How To Get Over A Breakup In 12 Steps

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I’ve been through a lot of break-ups over the past years. If I can recall, my first boyfriend was in 2012. I know. So young. So naive.

I’ve experienced these breakups to help me heal and think about why it ended after all those days, weeks, months, even years creating happy memories with the significant person. I’ve learned from these mistakes.

On a positive note, without them, I wouldn’t be writing out this list. It has made me a stronger & more independent person.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

Breakups are tough! I know how heart-aching it is but it's not the end of the world. Here's 12 steps on how to get over a breakup. #relationship #relationshipadvice #breakups #breakingup #relationshiptips #relationshipissues #getoverabreakup #toxicrelationship #relationshipstruggles

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1. Cry your heart out 

Cry every single water out of your system until it dries out. It’s not okay to bottle your emotions in and to think that you’re fine.

It’s not okay to bottle your emotions in and to think that you’re fine. Click To Tweet

You’re not fine. [Insert Katy Perry meme here]

Let out your anger, grief & sadness out. Have a close friend by your side, comforting you as you make puddles on the floor. Write a journal expressing your feelings inside. Anything to let your mind travel.

2. Binge watch movies and eat junk food

Just for one day or two, eat anything you want. Chocolate, ice cream, cake, etc. Just make sure to eat healthy after one or two days are over.

Watching romance movies aren’t going to help. Watch other genres such as comedy, action, thriller or even horror to get your mind off things related to “love”. You really don’t need to be thinking of it at this moment in time.

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3. Delete photos of your Ex

Don’t you dare stare at it and think for 5 minutes if you should delete it or not. DELETE EVERYTHING! And I do mean every single picture that you took with him/her.

Even the pictures that relate to them. It will be worth it in the end I swear!

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4. Trashing or storing the items related to your Ex 

Throw away the gifts that he/she got you. The items that made you two an item. Anything that relates to them just THROW.THEM.AWAY.HONEY!

Send your mutual friend to give your ex’s stuff back. If your break up was in good terms, just return the gifts, clothes they gave you or just store them in a box and tuck it away.

When you look back at those items in 2 years time, you’ll feel cherished.

5. Delete those media that remind you of him/her

From music to video clips, just a single tap/click on the delete button and you’re already getting far ahead of moving on.

Even if it was a good song, don’t be fooled. There is other good music out there. Just don’t listen to sad songs for now.

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6. Remove & block them from any social media

Don’t even think about trying to stalk their social media. If you don’t want to block them, just remove them. There are other ways of taking a break from social media.

Even if you still want to be friends with them, I suggest trying to stay away from them for a long period of time and then when you feel like the feelings are gone, you can then text him/her back.

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7. Start a new hobby

Getting a new hobby is a great way to get your mind off of your ex.

You get to feel free and do whatever you wanted to do that you couldn’t do when you were in a relationship. Like, skydiving, hiking, drawing, traveling, playing a new sport, etc.

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8. Go out and make new friends or reunite with old ones

Don’t be an anti-social (like me). Go out and socialize more!

It is always great to meet new people and hang out with the people you haven’t seen in like FOREVER! After a long day of talking and chilling with them, you feel happier (and distracted away from your ex).

9. Take a break and go for a travel

Don’t overwork yourself! Take a long vacation and go traveling.

Explore new things, take photographs and experience the real world. Distract yourself for a while. Traveling is a treat to yourself.

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10. Hang out at parties, concerts or events with your mates or by yourself

There’s nothing like having fun. You’re single now. Enjoy the life you have.

You're single. Enjoy the life you have. Click To Tweet

11. Flirt around with new people (but don’t do rebounds!)

You can flirt with new guys/girls but don’t ever go in a rebound until you’re ready to move on and forget your last.

There’s nothing like hurt between two people only to find out that you still have feelings for your ex.

12. And lastly, focus on your goals & dreams!

Remember the time you were in a relationship and you couldn’t do the things YOU wanted to do?

Now that you’re single, you’re free to do whatever your heart desires. No person is going to hold you back. You can complete your goals and feel very accomplished & successful that you broke it off with them.

That’s the good thing about breaking up right? Just remember that!


I hope these steps/tips are helpful for you guys getting over someone. I want you guys to be happy and enjoy life. You don’t need a significant other to relay on.

Do you know someone who’s in a toxic relationship? Or were YOU in one? I did a post about how to spot a toxic relationship. Check it out!

Breakups are tough! I know how heart-aching it is but it's not the end of the world. Here's 12 steps on how to get over a breakup. #relationship #relationshipadvice #breakups #breakingup #relationshiptips #relationshipissues #getoverabreakup #toxicrelationship #relationshipstruggles

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~ Ellen


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