How to Organize your Phone in 10 Ways

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Did you have this thought "URGH!!! My phone is so SLOW! How do I stop my phone from doing this?" Have you tried to organize your phone? Maybe try decluttering your phone storage or either replace your phone?

There are many benefits to decluttering your phone. It could be slow, full or even need a touch of "light". If you ever feel like it's what I mentioned, you should try cleaning out your phone before you spend away your money to fix it or buy a new phone.

Here are ways on how you can organize your phone.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

10 Innovative Approaches to Declutter your Phone

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1. Delete duplicate or unwanted photos

"But what about my thousands of selfies??-" NO EXCUSES! Keep at least 1-4 selfies that ain't taken on the same day and keep your most memorable photos.

If you have Instagram, there is a "achieve" button where you can save those pictures you've posted and store it into your account. Wait, what's the purpose of using Instagram? Well, this is actually a trick.

You can actually save more storage on your phone by posting your photos on your IG account and then achieving them. Another way to save your memorable photos is to store it on Google Photos.

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2. Delete apps that you NEVER use

Remember that app that you used once and never used it again for about 3 months or so but you probably forgot it? Yeah, well, I think it's time to take that time to remove those apps because girl, you won't be needing that for a while. Plus, it will clear more storage because apps take more storage on your phone.

Usually, on phones, they have a "maintenance tool" in your settings where they show you a list of apps that you haven't used for a few months. So you have an option to delete it. Cleaning apps also have those as well.

3. Use a cleaner app

If I never found a cleaner app, my phone would have had a stack of cluttered unwanted files that I can't find.

I use All-In-One Toolbox (it's absolutely FREE). This app helps me delete duplicated files & photos, clean cache, cool down my phone, turn off unused apps and speed up my phone. I recommend it!

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4. Install an anti-virus

Keep off that pesky malware and viruses by installing an anti-virus. Same goes for your desktop, it would do absolute a favour to you.

There are many free anti-virus apps you should download in the store but only get ONE! For a free version anti-virus, I would suggest Avast. For those of you who want to get real protected, I do absolutely recommend Malwarebytes (which I'm currently using). Both will keep you safe.

5. Change your wallpaper

Brighten up your background with clever new wallpaper twice a week so your phone can feel refreshed again.

There are so many good look wallpapers out there on Pinterest, Tumblr or if you want an HD photography/Photoshop wallpaper that is free, check out Zedge.

Or, you can check out my free wallpapers ~

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6. Update your apps

If you don't have your apps set to automatic update or never update at all, I suggest you do that. Just go to your app store, go to your current apps and then find the "update" button. Keep your apps up to date to get the latest instalment and no icky bugs.

You also have an option to have it automatically update (not recommended if you are using phone data or slow net) or remind you to update. I suggest the 2nd option because you get a notification to update whenever you ain't using the net.

7. Categories them

If you're really bored, I would suggest categorising those apps in folders. I categorise my apps based on their genres (such as games, education, social media etc).

You can categorise your apps in any way you like, could be their usage, rainbow, most used and more based on your preference.

 8. Using a small wet towel

Use a small towel or a cloth, add a little warm water and gently wipe your phone to clear away any dust, oil or dirt. I'm surprised by how one screen wipe could make your phone look like you've just bought it.

9. Restart your phone

If you haven't restart your phone for a very long time, then you should. Not restarting your phone for a long time relates to slow performance. Although, it's also bad to keep restarting your phone or it will trigger your battery pack.

Restart your phone at least twice a month.

Not Necessary...

10. Change phone covers

This is not necessary but if you want, you could dress your phone cover to make it pop and different. You could change it based on events, seasons or whatever you like. It's up to you!


You can save this post for later if you're too busy to tidy your phone. But if you have the time, definitely try these steps and see how your phone goes.

If you tried everything, then there's probably something wrong with your smartphone.

Have a desktop? I wrote a desktop version on how to declutter your desktop.

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