5 Tips On How Not To Break Your Bank Account On Black Friday & Haul

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As you can tell from the Black Friday week, yes I did disappoint my bank by spoiling myself during this event. Well, at least it was better than last year and the year before right? Maybe? Probably not.

In total, guess how much I had to spend? (seriously, guess).

Counting this purchase…

In combination from 26 of November 2018, I spent at least $199.03 using my bank account.

Should I be mad? No. Is it worth it? Yes. It's only worth it when I can finally tick off my shopping list and it's empty. I finally got all the items I wanted!

That's why I'm going to deliver you my Black Friday haul and some extra life advice (from a spoiled monkey) on how you too can not spend over $100 for the next Black Friday or boxing day sales.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

5 Tips on how Not to Break your Bank Account on Black Friday bonus Haul

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Note: some items were purchased through cash and I had lost the physical recipe for it. I don't remember the price of each item so I'm just going to put (N/A) next to them.

23 November 2018

Amazon ($49.00)

As you might have already heard, Amazon had their biggest Black Friday sales on the 23rd. Meaning, items on Amazon had their deals and you could only get them if you were in before the 100 purchases meter fills up.

So much for that PS4 or Xbox One combined with games at a discount.

Malwarebytes 2 years 1 PC

It was finally a good time to actually repurchase Malwarebytes anti-virus for my beloved laptop. One of my good friends sent me a free code for the premium version 2 years ago and I must admit, it has its protections.

Finally! A good anti-virus that I can actually stick with for the rest of my pc years. I purchased the anti-virus on Amazon that Friday and the code came in within 6 hours through email.

Coles (N/A)

Nivea 3-in-1 Gentle Cleansing Wipes for Eyes, Lips & Face

I was running out of makeup wipes because I've been wearing a WHOLE lot of makeup this month and as of late October (I had exams those months. Meaning, it was time to get dressed up and go out in public).

These Nivea cleansing wipes were on sale in Coles so I got these instead of the last ones. Great for taking off makeup after a draining day out.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a "self-care" routine? Wiping off my face is like wiping off all those emotional negativity and stress.

Kmart ($72.25)

Did you know that Kmart is my number one favourite store out of Australia? Let's just say, our Kmart is the same as Target in America.

You got all those home decors and aesthetic things that you just can't resist to get all of them! And, it's fudging cheap too!

I must admit, the customer service there seems, how you say, "dead inside". I've watched plenty of videos on YouTube of ex-employees ranting and can figure out why they seem so miserable.

Black skinny jeans ($15.00)

I needed a new pair of black jeans. I'm jean obsessed and you'll probably see me wearing jeans when I go out on a good day. It fits perfectly around my waist.

However, the waiting line was pretty cramped in Kmart. I had to wait there while the Kmart employees were talking loudly and swearing about their personal businesses.

Anyways, you know how much I had mistaken people when they go out of the fitting room just to either look at themselves in the large mirror or change clothing? It was so embarrassing!

Triangle Sports Bra ($9.00)

While typing up this post, I'm currently wearing the bra.

Can I just say, I.AM.IN.LOVE.WITH.IT! I love the appearance and how comfy it is. The best thing about this bra is that the back has a clip-on. So it doesn't tighten or loose.

I'm not going to be taking an image of me wearing it (because I have low self-esteem about showing my bare body in public) but I will show you the one on the site.

triangle sports bra

Source: Kmart

Fragrance (Scented) Candles: Fig & Papaya, Salted Caramel and Waterlily & Lotus (75 cents each)

This isn't the first time I bought Fig & Papaya. For 75cents that has a powerful scented fragrance smell when lit up, I must admit, that is a very good deal. I'm in love with these small candles that I had to purchase the other two flavours.

Sorry Apple & Vanilla but I'm pushing you guys aside! Fig & Papaya is my new scented favourite!

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Gold Eye Masks ($1.80)

To be frank with you, I've been using my old "Harry Styles" eye mask that I got from a teen magazine back when One Direction was popular. Meaning, I've been using these eye mask since 2012 (Woah)!

However, the strap of it was coming loose and it was hard for me to sleep. I had tied it up just to fit the size of my entire head making it uncomfortable for me.

It was time to say "goodbye Harry" and "hello gold!". These came in cheap and it was on sale for only $1.80! I definitely must get these! At first, I was going to get a fox version mask but I prefer to get these ones instead.


Fluffy Blending Brush (for concealer) ($12.00)

I watch plenty of beauty videos to know to the fullest on the best ways to apply makeup. For me, one issue I use to have was how do I apply concealer?

I tried using my fingers in my first month of using makeup. Then I moved on to a blending sponge that I used as my foundation application. It really didn't help blend in as much.

Angelika Oles's everyday makeup tutorial convinced me to buy a blending brush.

I really love the soft bristles on the end of this brush and it's good enough to be used for concealers and foundation application.

Chemist Warehouse (N/A)

Chemist Warehouse is always going on sale for products. But since it's Black Friday week, it meant that everything is going on sale.

Good timing too because I've been meaning to buy new skincare products for a long time. I wore makeup a lot so my skin has been breaking out and growing acne (which is no good). That lead me to research and find at least 2 skincare products just to renew my skin to its fullest.

Oh! Another thing that was funny was that one of my old friend from my public high school was working there. She was working as a cashier and it was super awkward and embarrassing when it came to us getting in line. We gave each other smirks. Oh, good times.

Sukin - Hydrating Mist Toner (Rosewater and Chamomile)

It may sting a little if you have sensitive skin but it definitely does the trick for me in helping moisturise aka cure my skin.

It's Australian made, alcohol-free and vegan! So that means it is natural and no animals were harmed. "Help smoothe, purify and cool tired skin".

Swisse - Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask

Never in my life have I tried using a face-mask. One thing for sure, I'll be spooking out my family whenever I walk around the house with a face-mask on.

But, I needed something to help purify and detox my skin. This facial mask has charcoal & Kaolin clay (no wonder why the mask tightened up!) It needs to be applied via hand and to be washed off after 10 mins. Or when your entire face dries up and you'll be looking like a gargoyle.

When I first tried it, I was disgusted at how it felt when I rubbed it on my face. Then when it dried up, I felt like I just finished a plastic surgery. I couldn't even move my mouth!

After washing it off in the shower, my skin felt so smooth, hydrated and moisturised. It reminded me of the time I was in a mud bath in a spa in Vietnam. This would be great as self-care treat once or twice a week.

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Nature's Way Multi-Vitamin VitaGummies for Adults

I ran out of these 2 weeks ago and during those two weeks, I was utterly sick! Don't worry, I'm better now as I'm typing this.

These vitamins are no joke. As a person who doesn't go out often, eat fewer veggies and lack vitamins, it really helps replenish my system.

I've bought these 3 times already and used them in my daily routine. And, I have trouble swallowing pills so these are good since you chew them.

Back then I was often sick and my face would be holy white. Ever since I started incorporating these gummies, I started feeling like I'm a new person again. I know I sound like a total bread loaf but it's true. If it wasn't true, then why would I buy 3 of these in my entire life?

Maybelline - Totaltemptation brow definer 315 Deep Brown Brun Fonce

A funny thing happened. As I was getting ready for the day, my other eyebrow definer broke in half. I wasn't a big fan of those but they automatically broke in half. What a coincidence right? Meaning I had to buy a new one.

Now the worst part of this whole "exploring for a new eyebrow definer" was that I couldn't find my colour: black! Not even Kmart had them.

I decided to just get the ones that were close to black. Deep brown. The only darkest shade I could find. After testing it and asking my mum how it looked, it looked fine. Just hoping I could dye my hair Aubrey in the future so I could match the colour of my eyebrows, I guess.

Erin Condren ($78.05) (30% discount)

Lastly on my shopping list, is a planner for next year. As you know, 2 more months till 2019 and I needed to get my planner game on!

Good thing I waited till Black Friday to get these because they had an international 30% off sale for everything in their store.

erin condren

I always wanted to do a mega planner haul on this blog but I never got the chance too. It's never too late to get yours.

Click here to get your planners or accessories for 30% off! Hurry! Offers end soon!

  • Metallic budding romance - LifePlanner ($60.00)
  • Colourful dual-tip markers 3-pack (red, black & blue) ($8.00)
  • Colourful dual-tip markers 6-pack (colourful pastels) ($15.00)

Full Review Here: Is The Erin Condren Planner Worth It For The Price?

Now that you're at the end of my haul, it's time to find out the tips on how you can spend less during Black Friday week.

Spend Less on Black Friday

Shopping List

Create a shopping list of items that you actually need. I use my Wunderlist for my list whenever I need to get something.
That way, you KNOW what you're getting and you're not buying random things out of the sake of it.wunderlist

Ask yourself "do you really need this"?

Many people just look at the item and ask themselves ONCE if they actually need it. In reality, once they buy it, they never set a finger on it ever again.

I can relate to this because when I was looking up the Black Friday sales on Big W, I saw a coffee machine that was half the price off the original price. However, looking at it clearly, I asked myself plenty of times if I actually needed this. Create the pro vs con in your head.

For me, it went like, if I had this coffee machine, then I would be like any other family and have their coffee instantly made. And, I would be getting $80 cashback. But what are the cons? Well, one, the sound of it while it makes the coffee is something I wouldn't want to hear every morning.

And two, we already have packs of instant coffee at home and a water kettle. What if the machine wasn't what I had expected?So in the end, I didn't get it. Good thing because I wouldn't even be able to afford the planner if I had gotten the coffee machine.

Set a budget

Like groceries, I suggest setting out the max amount you can purchase. I didn't do that this year because I didn't know how much these items would cost. In total, I spent over $100 (which is bad for me). Next year or this boxing day, I would need to make a max amount on how much I'm going to purchase or I'll end up breaking the bank.

Compare prices online to which one is the cheapest

My mates like to do this a lot which is a good thing. If you're buying things in person, you can simply do this too.When I purchased my Razer Chroma keyboard, my brother helped me match prices by going on a site on his phone, finding the same product from a different store in Australia and asked the employee if they could match the price.

Did it work? Of course, it did! I got my keyboard for the lowest price possible from a different store and it made my bank account really happy!

The way you can do this is searching for the same product through Google search and then go to the "Shopping" tab and search by the lowest price.

Know the limits to Black Friday

When it comes to this event, know your limits. I suggest watching this video by Matt D'Avella to know the dark truth behind Black Friday. He explains what businesses are really doing to advertise their product.


So that's my Black Friday haul and tips on how to save up for your next Black Friday shopping.

Who's frustrated when they spend and spend on products that they don't need? Here's how you can stop overspending on Black Fridays bonus my haul. #finance #lifestyle #bank #budgeting #blackfriday #holiday #spending #saving #haul #blackfridayhaul

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~ Ellen