11 Lessons I’ve Learned Blogging With 100 Posts

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One of the most important things about blogging is the lessons you learned along the way. I've learned plenty of things after hitting that 100 mark.

Here's the blogging lessons I want to share with you. But first!

I upgraded this blog from free WordPress.com to WordPress.org on the 22, Oct 2017. It was easy peasy for me as I didn't have any issues when setting up my own self-hosted blog. If you're a newbie who still uses WordPress.com, then definitely check out my post How To Start A Self Hosted Site For Beginners.

I hit my 100 posts mark during August (coincidently my birthday month). Surprisingly, I never thought it would take me a year to hit the 100 marks nor the fact that it would be an accomplishment.

With that, here are the lessons I've learned from hitting over 100 posts.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

Confronting 11 things I've Learned Blogging with 100 Posts

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Quality over Quantity

You might have heard of this saying quite a lot but I can 50/50 agree to this. Both of them is like Ying and Yang.

You're right when quality is very important but so is consistency. If you're posting one quality once a month, then how will your readers keep up with your post? How will you improve your SEO rank when you have little to fewer posts?

It all is a balance between quantity and quality. My advice is to set up a schedule for when you post. For me, I like to post twice a week. That way you're posting consistently but also you have more time to edit etc.

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Go to Self-host

I've been blogging for free ever since I started my blog ZyraKuma. Till the moment I turned 18 and was legally able to apply for a debit card, I was in a hard situation.

I was in question on whether or not I should spend my money on self-hosting or not. Even as a broke teen who gets spoiled a lot during shopping (probably that's why I'm broke af), I was caution of my money spending.

It took me from my debit card arriving till October of 2017 to finally give in and self-host with SiteGround. With the low cost for beginner bloggers, I was able to congratulate myself for stepping out of this decision making and be like any other professional bloggers who get to control their own site.

Web Hosting

You know, I must admit, I should of have self-hosted earlier.

It took a while to build up my following again once I migrated my WordPress blog. Learn from me, it's better to start sooner than later. I say this because it took me a while to build up my following once I start all over again.

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Success doesn't take overnight

Stop trying to feed into the "how to make quick money with a new blog" or "how to get [this traffic] as a beginner blogger". Stop making fetch happen, it's not going to happen! I use to feed into these blog posts until I learned the hard cold truth from my own experiences. Blogging takes time and a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

Do you really think the bigger bloggers you follow got to where they are in 1 month? How is that even possible anyway? (Unless you're lucky of course).

Reading other successful blogs helps

Do you know what really motivates me to blog? Reading successful blog posts. Ok not just successful blog posts but the blog post that inspires and motivate me. Like a blog post about mental health or a blog about starting from 0 to 100.

You're definitely going to have times where you feel like you're not getting anywhere or you're at a blockage. I've been there before and not only once. That's why you should spend that little amount of time reading other motivating blog posts.

And I'm definitely not referring to the quick scheme posts I'm talking about on the last lesson.

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You can cringe over older posts

Girl, do you know how much time I've spent fixing and reading over cringe posts. That's like cringing over your past relationships. Ew. Don't be afraid to get attacked by the silly and embarrassing stuff you wrote when you first started. We all gotta start somewhere right?

Cherish those blog posts. Private them if you must. But if you're a bit braver, how about sharing these older posts in a new blog post and react to them?

Fix your SEO!

When you start to hit the 100 marks, it's time to go back and fix your search engine optimiser for search engines.

If you have enough blog posts for scheduling the whole month, then I think it's time for you to use that time to fix your old posts and enter in new keywords.

This way, your posts can be evergreen and improve your traffic as well as your search ranking.

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Your blog heading matters

Didn't someone tell me headings matter? Apparently, I wasn't listening to them and that's what got me in this situation. Yes, of course, your heading matters. It's the first thing people see and click on right?

If you title your blog post something like "Eating out with my family" would anybody click on it? Probably your closes relatives but no one else will. How about "10 Places to eat out with your family?" Now that's better. Let it be known that for people to click on your post, it needs to be for the readers (unless you're a lifestyle blogger of course).

I suggest using this free heading site to check if your heading is strong enough: CoSchedule

You definitely need an email list/RSS Feed

How can you grab passive fellow readers to your blog? It's using an email subscription. Thank god when I upgraded, Jetpack still had their tool in email subscription boxes.

But why should you need one? Look, not everyone has social media. What would happen if something went wrong? There's your answer. I'm pretty sure nearly everyone has an email and that way, you can do whatever you want with your email feed.

You can come by and subscribe to my newsletter. Of course, you're gonna receive your free Workbook "I have time 2 blog" as well as a self-care checklist.

Your writing personality will change

My personality has changed over the years and massively has it changed myself as a human. "Wait, what do you mean?" You're probably asking. When I first took on blogging, I was self-conscious of the way people thought of me. And at that time, I was a quiet, shy introvert with very low self-esteem and a sufferer of depression.

Now that blogging has helped me through that experience, I started to find my voice through here. I know that video would be better but well fudge editing videos for 4 years lol. I'm even an ambivert in person and wouldn't mind speaking up now.

If you're new, don't be afraid to use your real voice. Followers will follow people who have personality, not a person who writes essays.

People unsub or leave and that's OK

Sometimes, I use to feel misled when someone unfollows me on my blog or on my social media.

Nowadays, I don't really give a single fudge, to be honest. There are plenty of reasons why they do that. Mostly, I think they do that due to their change of interest. We all change interests so don't think you're getting out on this one.

Continue learning

I left this for last because I think it's important (to me that is). You probably graduated and think "finally! No more hardcore studying". Girl, I thought that as well until I realised that learning is super handy.

When you're a blogger, you can't stop learning. This could be learning a topic for a future post, learning a skill like writing and editing or even people skills in order to gain traffic. You can even learn from anywhere or even young to old. There is no reason for bloggers to stop learning.


So what did you think? Have my lessons taught you a lesson in blogging?

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