20+ Outrageous Old Drawings I Did Back Then

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As you might not know, I love art (clearly stated in my banner and author profile). Hence why I want to show you guys my cringe and embarrassing artworks. I also went back and looked at my old logos as well so feel free to check that one out after this post.


But, you’re probably thinking “doesn’t it make sense to create a blog about art if you love art?”

To answer that question, I may like art and drawing but I would also like to explore my different range of passions such as self-wellbeing (taking care of yourself mentally and physically), productivity and blogging/SEO and even writing about my personal lifestyle.

And, to make it clear, art is something related to the topic of lifestyle so I don’t think I really need to create a blog about everything art since it’s already in my daily routine (yes I like to draw every day whenever I’m free and even including my school work).

As well as that, I also have a second Instagram account @coffeeeatsbunny where I only post my artworks on there so it doesn’t clash my main IG account.



I’ve got many people asking about my artwork and that I should do a post on something art related. Well, this isn’t something people were hoping for but as you know, I was inspired by YouTube videos where people looked through their past sketchbook from years back when they were either in primary or high school or their first “cringe” drawings.

A while ago, I stumbled upon my old Deviant Art when I forgot the email to my current DA account. Sadly, I had to close that one so I can retrieve my email for the new account so you won’t be seeing any of these old artworks on DA. However, I still have my old account on PaigeeWorld so I guess I’ll leave that up in case you want to check it out. These are SOME of the drawings I did back then but there are plenty of more. They are all lost somewhere in the internet world. I just took some from my earlier days. Btw, these will NOT be in order based on drawing dates (because I didn’t bother adding dates on it back then urgh).


Also the word “chibi” will be used a lot because it was my style of drawing back then. And bad quality. Here’s a definition of the word “chibi”. Chibi: an artwork used to scale the characters in their smaller version in a kawaii (Japanese word for cute) style.


20 Outrageous Old Drawings I Did Back Then

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1. Rima Toya (Vampire Knight)

At the time, I was so addicted to an anime on TV called Vampire Knight. One of my favourite characters in that show was Rima Toya and her lightning abilities. I would 10x ship her with her friend Senri Shiki more than the complicated main characters in that anime.

Rima Toya Vampire Knight


2. Panda Teemo (League of Legends)

I use to find the character’s skin very cute (not until I found out he was a devil lmao). I also learned about the use of filters so I used it for the lighting.

Panda Teemo from League of Legends


3. Sona (League of Legends)

It was for a contest on PaigeeWorld (hence why I added the link on the top right corner). They were having a League of Legends contest so why not I join in?

Sona from League of Legends


4. Party Club(??) Girl

Again, this is where I figured out the filters on Paint Tool Sai. I just went with the flow with it since there was no intention of drawing this character.

Party Girl


5. Star Guardian Lulu (League of Legends)

When the release of the new star guardian skins came out in League of Legends, I had to do a fan art of Lulu because her skin was so adorable! The eyes were inspired by an artist I watched on YouTube. Didn’t come out what I thought it would be, honestly.

Star Guardian Lulu


6. My Friend dressed up as a Penguin

I use to show my friendship group at the time my artworks and one of my former friend wanted a portrait of him and his favourite animal, you guessed it, a penguin (it was also his nickname among our friendship group).

My friend dressed as a penguin


7. LilyPichu version 2 (Twitch Streamer)

Inspired by the “redraw this” series on YouTube, I wanted to do a re-drawing on LilyPichu, a twitch streamer use to watch and love. Maybe I should do a third “redraw this again” thing for Lily (in the future maybe). Sadly I didn’t have the saved version of the original version of her fan art.

Chibi LDShadowLady


8. Minecraft self

This was, in fact, an idea that was brought to my mind since I loved playing Minecraft at the time. I think my character’s skin looks pretty awesome so I wanted to engage that by drawing a version of that skin in my artwork. This was the outcome.

Myself as a Minecraft character


9. SlyFox

It was inspired by a speed painter and chibi artist, Yamio. I really love and fascinate her artwork and wanted to try some of the techniques she used in her speed paint. This looks pretty much what I had expected but good try I guess? I also wanted to try a galaxy theme to this so I used Photoshop to filter and edit it.



10. Golden Goddess Janna (League of Legends)

Looking through League of Legends fan art concept skin, one concept artwork of dark void Lux inspired me to draw a skin concept. I was dying to create one for one of the champions in League. Janna popped up in my mind and then I decided to go along with the flow with the outcome of “Golden Goddess” because you know, Janna is a goddess after all!

Golden Goddess Janna


11. Girl Portrait

Like Party Club Girl, this was not intentionally planned. Just went with the flow and drew anything I felt like drawing.

Girl Portrait


12. Chibi Jungkook (BTS)

BTS at the time was getting popular and I started to listen to their music #army. If you don’t know, I was a big critic for drawing chibis at the time so I drew one idol from the BTS group, Jungkook since he was one of the people I liked the most in the group.

BTS Jungkook Chibi


13. Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)

I use to draw Hatsune Miku back then but again, the drawing was lost. So, I did a recreation of Hatsune Miku, a famous Vocaloid. The colour palette there was to show some sample of the colours used. This was when I first saw HM do that live performance on YouTube.

Hatsune Miku version 2


14. Ladybug

You know, go with the flow. Didn’t have this in mind but I ended up drawing a girl dressed as a ladybug.



15. Mitty, Elleanora, Vengelfe, Vixella Chibis (Minecraft YouTubers)

During my fan girl Minecraft days, I was pretty obsessed with these YouTubers who collaborated together to create a series “Ladycraft” and “Pixel Pack” on each other channels. Alongside drawing chibi characters I went through weeks drawing out these YouTubers one by one as well as their main characteristics.


16. Modern Snow White (Disney)

Inspired by Disney Princesses, I decided to draw one in a modern style. Pretty much contemporary art just by using original snow white and the inspiration of society today.

Modern Snowwhite


17. Chibi SeeU (Vocaloid)

When you’re obsessed with Kpop, then you’re obsessed with Vocaloids (which were my music back then). SeeU looked so adorable, I had to draw a chibi version of her.

Vocaloid SeeU


18. Chibi LDShadowLady (Minecraft YouTuber)

This is a chibi version of a gaming YouTuber LDShadowLady who I was a big fan of back then. I use to binge watch all her Minecraft videos and saw plenty of fan arts of her.

Chibi LDShadowLady


19. Ballerina

Once again, “go with the flow” type of style. I just drew anything and expand it when I get an idea in my head. Ballerina apparently came to my mind once I drew out the body.



20. Chibi Ahri (League of Legends)

As a League of Legends fan and player, I did obsessed with how many times I main Ahri, the nine-fox tail champion. I saw a stunning fan art of her on Deviant Art so I drew a chibi version of her as an inspiration.

Chibi Ahri



That’s pretty much all the drawings I could handle to show you. I’m kind of speculating the different techniques I used back then and what I learned throughout my early years of doing digital art.

I think by looking back on these artworks I did back then, I’m pretty surprised at how much I’ve improved. That doesn’t mean my artworks are good right now, I still need a lot of improvement.

One could say that a person may have good artwork but that doesn’t mean learning stops there.


76 - 20+ Outrageous Old Drawings I Did Back Then

Anyways, leave a comment below if you find my old drawings cringey, cute or anything really. I’ve said in my old logos post that I don’t mind the negative criticism so feel free to judge me haha.

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~ Ellen


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