6 Benefits Of Being Alone

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The dream of an introvert is to be alone… forever... Did I say that? Well, certainly not entirely true but we do prefer our alone times.

If you love going out every so often and socialising, then good on ya! It's not a bad thing but then there are days where you just want to isolate yourself and do your own things for a while or just to recharge your energy.

There are many benefits of doing your own stuff at your own time. You know, like being productive, doing your own thing without being judged, being creative and what not. Here, I'll be listing the reasons why being alone can benefit yourself.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

6 Benefits of Being Alone

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1. You're more productive when you're alone

You can say that you're also productive when you're out with your friends but you can be more productive when you're alone and not have distractions. Although, when you're out with friends during study sessions, you're more likely to be unproductive when you got those types of friends who fool around you. You also won't get interrupted doing your own thing when you're alone.

When I was in my senior year of high school, I use to write my blog posts in the living room because that's separate from the room I sleep in. When my mum came home from work, she would always watch tv in the living room. Boy, I didn't even finish one blog post because I was so distracted from watching television and hanging out with my mum that I didn't even know that time flew by.

When I'm alone now, I prefer to put on lo-fi, hide my phone away and write my blog post in my room because I'm away from distractions.

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You're also able to be committed to finishing off your to-do list and planning what future goal lies ahead of you. And with goals, you can be productive when having an awesome compact planner that matches your own personal style.

2. Get to do your own things

When you're alone, you get to do anything YOU want without getting judged by others. You'll be able to express yourself more freely than get criticise by others.

Fine, let me share a little secret with you. When I'm alone, I love to binge watch K-dramas (and cry) and read webtoon comics. Not many people know that about me! (I guess, now you guys know). I told one friend about me reading webtoon comics and they literally judged me for it! (As a joke to say). And I definitely hate crying in public.

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3.  Explore new things and being creative

Firestone noted that "the lack of interruption from others allows us to reflect and think differently, leading to more creative “meta-cognition” the lack of interruption from others allows us to." I couldn't agree more.

But that doesn't mean you can't be creative when working with others. You still can but as I said, you get out of your limits and try new things without getting judged or criticised for. You're also able to go anywhere you like to find new things to explore and gain ideas from.

I know this might sound weird to you guys but I mentioned in my past posts that while you're in the shower, you gain more ideas. Do you know why this happens? “The sensory restriction is like an extended brain blink. You cut out the outside world and ideas bubble up into awareness.” So if you want to gain creative and weird ideas, try taking showers, meditating and exercising.

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4. Unwind and recharge your energy

As an introvert, I tend to get drained easily when I go out and socialise with others. Yup! When you surround yourself by other people, you're using up your energy. That means, the moment you come home after a long day, you will feel exhausted.

It's best to give yourself those next 3 days to rest and rejuvenate before you go out and socialise again. That is if you're an introvert. Extroverts tend to gain their energy from socialising from others but that doesn't mean they can't spend their alone times recharging.

5. Building a mental strength

Hard to believe right? When you're alone, you can build a mental strength to increase happiness, life satisfaction as well as improve stress management. When I'm alone, I tend to focus on writing in my journal on what I'm grateful for in life as well as write down my thoughts and feelings.

Research shows it can help strengthen relationships with others as well as you learn to be independent and understand others better.

You might have heard of this saying before "you can't love others unless you love yourself" or something along those lines. That is definitely true. You can't love someone else unless you love yourself and I know that from experience.

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6. Learn more about yourself

From what I said before, being alone help with gaining a greater understanding of yourself (personality wise), your life desires and making more better choices about the people you want to be around.

I mean, you can be influenced by peer groups and media but being alone can help you find your "true self". Like for example, recently, I found out that I get stressed out a lot when I work or study in a messy room and also, I'm more productive when I'm studying in front of a window.


Being alone can be great! It can help you concentrate and be more productive, do your own thing without getting judged, be creative, recharge, build mental strength and of course, learn to find yourself.

Do you prefer to be by yourself or socialise with others? Write it down in the comments!

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