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45+ Blogging Resources & Tools for Growing Your Business & Blog
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Are you looking for resources for your blog or business? You can find different blogging resources and tools here for your website. Or if you’re working with a client, these resources are awesome for social media marketing and SEO research.

These resources are mixed with free, freemium, and premium (mostly free and freemium).

Freemium: Free (basic) but has paid upgrades if you want to use the premium version.

If you find some of these resources helpful, please do share this post on social media. I’m going to listing these resources in alphabetical orders.

Note: Some resources include affiliate links. You can read more about it here. 

45+ Blogging Resources & Tools for Growing Your Business & Blog


  • Adobe – One of the worlds’ popular designer tools used by graphic designers, web designers, brands, and social media content creator. You can sign up to a plan on Creative Cloud and grab the whole bundle including Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Illustrator, and many more. Or pick one that you use often.
  • Answer the Public – Wondering what your target audience is asking these days? A visual tool for finding keywords or ideas before writing up your content. It is spread out in categories ‘questions’, ‘prepositions’, ‘comparisons’, ‘alphabetical’, and ‘related’.


  • Blog Post Vote UP – A traffic grabbing site where you can link your blog posts and YouTube videos without getting it down. You can find great content, share on social media and upvote your favourite posts.
  • BuzzSumo – This is a great social media tool to find collaborators, influencers and content. You can check out how much social shares top influencers have, discover content and monitor online trends. This tool is useful when looking for backlinks.


  • CreativeLive – Want to learn something new? This site offers over 1000s of online classes involving marketing, business, entrepreneurship, photography, art, DIYs & crafts, and design. Every week, they offer live broadcast classes for free for a limited time!
    If you’re a big fan of photography or want to take your own photos, you can sign up for free photography classes through this site.
  • Canon – Have a sharp eye for photography? Take original photos for your post, snap quality travel photos or vlog your amazing life. A great business involves quality photos and/or videos. They offer different ranges of DSLR cameras and printers to fit your budget and needs.
  • Creative Market – Are you a designer looking to customise their brand? This site has over 3 million graphic design resources and tools such as fonts, photos, stickers, site themes, and templates. When you sign up, you’ll get limited free goods of the week (that is actually free to download and keep).
  • Canva – One of my favourite design tools that I use constantly. Whether you’re a designer or not, this tool helps create beautiful graphics for social media, blog posts, presentations, and so much more. You also have free templates to choose from such as resumes, invitations, or social media content.
  • CoSchedule: Headline Analyzer – Is your heading strong enough to capture your audience’s attention? This tool analyses and scores your heading for the best SEO results. However, you do need to sign up to their email so you can use it.
  • Capitalize My Title – It’s confusing not to capitalize words such as ‘a’, ‘for’, ‘the’, etc. This tool automatically capitalises your headings for you including the title case, upper/lower case, APA style, and many more. Useful when contents, essays, books, and more.



  • Erin Condren – Need something colourful in your life personalised especially for you? If you’re someone who loves planning, whether it’s for your business or your own personal lifestyle, you can own one of these planners. You can have customisable planners, notebooks, stationeries, stickers, postcards and gift labels.


  • Fiverr – Have a skill set you want to use? Show off your writing, transcription, design, or IT skills, etc. through this freelancing site. You can easily create a Fiverr account in a few steps, become a freelancer and make money as a side income. If you’re a business owner, you can also become a “seller” and look for someone to help your business out.
  • Flex Offers – Like ShareASale, an affiliate marketing program with a range of top selected affiliate programs such as Samsung, Hulu, Canon, Fiverr, Microsoft, and more. You can choose from more top brand affiliate links to add to your site.


  • Grammarly – Love to express your ideas but not really good at checking for grammars and pronunciation? This free tool makes it easier for you to express ideas while checking for writing mistakes as you type. It helps assist you in autocorrecting your sentence and tones.
  • Google Adwords (Keyword) – One of the most used SEO keyword finder out there. You can look for relevant, competitive keywords for your blog post, business and/or ads. You can also create ads to make your site show up on the first page of Google search.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights – Have no single clue on why your site is loading slow? This tool will send you suggestions on how you can make your site run faster. All you need to do is enter your site URL, click “analyze” and you get a score from 0-100 with other diagnoses tips.
  • Google Search Console – Although you can’t keep track of all the troubleshoot and errors on your site, this tool can help you look into those. It analyzes your search traffic, search results, site issues, and performance.
  • Google Adsense – You can get a little reward for working hard on your blog or business. Monetise your site by earning a passive side income just by putting ads on your site. They also make it simple for us by automatically optimizing ad sizes.
  • Google Trends – Look for the top trends online to create your next content. This tool uses Google data based on people’s search results and then it’s collected to find what’s popular. Pretty much like Twitter’s trending hashtags (??).
  • Gtmetrix – Is your site slow? Use this tool to find out your site speed and performance for free. You get scores which are compared though different speed performance hosts. They also have a WordPress plugin so that you can check your site speed from your dashboard.


  • Hemingway App – A free editor tool to help improve your writing structure as well as check grammar errors. It has a scorer to tell if it is easy to read or not, along with highlighting sentences that are hard to read. Useful for writers, bloggers, copyrighters and students.
  • Hootsuite – There are ways for you to schedule posts to your social media feed such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This tool allows you to schedule, analyse and promote your content. Using the free version, you’re able to post up to 30 content (it resets after they’re shared).
  • – Do you want to connect with a content creator but can’t figure out how to contact them? This tool helps you find their email addresses just by linking their site. It scans their site to find where the content creator shares their email.


  • InLinkz – I mentioned this tool in one of my blog post about Link parties []. This is a great way to find blog hops, engage, make connections, grow your email list, and get traffic to your blog through free advertising.



  • Keyword – Another cool keyword research tool for different platforms (YouTube, Amazon, etc). This tool helps you to find thousands of long-tail keywords even if you’re not a big fan of using google keyword planner.


  • LogoGarden – Do you have an eye for design? Or do you want the creative freedom to design your own brand logo? This free online logo maker is where you can create your own custom logo for your business cards, t-shirts, products, and brand.


  • Magic Links – You can earn compensation for sharing your favourite products to your readers. They have a chrome extension where you go to the site’s product, grab the link from there (if it’s available) and add it as an affiliate link.
  • MediaVine – You can earn more ad revenues from this ad management service. However, you must meet the requirements of over 25k monthly pageviews, have quality content on your site and be able to place clear ad banners.
  • MyBlogU – A great community full of writers and content creators helping to boost each others’ site. Basically, you’re able to connect with others, join group interviews, link backlinks, create guest posts and much more to boost your traffic.
  • Medium – A little bit like Quora but without the Q&A. You’re able to discover knowledgeable stories from professionals and people with life experiences. You can also write up your post and make money by joining their Medium Partner Program.
  • Microsoft – Whether it be writing an essay in Words, creating a PowerPoint for your presentation or ebook, organizing your budgeting in Excel or researching your next content in OneNote. The tools come in different sets to suit what is easier for your school or professional business.




  • PicMonkey – Looking to create social media graphics, logos, edit photos and social media cover photos? This design tool helps those designer and brand owners in creating luscious photo-ready pics to be posted online. You can also remove background photos and create collages.


  • Quora – With a mix of professionals and normal people with life experience, you can gain knowledge and insight from this Q&A site. This is a great way to gain traffic to your site, find informative yet helpful answers and connect with others. To do this, you can link backlinks to your site when answering questions.


  • RedBubble – Do you love creating art or design? You can earn passive income just by selling your creative projects. All you need to do is upload your art you want to sell and this site does the rest. No need to go out and buy a printer, white t-shirts or sticker paper.


  • Sovurn Commerce (VigLink) – Formerly known as VigLink, is another affiliate service but with higher merchants such as Adobe, eBay, Amazon, Nike, and much more. Like MagicLinks, you can create affiliate links from different products.
  • SEMrush – Another great tool like BuzzSumo. You’re able to look for keywords, track and analyse your competitors, find backlinking opportunities, run SEO audit for your site and so much more. There are also templates to help you assist with SEO writing.
  • SEOPressor: Blog Title Generator – Want to create a stronger heading for your content? All you have to do is add your keyword, select what it is and generate a bunch of titles to choose from. I used this tool when I fixed my old blog post titles.
  • Siteground – One of my favourite hosting websites. They’re cheap and affordable with only $4.95 /monthly on StartUp. If you’re looking for a hosting server, I would definitely recommend them. I’ve used their customer service twice and came out with positive results.
  • Simple Truths – Looking for motivation and empowerment in your leadership skills? This site has many inspirational resources such as books, videos, and much more for you to choose from. You can find quotes, success stories, self-improvement guides, goal settings, and so much more. They even offer bulk discounts for gifts!
  • ShareASale – Looking for affiliate networks to join and share with your audience? You can find plenty of affiliates and earn income just by sharing something you love. These affiliate merchants include Grammarly, Erin Condren, Circuit, YesStyle, and many more.
  • StudioPress – Why use a free theme when you can get your own customizable genesis theme? This site offers over thousands to millions of desktop and mobile responsive WordPress themes that help speed up your page and grow your traffic.


  • Tailwind – Whether you’re using Pinterest or Instagram, this tool helps you schedule your post at the best time for better engagement and impressions. You can automate your post and it does the job of posting it automatically whenever the best time fit. You can also check your analytics, join Tribes, and repost old content.
  • Trello – It’s frustrating when you can’t find a place to track your ideas and projects. This tool allows you to organise them by creating different boards, add task/lists, and add your fellow employees to the board/s. I use this all the time for organising my blog post ideas, social media marketing, and guest posting.
  • Triberr – This is a content marketing site for both influencers and bloggers looking to outreach. You can join tribes, share posts, make connections and even get your tribe members to help share your content.


  • Ubersuggest’s Free Keyword Tool – My number one tool for keyword research. You can look at your site’s overview, find keywords and content ideas, look at top pages, and check for backlinks. All you need to do is log in using your Google account and you get access to more resources.
  • UltimateBundle – They offer a wide range of eBook and course bundles for bloggers and those who want to be productive. No need to buy one eBook when you can get a whole bunch at a lower cost. Every year, they have limited sales on every occasion.


  • Viral Content Bee – Looking for social shares for your content? This site is a great place to promote your blog post from non-followers. You receive points for sharing others’ content to use for sharing your own content.


  • Weebly – If you’re on a budget but still want to start a blog or online store, you can use this free website builder. It’s like or Blogspot, but you get more options on customizing your themes and more. If you feel like you want to upgrade, you can upgrade your site anytime!
  • WP Engine – If you want to start up a business or look into selling your products online you can use WP Engine to help you host your website. They offer to create your site through speed and security. Combined with StudioPress, you also get access to the Genesis framework and Premium WordPress themes.




If you’re a small business and would love to add your blogging tool to this list, you can contact me here or at . I would like to note that I will try it out first to see how it goes before I add it to this list.

Check out my free colouring pages here!

45+ Blogging Resources & Tools for Growing Your Business & Blog
45+ Blogging Resources & Tools for Growing Your Business & Blog