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When you start blogging, you start belonging to the blogging communities the more you write.

You might have read posts about why blogging is a competition and that is true of course. Blogging is a competition as you got other blogs writing the same thing in your niche.

Blogging isn't entirely based on competition. If it was a competition, bloggers would be throwing world war 3 at each other saying who has the best and helpful blog posts on a topic. But that's really not what the blogging communities are overall.

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Bloggers, even bigger bloggers, still communicate with other bloggers in their niche to help build a following and gain newer readers.

That's why I'll be listing my reasons on why you should spread the love through blogging communities.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

4 Unexpected ways Other Blogs can help your Own Blog

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Bounce off ideas from each other

Did you know that you can gain different ideas for your new blog post by reading other people's blog post? You can use their reference for your research, that way you can write down facts and gain trust with your readers.

I know that I always gain my ideas for future blog posts when I read other blog posts. Don't trust me? You can look back at my older blog posts and search it up on Google or Pinterest where you can find different results but have the same topic as mine.

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When gaining blog post ideas from other bloggers, I do warn you NOT to copy their post. That's plagiarism and you can get into serious lawsuits for that. Read more about plagiarism here.

What I try to do when gaining those ideas is to take note of the keywords they use and then write my own version on it (your experiences, research, etc). If they have a good idea, you can turn that around but make it into your own words by adding in your own experience, writing style and/or thoughts about the topic.

Create connections from your blogging communities

As you can see, I have no friends. Well, I do but you only the few close ones here and there. I could be here creating new friends by now. Look, the point is you can actually make friends who are in the same niche as you and have the same interest.

When I first started blogging, I was self-conscious and judged people by their ages. For example, I was only a teenager in high school and I thought, "how can I befriend someone who is wayyy older than me? What if I have nothing in interest or act so unmatured for their age?".

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I know, sounds selfish of me and as a teen, I was only friends with people around my age. I can tell you, I've looked beyond that after all those years.

It's been over 2 years and I soon realised to open up and befriend someone based on their interest and personality, not because of their age.

I haven't created a deep connection with some bloggers that I guest post or who have guest post for me but I will try to improve on that in the future (and if you want to be friends with me, you can literally just contact me and say [insert Jeffrey Star's voice] "hi! How are ya?").

By creating connections, you're creating a trust (like an actual relationship). You see, I read another blogger's who I can actually relate with my personal life.

Let's be real here, this is a good advantage for you in boosting your blog and authority but also, you're creating friendships on the internet! It's a win-win.

You build a social

Whenever you're close with a fellow blogger or friends with one, you'll probably end up getting suggested in one of their posts or one of their social media platforms.

You might have read posts that say that bloggers grow by connecting socially with other bloggers in their niche and trading with each other (could be with guest posting, link sharing in their posts or social media, etc.).

This means that once your name gets out there, their followers will check you out and since they're interested in the same content/niche, they will end up following you. Later on, they'll be one of your loyal readers.

It's pretty strange to me how one reader is a loyal follower to blogger A and blogger B who blogger A and blogger B have connections with each other. The cycle then repeats and expands. Confusing but let's be real, it's astonishing the little world we live in.

If you're like me and lack socialising with other bloggers in your field, try reading this post by Brian from Backlinko about Blogger Outreach. You also don't have to be an introvert to not socialise online.

Your blog will grow

It's true that your blog will grow when you allow others to write on your site or write on other people's site. Even comment on their post or social media platform/s.

I've done many guest posts and allowed guest posters on my site. It made such an improvement to my organic search score and with backlinks, Google will verify you as a "trusted" site and will rank you higher in the search engine the more your link gets recommended by other blog posts.

If you want to guest post on my site, feel free to click this link and contact me! I'll reply during weekdays and Saturday (Sundays are for snoozy days).

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Now it's time to get socialising in the blogging community! You blog posts won't get anywhere unless you start acting upon your sharing skills.

Try out the tips I've given you about the blogging community and check out my favourite bloggers that I highly recommend checking out when it comes to improving your blog.

List of bloggers in the blogging communities I recommend checking out:

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