51 Things To Do When You’re BORED

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Hey guys

So, you finished pretty much everything on your to-do list and you don’t know what to do with your life now?


Maybe it’s the holidays and you got nothing to do?

(Me all the time!)

31-51 things to do when you're bored

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1. Read your favourite book
2. Cook anything from muffins to something you have never cooked before
3. Spring clean your room or house
4. Go to Pinterest
5. Call a friend
6. Chill with your family
7. Binge watch Netflix or YouTube
8. Go to a museum
9. Go to a library
10. Go to the shops and not buy anything. Just look around and try stuff on.
11. Find old stuff in your basement or garage
12. Download a colouring app and colour
13. Play a musical instrument
14. Learn a new language that you have wanted to learn
15. Draw until you run out of room on your journal or paper
16. Write a story
17. Finish a jigsaw puzzle
18. Play with your pets (if you have any)
19. Take your dog out for a walk
20. Go for a stroll in the neighbourhood
21. Take photos of nature or selfies of yourself
22. Play video games
23. Draw things in still life
24. Go to the park
25. Write letters and hide them for your future self or children
26. Plant a succulent in a jar
27. Write your thoughts in a journal
28. Lie out in your backyard and watch the clouds
29. Go to a website that you haven’t gone on for a long time
30. Start planning your journal
31. Read different blogs
32. Write a bucket list
33. Dance to your favourite playlist
34. Do a DIY
35. Take a bath
36. Meditate
37. Listen to music by yourself or with a friend
38. Make a film on your phone
39. Teach yourself something new
40. Getting lost on the internet
41. Try out a new sport
42. Online shop
43. Look up cute animals on Google Images
44. Make a list of places you want to travel
45. Make a blog or schedule blog posts
46. Exercise at home or go to the GYM
47. Make & practice origami
48. Make a collage
49. Go out for a picnic
50. Go out with friends to the movies or a café
51. Change up your hairstyle

31 - 51 Things To Do When You’re BORED

You’ll probably end up doing something on that list. If not, what are you doing? Go out there and stop wasting your time!

~ Ellen


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