13 YouTube Stars You Should Watch Right Now

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There's nearly (and I do mean nearly) every single video about anything on YouTube. What I love the most are YouTube stars who are creative and aesthetic.

Videos that have an authentic, artsy, and inspiration side to them with their editing and special effects, etc. Something like Casey Neistat, or CatCreature.

I'll share with you guys some YouTube stars that innovate and motivate me. Of course, they will be categories so you can easily find which category interests you.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

13 Creative YouTubers you should Watch right now!

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Art / Creativity YouTube Stars

Conan Gray

An American art student in college. He does great videos on travelling, lifestyle vlogs and art. Demonstrates artistic talent in traditional sketches and painting along with his amazing singing (which is to die for!)

His videos include really chill music from SoundCloud and has amazing minimalist editing style that is subtle to the eyes.

A really great way to make your day brighter is by watching his amazing videos.


An American design student in Proud Rhode Island School of Design. I found her videos on my recommendation list and never regretted clicking on her video.

She uploads art, design, beauty and fashion videos. She also has a humour and a singing voice that I totally love!

If you ever feel like you need motivation on a Sunday afternoon, feel free to binge-watch her vlogs.


Minnie Small

A London artist. She is very talented in her field as she adds minimalist into her chill videos. Yes, even her voice is relaxing to listen to.

Her sketching and painting videos are definitely worth watching. Just look at how amazing her drawings are!

She is the reason why I'm motivated to want to fill my sketchbook.


An Australian artist in design university. Surprisingly, she also lives in the same country as me!

Her fashion trends from a mixture of thrift clothing and retro style which I do indeed have a thing for.

Like CatCreature, she does design and art vlogs, fashion and singing covers.


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Teacher/Education YouTube Stars


An American medical student. It's really cool how her name is America (ya know, same as the country she lives in. Haha!)

One of her videos about her bullying experience back in junior and high school definitely confused me since she looks GORGEOUS! I mean, how can she get bullied for being so pretty? Now, look at her studying to become a doctor!

Anyways, she is definitely one of my inspiration as she worked her butt off to get to medic school.

If you want to watch what medic school is like or try to get to medic school or even get some tips on how to pass with a repetitive A's, definitely would recommend watching.

Mr. Thain

A humorous American kindergarten teacher. I subscribed during the time he had under 150 subscribers.

His videos are similar to Casey Neistat's vlogs but as well as that, his video timelapse is perfected perfectly along with the sweet chill music he adds to his time-lapse.

He and his wife are #couplesgoal as they talk about their life and motivation through his daily vlogs.

If you're into travel, humour, classroom tips, classroom vlogs, and motivation goals, check him out!

Pocketful of Primary

An American elementary teacher. What I love most about her vlogs is that she talks about how her day went and how she cares for her students through the good and worst times in her teaching life.

She inspired me to exercise from her time-lapse gym scene in one of her vlogs.

She has definitely grown her channel very quickly from the quality to the classroom tips & organisation videos.

If you are a teacher that needs ideas for your elementary classroom or how life is as a teacher, I would definitely go recommend you to watch her videos.


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TED Talks/Ed

A series of inspirational and motivating speeches by people around the world who inspire to change your mindset. I'm pretty sure some of you guys have heard it before, right?

Has anything from personal life experiences, inspirational speeches, knowledge and motivation topics that can suit pretty much any of your styles and need.

It is a great way to motivate you to get off the bed and do something to change the world we live in.

Travel Vloggers/Personalities YouTube Stars


A Korean-American traveller and skincare beauty guru. I've watched all of her vlog videos since day one and still counting.

Like me, I have an interest in travelling to South Korea and her videos make me want to travel there so badly. Also, can we talk about how her skin looks healthy and bright WITHOUT makeup? Real jealous right here.

But anyways, If I didn't find out her vlogs, I wouldn't know what to do. I highly recommend watching her amazing minimalist, marble loving videos if you have an interest in daily travel vlogs, beauty skincare, and fashion.


A Singapore blogging personality. She never stops being sarcastic, humorous and totally honest which is the reason why I love everything about her.

She also expresses her opinions and doesn't care what others think of her. Definitely #QUEEN right there. She was also the reason why I started to create a blog.

If you don't mind the explicit language, offence, and humour, then you should totally check out her videos!


An American filmmaker and daily vlogger. Can we just stop to say he is the definition of vlogging king? His time-lapse are so beautiful to admire. Makes me wish I could be there to experience the wonderful outside world.

He works really hard for his family, work and videos which make me admire him. I don't know how someone like him can balance a lifestyle! The unboxing of his packages may hurt me inside a bit but at less, it is satisfying to watch all the boxes, wrappers and paper be torn apart without making me do it in real life.

There are so many brilliant things I can talk about him. Why don't you check out his videos and let the videos explain it for themselves?

K. Choi

Korean vlogger living in London and travels. I found her channel out when she was travelling in London with Joan and I could not decline to check out her channels. Oh did I not regret ANYTHING! Like Joan's vlogs, she also has so much inspiration and minimalist videos that I cannot skip to watch.

If you like travelling, need some travel tips or just vlogs about her life traveling you should clearly hop onto her channel!

Krist Soup/Krist & yu

An American traveller and art student. Like Joanday and K.Choi, I do in fact love her videos and always put her videos on my watch later list.

I found her out back in my junior days from a channel I was subscribed to called Awesomeness TV. I fell in love with her films and random weird DIYs.

Check her out if you have an interest in food, weird DIY, travel vlogs and designs.


I'm pretty sure that there are many other amazing creative vloggers out there but these are just my personal preference that I love to watch from time to time.

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Do you have any YouTube stars that you love to watch?

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