30 Days Love Yourself Challenge

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Hey guys


I’ve seen these circling around Pinterest since I the day I changed my niche to mental health and wellbeing.


There are so many great lists of this challenge and I kept one list in mind but I deeply and honestly failed at it! (I don’t have the list anymore since it was ageeees ago.)


I’m that type of girl who likes to get myself productive, busy, busy, BUSY! (Are you the same?)


And every time I’m like that, I always end up feeling stressed and burnt out. Definitely not good for my health! I try to take breaks etc but then I would feel like I’m being lazy and that I would end up taking a 5-hours procrastination break.


So I decided to create this list for both you and I. (Hopefully, you won’t fail like I did!)
65-30 days love yourself challenge*Disclosure: This post contains affiliates. I earn a compensation if you purchase the product. I do not add affiliates that I do not like or approve on. You do not have to purchase the items but I would absolutely appreciate it if you do!*



1. Read a book (a book you enjoy)

2. Take a bath

3. Light up some scented candles or essential oils

4. Hang out with the fam (family)

5. Take a nap in the day

6. Meditate

7. Do some yoga

8. Exercise

9. Take a walk in the neighbourhood

10. Go to a cafe shop

11. Go to a museum

12. Go to a library

13. Go shopping with mates

14. Lie in the sun or dance in the rain

15. Write a letter to a friend or family member saying how much you appreciate them

16. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while

17. Write in a journal

18. Cook something you like

19. Redecorate your room or house

20. Try a DIY from Pinterest

21. Send a message or email to a blogger or YouTuber you inspire

22. Binge watch YouTube or Netflix with NO disturbance

23. Give your DIY as a gift to someone special

24. Go on a little trip with your mates

25. Draw or paint (even if you can’t)

26. Organise your closet

27. Go to a Thrift shop and try on clothes

28. Plant your favourite flowers in your garden

29. Colour in an adult colouring book

30. Buy something you like as a treat for finishing this challenge


30 Days Love Yourself Challenge_InfoGraphic

63 - 30 Days Love Yourself Challenge

Hope you enjoy this list and do let me know if you’ve tried it or if you find this helpful! As well as that, good luck!


~ Ellen


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