3 Reasons Why You Should Expose Yourself As A Blogger

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Ok, so what is this post even about? Well… Let’s say, this post is aimed towards the new bloggers.

I’m going to be telling you the reasons why you should come out of your shell and call yourself a “blogger” instead of being anonymous. No, what I really mean is, you should just expose yourself. Not in a bad way.

Ok, you’re probably confused as heck to what I’m trying to reach here. Let’s just say, you shouldn’t be anonymous as a blogger. There are many benefits of showing yourself and letting your blog show who the person is behind all the interesting posts.

Note: If you’re a friend of mine who knows me personally in real life, I suggest you click out of this post or you’ll be EXPOSED in my next post. I’m kidding you can stay.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

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The other day, I replied to a new blogger in a Facebook group and told my story on how I first started blogging, being a teenage girl in high school with mental illnesses.

3 Reasons Why You Should Expose Yourself As A Blogger

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As you know, there are many bloggers who I can relate with being anonymous and have social anxiety like K. And K is someone who was like me when I first started blogging.

Here is my motivational story…. When I first started out my blogging journey, I was truly hiding who I was behind a computer.

What I really meant was, I was hiding my identity. Like my name and my face. I was hiding behind the name “Zyrakuma”. And it wasn’t even close to me personally.

I never shared my blog with anyone else. I talked crap behind people’s back and made stories on that, had social anxiety, was self-conscious with how I looked and had clinical depression and anxiety. No one knew about that except for myself.

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But you know what helped me get through high school? Blogging.

It’s surprising I know, but let me tell you the truth. I first wrote my real life stories but hidden the people’s name. It helped me release the anger that had long been inside me.

My social anxiety. I had really bad social anxiety back in high school. Maybe it was puberty and maybe it was not. I had trouble talking to classmates except for my friends. I was even afraid to go to the cash register to purchase something.

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That was until I started slowly finding Facebook groups and joining them. I used my personal FB to join those groups and my personal FB had my real name and my selfie as my profile pic.

But I also wanted to grow a connection and share my post so I joined them. That’s when I was like, “you know what? Who fricken cares if I get judged.”

So I updated my blog and included my real name and an author profile pic. And that’s how I ended up gaining so many subs than on because they knew that they weren’t reading a robot’s blog post.

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You end up connecting to readers who are curious to know who you are. You might even go to a real-life blogger meet up. My confidence grew on from there. Not giving a frick is the reason for how I grew confidence. I even talked about it in my past posts.

And the crap that I wrote about the people in the past? Well, all of that is just a past story that I think it’s kind of hilarious to share. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone.

Here are the reasons why you should expose yourself.

1. Confidence

It may work for different people. The older you grow, the less you’re giving a single frick on what anyone else thinks of you. It’s true because I became more confident when I went to online school.

High school was a “special” time to bond with other people and make plenty of mistakes. Puberty hits us hard and we’re still learning who we identify as. We look up to influencers and media and the people around us.

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2. Connections

If you’re planning on blogging seriously, you need to make connections with other influencers, bloggers and businesses.

Like me, I’m planning on making my goal to make it a full-time blog because I love writing and helping others.

Even if you’re just blogging as a hobby, you can still make connections with brands. Like job interviews and freelancing, they need to really see who you are and how you can influence other people.

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3. Reader Relationships

Tell ya what. We’re nearly at that year where robots are actually created to become “humans”. Well, the point here is, we don’t want to seem like we’re some kind of blogging robot. We’re humans who actually write our feelings and interest.

As a reader side of things, I like to read blogs that have a more personal touch to them. That as well as see what they look like when matched with their writing style.

But you’re probably thinking “don’t judge a book by its covers”. And I say, I disagree. This isn’t some kind of Tinder app we’re talking about.

This is creating a reader’s connection. That’s why sometimes novels have the author’s pictures in them or on the back summary of the book.

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Now, you’re probably going to disagree and that’s fine with me. I’m a blogger and it’s expected of me to write my personal and honest thoughts out there.

Many bloggers out there can be successful even if they’re anonymous. As I said to K, just be comfortable blogging and expose yourself when it’s the right time.

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If you're a beginner blogger, you should read this. These are the reasons why you should stop hiding behind that anonymous screen and expose yourself. #blogger #blogpost #blog #bloggingforbeginners #bloggingtips #bloggingadvice #lifestylebloggers #pinterest #seo #blogforbeginners #wordpress #blogwriting #branding #blogtopics #blogplanning #ideasforbloggers #blogginginspiration #content #topics #website #blogschedule #blogtraffic

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