8 Self Care Apps To Use Today

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We literally live in a society where technology is everywhere and you see everyone being on their phones every day in public as well as we use our phones for pretty much anything. With more newer versions of phones, pcs and tablets coming out, we get more self care apps released.

One of those daily needs is self-care. We haven't really been paying much attention to ourselves because we're more focused on the inside scoop of the internet or rather, just using social media and game apps more often than the essentials.

I wanted to do this post to share with you guys the self-care apps that I use in my daily life and how it helped contribute to my wellbeing even when I'm all stressed with the things around me. Now, some of these apps are apps that I use often but not always, however, they're still helpful in any way.

The best thing about these apps is that they're all FREE! Well I mean, they are free for some because you get limited usage and you have to pay in-app purchases if you want access to all but do what you must or how you like. The only problem is, it's in the Google-Play store. Don't worry Apple users! I didn't forget you, I will try to link in the same (if I could find them in the App store) so no need to get left behind.

Oh yeah, so I know this isn't a "top 10 self care apps" (I mean it WAS a top 10 self-care apps) but I rather just add in apps that I found more helpful and that isn't really repeated (if you know what I mean) so here are a top 8 self care apps.

Grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right onto it!

8 Self-care Apps to use Today

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1. 10% Happier

This guided meditating app has many different courses and meditations to choose from for all beginners and experts. It even has the book version too if you're more into in taking meditation for self-guidance.

I'm not an expert at meditating and if I were, I wouldn't need the app but because I get distracted easily, then guided meditation is extremely helpful for getting myself right on track. Some meditation courses are free of course but they are very limited. However, to unlock all, you need to pay monthly or yearly and I don't want to do that. But it's still great and the guides (is that what you call them?) has really calming voices so it really calms down my anxiety.

It Involves: a free 7-session introductory course and meditations, advice for including mindfulness to your relationships, eating, work etc, daily videos to teach you how to become an expert in meditating and meditation guided audio for mornings, falling asleep & even walking.

Google Play: Here Itunes App: Here

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10% Happier


2. Daylio

A private journal or diary to write down how you're feeling in a single sentence including icons to show how your mood is.

I use this on a daily since it's like a reflection to what I did today and how I felt about it. I love how cute the mood icons look and it's really easy to choose from.

The best part is that you are not limited to how much icons you add to your day like whether you work, go to school or even make yourself a good meal. Simply, I just write down a quick one-sentence summary of what I did or how I felt and boom! Saved right into my records and later on, I can look back to check to see how my life has been up to.

It Involves: pretty icons just for personalisation, keeps a statistic on your moods and activities (monthly/yearly charts), easy customisation, who could forget a backup/restore via Google Drive, great reminders so you don't forget to input your mood, PIN lock (as I said, it's a diary after all so you're perfectly safe) and you can also export CSV document to print our your entries.

Google Play: Here Itunes App: Here

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3. DreamMoods

An app to keep track, journal and figure out what your dreams mean the moment you wake up.

Now, this app I don't use often but it's still really helpful when I have times that I tend to get really confused and why I was dreaming that dream so I end up looking up the symbols. I feel like some of those symbols I can relate because it says exactly what has been happening in my life and what I need to change in order to keep closure to myself and the people around me.

It Involves: 6000+ dream symbols (dictionary) to search & browse from, a journal to keep track of your past dreams by typing or even recording, password protection for your journal, journal entries automatically link to key symbols (so you don't have to search all the symbols' meanings down), you can also share your dream symbols on social media.

Google Play: Here Itunes App: Here

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4. SleepyTime

A very helpful app to easily configure your alarm to a certain time to help you sleep/wake up better as suggested.

Whenever something important comes up or when I feel like I need to have enough sleep, I use this app to find a time that best suits me to get my full and daily sleep. And of course, this app is really helpful for those with insomnia. There are countless options and times that I can pick on to set the best suitable time to wake up, go to sleep and even times when I sleep now.

It Involves: a calculator for the best times when to wake up, when to sleep & when to wake up if you sleep now, automatically sets the alarm once you pick your time, a widget on home screen & lock screen and light & dark theme.

Google Play: Here Itunes App: Here

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5. SimpleNote

Simply like a free journal and notebook that you can write anything and keep it private among you. And the best thing about this app is you can sync the notes between your phone and computer.

I use this app more than the other apps on this list because it helps me get down things that I need to let go. But more as a personal diary for me since there are times where I don't feel like writing it down on my journal. This also gives me easy access that doesn't require me to log on or wait for hours to open the app. It just opens within 10 seconds and goes to where I left off.

Don't mention the fact that I get to easily customise the way it looks and simply use it without an internet connection. And later, when you are back to connecting to the internet, it will automatically sync in the latest notes.

It Involves: tags and pins (so you can organise your notes), free page to write anything you want like notes, list, to-do list etc., title, you can print out your pages, you get the option to change size, theme & font to fit your needs, syncing between pc & phone and add in a "history" so that way you can recover your past notes.

Google Play: Here Itunes App: Here


Girllllll I aren't having you read my diary entries 🙂


6. Fabulous

This app is a self-motivational app where you set a ritual goal for morning, afternoon and night that will remind you when you need to do those habits. There are additional supportive videos and posts about self-care and health-related things so you can learn how they can affect your body and mind in a good way.

At first, I was kind of shy by the fact that I was confused as heck on how to use this app but it became easier to navigate through it once you use it often. This is the best thing to track my daily habits and find out new habits that I have not done before. It's literally like a motivation for me really.

They start off easy (drink water every morning after you wake up for 3 days) and once you completed it, you will be congratulated for completing the habit, which is a great boost of confidence and accomplishment.

It Involves: tracking your habits, an alarm to remind you when to do that habit as well as a timer to do it within that time limit, health & productivity goals, learn science-based training, a step-by-step program and every activity you need to lose weight, help insomnia, eat healthier & install more healthy habits in your daily life.

Google Play: Here Itunes App: Here

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7. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

An exercise-at-home app to start losing weight and get fit in 30 days that is easily suitable for any ages and involves categories in which place in your body (leg, body, abs, butt & arm) that you want to get fit based on your choice. It's a wonderful app because you get to pick a plan (easy to difficult) and work your way up. There isn't a timer for all the exercises but it depends on the main amount you have to do (like 8 push-ups etc).

I'm not much of a person who likes to go out often in public (yes I'm an introvert and I have no car or money) but thank god for apps like this. The only place I feel comfortable is when I'm at home in my "natural habitat". You can literally exercise anywhere and not have to worry about not getting fit.

With this app, I'm able to do exercises with the extra ability in how I want to get fit. I'm not really a time manic when it comes to exercising so I do enjoy using this app. The best part? It automatically counts how much calories you've lost after the exercise. How cool is that?!

It Involves: recording your training progress, a reminder to train every day, video guides if you need them, 30-day challenges and can be shared on social media.

Google Play: Here Itunes App: Here

30 Day Fitness Challenge


8. Power Of Positive Thinking

A quote and sayings app where you get daily Wisdom to boost up your day and productivity. Some of these sayings are from famous people in the past or now and they really bring inspiration into everyday life.

I've been using this app for 3 months and it affected the way I think about what life's purpose is. Let's end the list by adding a favourite quote/saying of mine that I favourited from this app.

" Norman Vincent Peale Says, The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism."

It Involves: Dailytunes so that you can listen to their unique tunes (ringtone or alarm), a weekly planner, share cards on social media, listen to the app's music, add your favourite cards to favourites so you can re-read them again and set an alarm to receive daily quotes.

Google Play: Here Itunes App: Can't Find

Power Of Positive Thinking


Hope you enjoyed the list and found some helpful self care apps that can be contributed to your daily life. Of course, these self care apps develop in the wellbeing of your mind, productivity, health, and habits.

And remember to share this infographic below to help spread the love.

8 self care apps to use today

These self care apps is definitely worth not to miss. And they're free for Android and IOS! #selfcare #motivation #love #mentalhealth #selflove #lifestyle #loveyourself #inspirations #positivevibe #wellness #happiness #mindfulness #selfcareroutine #selfcareideas #selfcareactivities #thoughts #selfcarelist #apps #selfcareapps #freeapps #android #ios

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