17 Things I Learned At 17

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Hey guys

I’m 17 (until August that is).

One more year left before my parents kick me out of the house (just kidding).


This generation is all about technology so I learned so much about life just on my fingertips.


I’ve been through ups and downs, but it was well worth it.


For the past years of living, I’ve decided to write what I learned at 17.


Inspired by Conan Gray’s video 17 Things I Learned By 17

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!15-17 things I learned at 17

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1. Procrastination

I was one of those big procrastinators back in my middle school years, playing video games instead of studying for tests.

I realise it’s best to be productive rather than waste your time.

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2. Dating during middle school

Ok, yes, I must admit, my relationships back in high school didn’t last forever.

Although, my dad did make a point to the date when I’m 18 (thanks, dad!)

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3. Forgiveness

I was the type of girl that once you get on my nerves, I instantly hate you.

Well, that was back then.

I tend to just forget about it and let it be.

Who needs negative energy?

Forget about it and move on. Who needs negative energy? Click To Tweet

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4. Not giving a frick

Society today is really judgemental about appearances and how you act in public but what I learned from others is to not give a single frick what others think of you.

Just be you and not care about others.

Just be you and not care about others. Click To Tweet

the less i care, the happier i am

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5. Exercise, exercise, EXERCISE

If only exercising was easier than it looks.

I was completely wrong. But all the hard work pays off!

I was lazy back then and all I did was sit on my bed and play video games all day.

The only difference was I started to gain a little bit of weight from the lack of exercise (I have metabolism btw, that’s why I didn’t gain a lot of weight).

But then I started looking at these K-pop idol’s body and how skinny they look. Then I saw how Michelle (Pocketful of Primary) worked out and teach at the same time which inspired me to start exercising.

So yes, I started to exercise more often (pretty much daily).

A bonus is it’s healthier for the brain and muscles.



6. Sleeping on your left side instead of your right side

I found out from a video (I forgot what it was called) that sleeping on your right side is bad for you.

Why? I did my research:
This Is Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side (Backed by Science)

I still tend to sleep on my right because I don’t want to be facing the wall.



7. Never fight back your parents

As a troubled kid, I tend to have some anger issues with me.

I would argue a lot with my family and it was bad.



8. Care for those around you

No, I don’t mean the bad toxic people.

I meant the people that do whatever it takes to make you happy and lift up your mood.



9. Don’t hold grudges

Oh boy, did I hold grudges on my enemies for quite a long time…

I was then told by my friend to stop hating on this girl that I hated for a long time.

So I stopped and you don’t know how much it feels to let go of the past and move on with life.

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10. Being organised

Gosh, think about it back then. I was like, 10x messier than a dumpster.

I was so unorganised that I kept forgetting things or leaving it to the last minute. That’s when blogging helped me have an organised lifestyle.

Why not get organised by having these sweet awesome planners by Erin Condren and Emily Leys‘ planners? (Sorry for mentioning them a lot but seriously, if I didn’t love their stationaries, I wouldn’t be mentioning them a lot).

I’m being serious, they have adorable planners and if I were you, I definitely wouldn’t miss out on them!



11. Drink plenty of water

Did you know, drinking water helps you remove toxins from your body and lose weight?

It can also hydrate your skin to keep it moist and cleans up some acne? (No wonder my skin feels smooth!)



12. Social groups or cliques

Cliques back in high school don’t matter since it doesn’t affect your whole entire adult life.

Once you finish high school, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the popular crew or the nerdy crew.

All that matters is that school is the place to learn and get into a university or a job.



13. Study HARD

I, again, should admit, I didn’t bother studying back then so my grades were lower than usual.

Don’t worry! My grades are up higher now.

Why? That’s because I started to study and focus in class.

What also helped me improve my grades is Grammarly.

Grammarly is a tool where it corrects your essays, documents, blogs etc for errors in grammar and spelling.

It definitely is a lifesaver for me during my 2 years and even now, I still use it!

If you haven’t got it, I would definitely recommend you use it. It’s FREE so why not? Click here to get it now.

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14. Keeping in touch with friends

The reason why I say this is because I hate being alone.

I like to text people every so often to see what they’re up too.

I feel really terribly bad for the people who don’t have friends (I use to be alone in school, which makes me feel sad just thinking about it).

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15. Leave toxic friendships

Yes, this is another thing.


It’s not worth it.

Toxic friendships are not worth it. Click To Tweet


16. Never give up

never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down..hehe

Everyone starts at the bottom.

But those who succeed work hard and never give up.

That’s what inspires me to keep this blog going.

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17. Make a blog and keep it.

Oh yeah, did you know I use to have 2 other blogs? Well, I plan to keep this one thank you very much!

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