7 Things Blogging Has Taught Me (2017)

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I’ve been blogging for quite a while. I started ZyraKuma in November 2016 and so much has grown since then.

This was not the first blog I’ve created. I created a few (only two) back then and quite a few months in.  They’re probably all lost on the internet by now.

This blog started out as a personal diary for me where I published my daily life as a teenager going through well… teenage life.

Now I’ve turned it into a lifestyle, productivity, self-care and relationship advice blog (maybe more in the future). (Update 2019: It’s a self-care, productivity and blogging advice blog).

But we’re not talking about my history of this blog, oh no. I’m gonna tell you what blogging has taught me throughout 2016-2017.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

36-7 things blogging has taught me (2017)

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We’re so glad we’re in a century where we can share our posts with other different readers around the world. Back then, it was so much harder to let your blog be known since there wasn’t much of a social sharing.

When I first started my first blog, I thought readers would, you know, come to my blog. Apparently not, since I had nowhere to share it.

I was the only one who was on my own site.

Thanks to many different helpful blog resources such as “How to start blogging” posts and the WordPress community page, I realised that if you want to get other readers to come to your blog, you gotta share, share, share!

Most importantly, share it with your social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin’ and Instagram. I tend to get most of my traffic from Facebook groups, community page, and Pinterest.

Use tools like Tailwind to automate sharing on Pinterest and Instagram.

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There are so much talented and interesting bloggers out there on the internet (I’m not kidding!) That’s why niches are created to keep your interest and to find people who are also interested in the same thing as you.

I took the time to myself after posting a blog to read other blogs and comment or like them. To be honest, reading other blogs really helped me improve on what my blog needs to be improved on.

People out there in the blogging community are really nice and friendly and it can be a great way to learn from each other, get advice and make new friends.



There was so much I need to learn on how to improve my traffic.

Especially if you share your blog on Pinterest, one of the most popular sites to gain traffic to your blog.

I think I’m not the only one who first had ugly graphics (eek I’m still getting nightmares from it) but as long as you get inspired and continuously improve, you’ll get awesome Pinterest graphics in no time.

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During the time I was using the free version of WordPress, I can’t really get a custom designed website but I try to make it as simple and pretty as possible with the free one.

My old site had one of the oldest and plain designs that ever existed in history.

And to me, I thought it looked, well… Pretty ugly to me.

That’s why I decided to create my own website logos to have a little touch of my personal liking.

It’s also great practice for a good Graphic Design portfolio in the future!

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From a blog post I’ve read on pretty much the same post, I’m writing now (I don’t remember the blog post but it was a long time ago). 

It really does help me communicate better actually, even though my anxiety. Also, don’t forget, it helps readers come back.

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Lastly what blogging has taught me was to pay attention to how much views I get per page view and how much I’ve achieved throughout the last few months.

This was a great way to learn much more about how many people are visiting and how I could improve my blog for future visitors.



When I first started, I wanted to make myself look “presentable” (I mean I can still do that) but didn’t have enough faith to really put myself out there.

It did, however, affect me a bit in the long run and I didn’t enjoy typing out these “presentable” blog posts just so people wouldn’t judge me.

I learned that it’s better to let yourself be known on the internet.

We’re all different so why know show it? Don’t let the negative feedback get to you, and just be… You.

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36 - 7 Things Blogging Has Taught Me (2017)

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