40 List Of Delightful Things To Feel HAPPY

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Hey guys

Are you feeling down now? Do you feel like your day went from good to bad? Or are you just feeling like life is not what you want it to be?


Don’t worry, there are plenty of things that you should feel happy and maybe things that you don’t take caution for.

We all take our perspectives to something negative rather than positive.

I too have been that way and so have everyone else. It’s strange but that’s life.

Why not try and change that mindset and set your mind to the things that make you smile?

Take a thought and think of things that just make you fuzzy and warm inside.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

5-40 list of delightful things to feel happy
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1. Freedom

2. Puppies

3. Kittens

4. Social media

5. Technology

6. Pretty things

7. Motivational quotes

8. Spas & Manicures

9. Water

10. Food

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11. The smell of baked bread & cakes

12. Sunny days

13. Listening to raindrops

14. Colourful things

15. Coffee & tea

16. Cupcakes

17. Looking out the window on a road trip

18. Inspiration

19. The smell of flowers & how pretty they look

20. Taking a break

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21. Snuggling in bed

22. Having a celebrity crush

23. Swimming in a pool in Summer

24. Organising

25. Nap

26. Completing a task

27. Listening to your favourite music

28. Binge-watching tv series or movies

29. Cooking

30. Texting or calling a good friend

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31. Walking into a store with a good smell

32. Nature

33. Reading a good book while the sun sets

34. Resolving an issue

35. Planning for an event

36. Hugging someone or something you love

37. Achieving your goals

38. Working out

39. Writing out your thoughts in a journal

40. Finding your childhood toys


I hope this list makes your day because I know it did for me.

Let me know what things make you happy!


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5 - 40 List Of Delightful Things To Feel HAPPY

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~ Ellen


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