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Hey guys


Don’t you ever feel like everything is a mess all of the time?



Feeling frustrated and annoyed by the simplest things that keep disappearing in front of your eyes?

(Can relate!)


I’m probably one of those OCD people that just feel like life is still collapsing in one huge messy bundle on the floor!

But don’t you fret! Here, I’ll tell you 5 ways to be more organised and planned that you won’t even feel a sweat.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

12-5 quick and awesome tips for staying organised

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1. Planners, more planners, and to-do lists

I have mentioned about these before on my “How to Get Motivated to Study or Work | Bonus Free Helpful Apps & Sites” post.

To be organised, it’s to think mentally organised.

How many times have you forgot to do some important project but realised that is it due in 3 days plus you haven’t started at all?

I’m pretty sure most of you have.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Back then, I was a totally.unorganised.person.

When exams were coming up, I would study in the last week when the date came.

Don’t even ask me about my results! It was horrible to say at least.

Today, I am obsessed with planners, timetables and to-do lists.

Especially the Erin Condren and Emily Ley planners!

If you’re looking for a cute and motivating planner, then definitely check them out by clicking below.

Check out Erin Condren for all the latest and prettiest planners and stationaries!

Check out Emily Ley for all the prettiest gifts and planners!

One bonus for me is that they are so damn customisable, pretty, popping and simple! Any choices of anyone.


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2. Declutter

If once a week doesn’t suit your match, try 3 times a month.

If you leave pretty much everything clamped up, it could become a big messy disaster.

No harm to use your free time doing house chores or throwing away old paper pins.

And, when you clean up you’ll find items that you were trying to look for in the past 5 weeks.

After decluttering, you’ll feel relief and stress-free.


It’s a first start to curing procrastination.

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3. Clearing up your space for freedom

With a whole bunch of stationary, paper and books on your desk, you won’t be able to BREATHE!

Maybe think about storing away or even better, throwing away stuff you don’t need and try keeping it clear as possible.

You could even put a small plant to keep you feeling motivated and inspire creativity.

Think minimalist!

Here, look at this pic below and see if you rather have that, than a messy desk!

minimalistic office

Image Source – AD


4. Adding a new touch

You would probably feel really bored, sitting in the same spot and staring straight at the picture you hung 2 years ago.

Try adding something new like succulent plants or small displays.

Add new photo frames or buy a new chair to replace your old one.

It would make you feel like you.

you can also buy cheap stickers, mugs and pillowcases from talented artists at RedBubble to decorate your room even. But hey, here’s the best part, if you click here to get discounts on your pillows and wall decor!

ice cream pillow decor


5. Change the scenery

Same with the fourth tip, try changing your placements once in a while.

There are ways to change your furniture’s new look.

An example of one is if your desk was facing a wall, move it towards a window.

Your storage could be placed in stacks next to your desk to easier reach maybe?

It will feel like you’ve just moved into a brand new apartment.


Anyways, that’s pretty much it! I hope the advice was helpful for you ~

How do you keep yourself or your place organised?


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12 - 5 QUICK & AWESOME Tips For Staying ORGANISED

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~ Ellen



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