are exciting & addicting to watch

Definitely check out their choreography because if I did that, I’d probably fall on my bum at the 12-second mark. It’s so intense that I can’t even keep my eyes off them and have to slap the replay button over and over again. It could also be an inspiration for you to try out dance lessons as well as do a choreography cover which you can learn from your own home and free. Tutorials are literally all over YouTube. It can also be a great way to have fun while exercising and losing some weight *cough* I need to *cough*.



3. They’re so attracting!

Did I ever tell you that they’re really cute, beautiful, handsome (guys) and all around gorgeous? I’d definitely tell you that I did get a crush out of one of them, which you can find out in my Secret Childhood Crush story. I really do appreciate how stunning they are even natural or cosmetic surgery but you know, it’s their own body, they can do whatever they want. I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up having a little crush on one or more!

Related image

Red Velvet Joy Source: AllKpop



4. If you get into their fandom, you can’t get out!

Girl, guy, do you know how much harder it is to get out of Kpop? You know what they say, if you get in, you can’t get out. But there isn’t a problem there because personally, it’s worth to stay in the Kpop world. What is kpop fandom? Well like any other type of fandoms, we have different types of fandoms based on the kpop group you like. For example, I love Red Velvet and I’m in their fandom called ReVeluv as well as Girls Generation fandom that I’m in called SONE. Once you get into a band or idol group and love their music, you can search up their fandom names on Google. I know for a fact that people in the fandom I like is very kind and friendly as well as WE TOTALLY GET ONE ANOTHER! And that’s how friendships are started there my friends because two, can be interested in one thing which leads to the next part…



5. Stan, bias, stan, bias

Stan means “an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.” and bias means a favourite person in your idol group. Now, you’ll understand this more once you get deep in the Kpop fandom but when you do, you’ll be having posters, photos, nicknames etc. of their particular favourite idol or idol groups. For example, my bias in Red Velvet is Yeri. Nek minute I’ll be having a pic of her and her name on my Steam account (true story but I don’t now. Really!)

Image result for red velvet yeri 2018

Red Velvet Yeri Source: Kpopmap



6. Memes from their English

You CAN NOT laugh when you mix up their English lyrics. You may mishear the lyrics but that’s part of what makes your day right? I can just let this video explain for itself and let you think about it! It’s pretty hilarious!



7. It’s not like your typical American music

You know about the music these days. And I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s all about the “mature” things. But with Kpop, the legacy goes on. Kpop nowadays is pretty much cuter, pop, catchy, indie and so much more without their skin showing out. Not hating just stating the obvious. I can also say that there may be some kpop music video that does show that inspiration from American music but it’s been overtaken by music videos that are sensible for 12+.



8. Different genres based on your liking

What can I say? There’s literally RnB, rap, indie (my favourite), hip-hop, pop, chill and so much more to match your likings. Kpop is not just “kpop”! Some people might have mistaken Kpop as just pop only but if you look into it deeper, there are many more genres that you can find to match your style. Here’s one example that isn’t pop:



9. Their music video may be weird and crazy but it’s actually authentic to watch

Once you watch it for the first time, you might be thinking “this is actually really weird and crazy”. Yes, I’ve seen kpop reactions on Fine Bros React but it really does feel weird to watch it doesn’t it? Once you do however start getting used to watching some crazy music videos, you’ll start to feel like this is authentic. It’s creative, isn’t it? Funny thing is, I get my inspiration mostly from these kpop videos that I watch and it can never get old. If you like find symbols and metaphors behind the music video, then you’re in for a treat because they are always a story behind it. Go check out this one for example:

I first watched this music video in 2012 and I didn’t figure out the meaning until 2016. Shocking isn’t it?



10. They can sing and dance at the same time

Tell me one person ONE PERSON who can dance and sing at the same time? Tell ME! (You can answer it down in the comments below and I’ll give you a cookie if you do mistake me wrong haha). But literally, what really amazes me is how they can sing and dance at the same time without having to huff and puff (-no, we’re not talking about the big bad wolf here.) well, having to heave into the mic when you’re out of breath. I’m not kidding, go check this video out and tell me a logic on why they’re not huffing and puffing? (Also this is not a lip sync btw)


67 - 10 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Kpop

So that’s my 10 reasons why YOU should listen to Kpop.


Did you find my reasons reasonable or do you still not want to listen to Kpop? Let me know in the comments.


~ Ellen


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