15 Lofi Music To Listen To While You Multitask

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Soundcloud music is great, calming beat music that helps you while you're doing chores, working, studying, sipping coffee/tea or relaxing. If you never heard of lofi music before, what are you waiting for?!

Here are 15 lofi music to listen to while you multitask.

Note: Not in order.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

15 Lofi Music to Listen to while you Multitask

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Before we get into the music playlist, listen to your songs through Samsung phones or desktops.

1. Joakim Karud - Dreams

2. Elijah Who - A Cute Date

3. Marlboro - A Great Day

4. Artesia - Her

5. Edo Lee - Black Coffee

6. Edo Lee - Funatabi

7. Jollibeats - Almost

8. ACS ONE - Amor

9. Aso - Loungin

10. Sky High - Feelings

11. Prima - Autumn Leaves

12. Elijah Who - a summer-y demo

13. Birocratic - misty

14. Elijah Who - I've got her love

15. Swell - I'm sorry (feat. Shiloh)


I hope you enjoy listening to lofi music. If you love listening to these lofi beats, please support these talented artists! They are all on Soundcloud.

If you haven't listened to lo-fi before, then you're missing out! Check out these 15 lists I've put together for you to listen. #music #lofi #beats #multitasking #productivity #success #productivitytips #lifehacks #goals #motivation #motivate #goalkeeper #inspiration #productive #personaldevelopment #creativity #timemanagement #planner #productivetools #songs #studying #working

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~ Ellen