5 Secret Fictional Crushes In My Childhood

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Hey guys

I can’t be the only one that has fictional crushes … right?

You know, those fantasy dreams about fictional cartoon characters you had when you were a child (or even now).

Note: Only experienced these “crushes” when I wasn’t in a relationship (so no. I didn’t emotionally cheat on my boyfriend at the time.

Possibly the reason why I had experienced these “crushes” on fictional characters is due to inconsistently watching the same tv show or movie, physical attraction or possibly how flawless they are.

But clearly, if these fictional characters don’t show flaws, they are the flaws.

I mean, at less they can help you forget about your exes am I right?

So I will be sharing you the fictional crushes that I can remember.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

13-5 secret fictional crushes in my childhood


Anyway, my youtube recommendations

(*cough* youtube is stalking me *cough*)

recommended a video called “Cartoon Crushes”…

I was like, hmmm, I still can remember the fictional characters that I use to have a crush on when I was little.



1. Ben Tennyson (Ben 10)

So I don’t know why I fell for Ben Tennyson (the younger version) when I was a child.

I mean, clearly, I watched Ben 10 a lot since it was always showing on Saturday morning cartoon shows but seriously? (Also, the ost is catchy af I must admit).
Image result for Ben Tennyson



2. Jin Kazama (Tekken)

I was definitely addicted to Tekken back then when I was in grade 5-6.

I would play it all night and day during the school holidays.

It’s because of his hairstyle and his personality (oh that bad boy cool personality) that I had a liking for him.

I think I even started unrealistic imagination about him and me together (whoops!)

So because of my imagination, I ended up creating a Tekken character of myself just so I could tag me and Jin as a “couple” (I don’t remember what I called my fictional character).

What’s even funny was that I was also trying to convince my parents to let me do martial art classes (didn’t even get to do it because you know, lazy me.)

I can definitely remember even having a hate and jealousy for Ling Xiaoyu (another Tekken character who was best friends with Jin during their high school years, alongside her having a crush on him).

Image result for jin kazama

O.m.g. just stop!! =><=




3. Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

One reason why I would stay up and watch my brother play Kingdom Hearts till 1 am in the morning on the first day of school.

It is either the attraction to his blue eyes and spiky brown hair.

Either way, I did have a mega crush on (young) Sora when I was in grade 3-4.

Still shipping him with Kairi though!

Kingdom Hearts Sora



4. Mark Tuan (GOT7)

I don’t know if you would call him fictional or not since you know, he’s actually a real human being but I could probably call him fictional since his a K-pop idol and he doesn’t know me IRL (sad life of a kpop fangirl TT-TT).

I definitively had somewhat of a huge, huge mega HUGE crush on this guy.

He’s quiet, adorable when he’s shy, good-looking, his laugh so so freaken adorable, he knows how to speak English (born in America!), he knows how to do martial arts and the list goes on forever.

This is what obsession with Kpop idols is everybody.

Although there are plenty of other girls who experience the same mega crush for this guy so, put me on the line.

GOT7 Mark Tuan

Gotta add a derpy picture cuz you know. Why not?



5. Talon (League of Legends)

This is what has become of a League of Legends addict.

Ever since I started to have an idea of creating my own League character (imagination PLEASE!), I pretty much decided to why not have some type of storyline relationship with some other character in League.

I picked Talon for a reason.

His lore is quite sad, gonna be honest but it actually has some kind of effect on me even though I don’t have any kind of same past history as him.

Also, can I just admit how attracting it is for an assassin to be mysterious?

LoL talon


That’s pretty much all the fictional crushes I could remember. I don’t include the ones where I had a quick attraction because then the list would go on like foreverrrrrrr.


One important part, don’t let fiction overtake reality.


Don't let fiction overtake reality. Click To Tweet


I only realised that because once you get hooked up in your own imaginative world, you won’t be able to focus on your reality and everyday life.

Remember that they are of course FICTIONAL so it’s better to fall in love with real people than you know, cartoon characters.

Unless you think the opposite because they can’t hurt you. Lol.

What’s your fictional crush/es have you had? Or if you have one now, feel free to share it in the comments.

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13 - 5 Secret Fictional Crushes In My Childhood

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