13 List of Best Youtube Channels to Watch in 2020

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Are you bored and looking for a list of fresh best Youtube channels to watch?

There are tons of videos on this platform and more people are starting to become content creators.

However, there's going to be times where you'll end up "growing out" of watching that YouTuber's content. Whether that be because you're growing up and finding different interest or you're not into watching their content anymore due to change or just keeping the same content from 2013.

Here is a list of my favourite Youtube channels for 2020 that innovate and motivate me (and hopefully for you too). I'll share with you what their channel genre involves, who they are, their Youtube channels' statistics, their popular video, and my favourite video from them.

Note that the Youtube channels on this list are not in order! I'm sharing these channels because I watch them a lot.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

List of 13 Best Youtube Channels to Watch

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The Ultimate List of 13 Best Youtube Channels to Check Out


First on the list of Youtuber channels to watch is Tzuyang. If you're interested in food, mukbangs (eating show), and mostly Korean food, then you're definitely in for a delicious treat!

Tzuyang (YT: tzuyang쯔양 ) is a South Korean social media personality and mukbanger. She regularly uploads mukbang videos of her eating different cuisines and doing eating challenges (usually these challenges involve winning money and/or speed-time eating).

She first joined YouTube on 20th November 2018. As of July 2020, she has 2.57 million subscribers and 539 million views. Her most popular video is "Tongyoung Ep.2 They Only Open for 5 Hours a Day! Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup Korean Mukbang"

My favourite video from her is the "Gigantic Jumbo Ramen Challenge! Added Pork Cutlet, Miso Ramen (feat. Karaoke) Korean Mukbang". I'm actually a big fan for ramen as well as pork cutlet. Every time I watch this my stomach grumbles! The fact that it's a challenge makes it even better (I love a good food challenge nowadays). It's eye-opening to find one girl eating a large bowl all by herself yet keep a slim body (ok you can already see the jealousy right through me)!

Tom Harlock

I wouldn't recommend this channel if you're sensitive to sarcasm and criticism but if you're into the commentary and harshness, then I highly advise you to watch it!

Tom Harlock (YT - Tom Harlock) a British social media star who mostly does commentary on TV shows, other YouTubers or videos, and lifestyle (beauty, social and gaming). He was a Vine star with more than 1 million followers (before the app shut down).

He first joined YouTube on 9th July 2016. As of July 2020, he has 1.03 million subscribers and 62 million views. His most popular video is "What's wrong with Lele Pons?".

One of my top picks from his channel is "Amberlynn Responded to My Video". No hate to Amberlynn but Tom makes the video pretty hilarious, pointing out the "wrongs" from her reaction video. Not only that but he adds sarcastic remarks to it and boi, do they make me spam the repeat button every time.  It's like a reaction to a reaction to a reaction video.

Trin Lovell

If you're into movie, films, chick flicks, musical and movie reviews/commentaries with a hint of "relatableness" and high intensity of roasting the characters, then definitely check out her channel. This is also a great way to find what movies or tv shows to watch on Netflix.

Trin Lovell (YT: Trin Lovell) is an American social media personality who is known for her movie and TV reviews, reaction and roasts. Her notable film reactions involve Riverdale, Glee, Bring It On, Teen Wolf, ShadowHunters, The Hunger Games and more Netflix series.

She first joined YouTube on 24 April 2013. As of July 2020, she has 425k subscribers and 34 million views. Her most popular video is "Riverdale Made ANOTHER Musical Episode, So I Watched It. (Heathers: Riverdale Version)"

One video that I love from her channel is "(kinda) Tall Girl Watches *TALL GIRL*". If anything, there's so much criticism on the Netflix show "Tall Girl" but I love Trin's review on it. With every roast she does, it makes me LOL! (get it? because one of the shows she reviews was the LOL movie? ok I'll stop). She reacts to movies so that I don't have to spend hours watching a movie or tv series that I probably wouldn't enjoy (like Twilight for example).

The Graham Stephan Show

If you're into the financial side of things such as investing, budgeting, business, money, reaction and more roasting, then this channel is for you. Note that I'm recommending Graham's second channel because I'm more interested in his financial reaction videos. If you want to check out his main channel which is also about investments, business and how to make money, click here.

Graham Stephan (YT: The Graham Stephan Show) is a real estate agent and investor on YouTube who post videos on financial and business through his experiences. He's also a car enthusiast and loves to spend little on coffee. On his second channel, he mainly reactions to videos from CNBC's "Millennial Money" (now we all love MM here let's not forget!).

His second channel started on 17th April 2013. As of July 2020, this channel has gained 439k subscribers and 33 million views. His most popular video is "Millionaire Reacts: Living on $280k A Year In Detroit - Millennial Money".

I love nearly all the Millennial Money reaction videos from his channel but one of my favourite videos is "Does My Girlfriend Think I’m Cheap?". They are absolutely a cute couple ~ Graham and Graham's girlfriend. I love how they're both into investments and the fact that he gave her 100 Grand is pretty astonishing.


Oh, boi.. we're on the 5th one already on this list of Youtube channels. Ok so if you're into a variety of short films from different genres, then check this channel out. They also have different networks of channels such as Omeleto Drama, Omeleto Comedy, etc if you want to focus on one category but I'll be sharing the main channel.

Omeleto (owned by Allen) (YT: Omeleto) is a network/YouTube channel filled with award-winning short films from Sundance winners, Oscar-noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers. You can check out their site here. They have every genre you could think of such as sci-fi, comedy, romance, drama, horror, and documentary.

At first, I thought it was "omelette" (like the egg mixture) but it took me about a 2 years after subbing to realise it o-me-le-TO.

This channel first joined on 1st February 2016. As of July 2020, this channel has 2.57 million subscribers and 277 million views. Their most popular video is "A homeless 7-year-old who lives on the beach makes and sells 'stick people' to get by. - Jada".

My favourite video from them is "A mother struggles with bullies who torment her disabled daughter. - This Is Vanity". The struggles remind me of my days when I was bullied back in primary and high school just makes my tears swell up. What breaks my heart is that disabled people had it worst and honestly, it hurts to just think what they must have been through. This video puts me in the perspective of how it feels to be bullied as a disabled person and the life behind the parent (mother) having to deal with all of this. Watch it for yourself and share how you feel.


If you're into satisfying ASMR vlogs with no music or constant talking, travelling, food, and street food, I highly recommend this channel. Great for relaxation or chilling after a busy day or even for falling asleep to the sound of food cooking.

Dancing Bacons (YT: DancingBacons) is a couple of food travellers (husband and wife) who records street foods, restaurants and unique food reviews in a natural setting. The foods are exotic and different to each and every culture. After the cooking process, they show the "bite-in" final of what the food looks like inside (mouth-watering I know!)

Their channel was first created on 26th March 2014. As of July 2020, they have 1.28 million subscribers and 454 million views. Their most popular video is "Original Jiggly Cake Cutting".

I love nearly every single video of theirs (as you already know I love food) but if I had to choose one it would be "Ramen Restaurant Vending Machine". This is one of their first video that was recommended to me on Youtube and still to this day, I love it! The video shares the popular vending machine Ramen restaurant in Ichiran and boi, do I want to go there really badly to try out their ramen. They make it look mouth-watering (I'm talking about both the ramen and the video)!

Tara Michelle Vlogs

One of my favourite Youtube channels on this list. If you're into the chill lifestyle and Instagram pleasing videos, then check out Tara's vlog channel. Like Graham's channel, I'm sharing Tara's 2nd channel. If you would like to check out her main channel, click here.

Tara Michelle (YT: Tara Michelle Vlogs) is a Canadian blogger and social influencer. She creates lifestyle, fashion and beauty videos on both her channels. On her second channel, she posts more vlogs.

Her second channel was created on 23rd May 2013. As of July 2020, she has 525k subscribers and 75 million views. Her most popular video on this channel is "accidentally NAKED in hawaii lmao".

I'm a big fan of her "witch neighbour" series as I found her channel when I was looking for "nightmare neighbour storytimes". But one of my favourite videos from her is "so we tried putting up the fence... did NOT go well...". It's INSANE how her neighbour is absolutely controlling of Tara's living. You would think so too if you watched her series (and this is NO fictional story!).

Jessii Vee

If you're into horror and mysteries, this is definitely for you. But if not, skip to 9. I am not a big fan of horror movies but I am interested in horror and scary stories, urban legends, murder mysteries, case studies and missing internet cases. Jessii does the job of doing all the research (so I don't have too lol).

Jessii Vee (YT: Jessii Vee) is a Canadian YouTuber who used to post storytimes. But now she posts horror, scary stuff, and mysterious urban legends. During the time she posts storytimes, she also shared her own experiences in school, travelling, relationships and other lifestyles (which are now on her and her husband's second channel).

The channel was first created on 15th December 2014. As of July 2020, she has 2.02 million subscribers and 452 million views. Her most popular video on the channel is "Why Is Nobody Talking About What Barbie Did?".

One of my favourite videos of her's "Revealing The Lost Episodes Of Kids TV Shows". I love anything "lost" related like lost media, lost episodes, etc as well as childhood nostalgic TV shows so this may kind of seem like a bias. If anything, one part that really reminisces my childhood is the Pokemon episode 38 (don't look it up if you're epileptic).


If you're into drama, storytime, reviews and commentary while being hyped up and keeping it real, then this is for you. I've been a long time subscriber to HeyParis (even long before she changed her channel name from ILikeVodka to HeyParis) so I absolutely support her all the way!

Paris Grant (YT: HeyParis) is a Canadian storytime and lifestyle vlogger. She does a variety of videos on her channel but it's mostly reviews, storytimes and communicating with her viewers through Q&A, etc. She also posted a video of her wedding day with her husband Cameron along with being featured on the show "Say Yes to the Dress".

Her channel was created on 28th January 2007. As of July 2020, she has 708k subscribers and 111 million views. Her most popular video is "10 Secrets Sephora Employees Don't Want You To Know".

I love her Sephora and retail horror storytime videos as well as all her storytime videos. But if I had to pick a favourite video from her's, it would be "Creepy Airbnb Host Almost Ruined My Wedding! - Storytime". It may be 40 mins long but it sure is worth it! I never stayed at an Airbnb before but Paris and her friends' experience just gives me more of an insight of being warned. She also includes footages and it made me utterly mad at the Airbnb host to invade their privacy and be a creep!

Company Man

In the 10th place of Youtube channels on this list...If you're interested in businesses, marketing and their success and declines (mostly their declines), then I think you might be interested in this channel. Company man shares very informative and easy-to-intake information in his videos.

Mike (YT: Company Man) is an American business and educational YouTuber who focuses on companies, marketing and the rise and/or fall of brands. Such businesses include Kmart (US), RadioShack, Toys"R" Us, Dell and many more.

His channel was created on 13th May 2017. As of July 2020, he has 913k subscribers and 107 million views. His popular video is "The Decline of Kmart...What Happened?".

I love his "decline of x... what happened??" and "rise and fall..." series but if I had to choose a video to share, it would be "The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened?". During my childhood, I loved going to Blockbuster (we didn't have any streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.) because I would always get that exciting feeling of looking through different VHS tapes and picking out what movies to watch when I got home. Watching this just brings back childhood nostalgia and it's kind of sad to think that Blockbuster is no longer here.

Drew Gooden

If you're interested in reaction, comedy, and commentary, then you're in for a treat! Drew's mellow tone and sarcastic personality make it even better.

Like Tom, Drew Gooden (YT: Drew Gooden) was known for his social media tag "drewisgooden" and popularity on Vine with over 100k followers. He later switched to YouTube to do comedy commentaries and reviews.

He created his YouTube channel on 21st August 2015. As of July 2020, he has 2.39 million subscribers and 264 million views. His popular video is "The World's Hardest Flexer (with Danny Gonzalez)".

I love nearly all of his videos because they're entertaining especially his life hack videos. If I had to pick one, it would be "Disney Channel Musicals". I know that Disney Musicals may be "cringe" but it really brings back childhood nostalgia. In this video, Drew points out things from Highschool Musical that I really haven't comprehended before (I guess it may be my young brain just not looking at details).

Danny Gonzalez

If you're interested in Drew Gooden's videos, then you will DEFINITELY enjoy Danny's videos. He also does comedic review and commentary videos.

Danny Gonzalez (YT: Danny Gonzalez) is an American comedy review and commentary YouTuber who was also notable in Vine with over 2 million followers in the app. He is known for his Troom Troom videos and even makes music videos as well.

He first created his YouTube channel on 9 September 2014. As of July 2020, he has 3.82 million subscribers and 557 million views. The most popular video is "Trying Troom Troom’s Awful Crafts 2".

I absolutely am a big fan of his Troom Troom videos but most certainly I'm in favour of "The Ratatouille Knockoff From Your Nightmares". You absolutely need to see this video because you're missing out on some hilarious montage! I adore Ratatouille but when I see a knock off with awkward animation, it puts my head in shame.


Last on the list of YouTube channels is my all-time favourite South Korean vlogger, Joan Kim! If you're interested in skincare, beauty, fashion, kpop, travel and lifestyle with the touch of aesthetically-pleasing editing, then I recommend checking out her channel.

Joan Kim (YT: Joanday) is a Korean-American vlogger living in Seoul. She does travel & lifestyle vlogs, beauty and skincare product reviews. This is her second channel so if you want to see all skincare products, then click here for her main channel.

She created this channel on 28th August 2016. As of July 2020, this channel has 440k subscribers and 57 million views. Her most popular video is "Blackpink House: Hongdae Pop-Up Shop".

I am obsessed with her vlogs and she used to do it daily. All her videos are aesthetically pleasing and help put my anxiety to ease. But one of my favourite video of hers is "A Day in My Life: Live Radio & Skincare Treatment in Seoul". This was my first ever vlog I watched of hers during the time where she was still working as a radio host. Boi, this is bringing back nostalgia. I love the keyboard ASMR (and surely I missed that montage).


Which YouTube channels from this list are you going to check out?

I hope my list helped you check out fresh YouTube channels for you to watch. Remember to check out the videos I've mentioned if you're interested in it.

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List of 13 Best Youtube Channels to Watch

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