24 Ideas On How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Boo

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Hey lovebirds


It’s nearly that time of the year where love is spread in the air.

I for one am in a long distance relationship (LDR) but that doesn’t mean my boyfriend and I can’t spend Valentine’s Day!

We both pretty much spend every day with each other so I count that as pretty much Valentines Day every day. But, I want to count this day to make it special for both of us since it’s our first Valentine’s Day together.

I decided to collaborate some ideas on what you and your boo can make for the day of just spending time with each other whether you’re in an LDR or not.

59-24 ideas on how to spend valentines day with your boo

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1. Cooking Together

For LDR couples, you can try video calling each other while you two cook.



2. Opening Each Other’s Gifts

Gifts could be flowers, fashion wear, jewellery, custom made or my favourite, chocolates. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift btw. It could be DIY and made deep from your heart. For me, I bought my BF a shirt that has a print of his favourite video game and of course, in relation to Valentines (pink + hearts) while my BF is sending me a packaged Valentines gift.



3. Netflix & Chill- Movie Night

You guys don’t even need to go out for movie night (unless you want to go to the cinemas then you do you). We’re in a century where you can watch it in your own home (that’s why Netflix, YouTube, and free movie sites exist). I love movie nights with my boyfriend. It’s pretty much an expression of opinion depending on the video or movie. LDR can do movie time with voice chat or Skype. Texting could work too.



4. Picnic

A picnic would be lovely and if you have kids, you could bring them along as well (unless you want to spend time with only you and your boo then that’s fine!) If it’s a sunny day outside, then try going out and admire the view.



5. Dinner Date

Could be any place you both love, restaurant, fast food place, diner or even in your own home!



6. Festival or Amusement Park 

Have you seen those movies where couples go to amusement parks or festivals? It seems romantic to be honest (depending on yourself) but I would love to go to a festival when my boyfriend visits for Valentine’s Day. If you and your boo ain’t scared of heights, why not go on the Ferris wheel? It would totally be so much fun and romantic ~!



7. Stargazing

The best thing about stargazing is that you’ll feel so connected to your boo. I love stargazing. The stars and moon, planets are so beautiful at night. Isn’t that romantic?


8. Snuggles & cuddles

This isn’t costly at all! Definitely my favourite choice of spending Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I love cuddles so I could definitely stay in bed and cuddle all day.


9. Taking a stroll down the neighbourhood 

Hey? Why not exercise, get fresh air, experiencing nature and be with your boo all at once? It’s like a 4 in 1!


10. Boating

I’ve seen many couples go on boats in movies & real life (ok I must admit, I do get all “nawww~” when I see them on boats). I’ve gone on those swan boats before and how fun they are! I can see why it’s something to fantasize about (wait, I’m not talking about The Notebook am I?)


11. Video call or voice calling

Depends on if you’re in an LDR or you guys are both separate (not together), spend the day voice/video calling them. It will totally lift your mood up.



12. Visiting your significant other at work

If your significant other works on that day and you have the free day off, why not go visit them at work, surprise them if you will or bring in a gift? *cough* yourself *cough*


13. Walk along the beach (If it’s Summer for you)

Since it’s Summer in Australia at the moment, it’s also very much hot! I love the sunset during Summer since it’s gorgeous and romantic. Walk along the beach with your boo and look out the ocean, leaving a trail of footprints. (oooOoo so romantic *sigh dreamily*)



14. “Alone” Time (If you know what I mean)

I’m not going to explain it.


15. Bubble baths

Throw those rose petals in, throw in a bath bomb, light up some scented candles, pour two glasses of wine and enjoy!



16. Chilling at a park

Bring your whole family if you want, it’ll be like teenage years all over again. There were scenes in this one anime I watched a long time ago where couples would sit on those swings and talk about their memories. I find it so romantic!

Happy couple embracing at sunset in the nature


17. Road Trip

I find it fascinating that road trips could be definitely a breather for relieving stress and spending quality time with your boo.



18. Snow fights or building a snowman (Winter or if you have snow in your area)

I’m definitely jealous of those of you from other countries like the US have snow in your part of the country (I never even touched snow once in my life!) But snow fights and building snowmen sound so fun! Both of you can end up even falling down in the snow together, would that be hilarious and romantic?



19. Lying outside watching the sunset

Usually, those with 9-5 jobs come home, eat and sleep nor get time to chill outside and look at the beautiful afternoon. It’s really beautiful if you ask me and it’s pretty breathtaking feeling the breeze.



20. Trying out DIYs together

Who says you need to be a professional at DIY crafts? Why not make something together to show how much you love each other and then gift it? You don’t have to be good at it, as long as you guys are having fun and making something from your hearts.


21. Art

Same with trying DIY, you guys could paint, draw, scrapbook or even make sculptures. Art is art, and everyone has a way of expressing it to their loved ones. I decided to create a series called My Boyfriend N I (MBNI) (also posted on my art Instagram or Tumblr @coffeeeatsbunny) until 14th Feb (which is Valentine’s Day) to express my love about our LDR but in real life art. I showed my boyfriend and he loves it! If it’s something from the heart, your other will know and love it.


22. Gardening

If both of you guys love gardening, why not help in the garden? Watering, planting a special plant, weeding, smelling the flowers.


23. Concert

I’m not one for concerts but you guys might be. If you’re both interested in an artist, why not get tickets of two and go with them. It would totally make for great memories and of course, fun!


24. Shopping

You know you don’t have to buy stuff when I say “shopping”. Go window view shopping, try out outfits and show it to your boo, ask them if they like it or not. Go thrift shopping and create crazy outfits, take photos and have some fun! At the end of the day, you two will be holding hands, thinking about how much of a great time you’ve had.


57 - 24 Ideas On How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Boo

Some ideas on my list are willing to be tried out for me personally and of course, I hope you guys got some ideas on what you and your significant other will be doing on that day.

If you do, let me know by leaving a comment telling me what you’re doing to be doing on that day with your boo. I would love to know~

~ Ellen


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