8 Self Care Ideas for the Holidays

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It's that time of the year again. Or should I say, that time for a break? Then you really need to self care over the holidays.

The Christmas holidays and the New Year is just right around the corner. You have probably been working your wigs off and I congratulate you for that! You've worked hard and didn't lose your mind.

In order for that celebration, why not spend that holiday by catching up on the rest? You really deserved it.

Read on to find ways on how you can self-care for the holidays.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

8 Self-care that will actually make your Holiday better

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Binge watch your favourites

Remember, your holiday is yours. This time, you finally got the free time to finish off one of your favourite series or a movie you've been dying to watch. Promisingly, with no distractions or paranoia on your side, you can finally enjoy and relax, stress-free.

Why not binge watch Christmas movies with your family, friends or even by yourself? Have some buttered popcorn by your side while holding your favourite drink or snacks.

While typing this, I'm currently taking advantage of the holiday by watching a replay from one of my Twitch streamer RTGames without feeling guilty!

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Spend time outside

Whether it's snowing where you are or hot where I am, you can put on suitable clothes for the season and go outside.

You've been stuck inside all day so take advantage of this time and spend it with nature. Take outside selfies or photographs if you wish.

For me, I like to catch up on my exercise during Summer by taking a walk more often whenever it's sunny and warm.

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Treat yourself to a Manicure or Spa day

Since when was the last time you had a manicure or spa day? Now that you have the time while you self care over the holidays!

Oh, and guess what? If you're broke (like me), you don't have to go out and spend a lot for a manicure or spa day. You can always do it right in your very home and little costly things like skincare or candles that only cost me little.

I like to put on a skincare mask, light up a scented Fig & Papaya candle, grab a few snacks and then hop in the hot shower once the mask dries out for 15 mins. If I wanted to, I could do my own nails as well.

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Read your favourite book

Not everyone likes reading but I know some people that do (including myself). That's ok if you don't prefer reading. You can always listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

There are plenty of ways you can borrow and grab a book for free. One popular way is to go to your local library.

Another way is to get free Amazon ebooks just by signing up to BookBub. Just to let you know, there are many genres of ebooks for you to choose from but the choice is made by deals and they're available for a limited time. The best part, they're 100% for free or on discounts.

Take long naps

You need your beauty sleep! If you're missing out on your sleep, then go catch up!

Take naps before 3 PM (or you won't be able to fall asleep at night).

The best way to take advantage of naps is to have a power nap. Set your alarm for 10-30 minutes. That way you're not only "saving" your holiday time but you might be able to do productive things that you love.

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Spend quality time with family and/or friends

When was the last time you got to hang out and chill with the people you're closest too?

During my stressful final exams for the school year, I hardly got time to interact with the people I'm closest too. Even I lost many of them due to how busy I was. It was definitely not good for our mentality and socialising status.

Now that I graduated from my online school, I got nearly all the time in the world to be able to interact with my family and friends. When I say "nearly", it doesn't necessarily mean I got all the full time in my life (I still got a blog to take care of!)

But be sure to spend time with them because you might never know when the next time you'll regret not spending time with them (wow that got really dark quickly).

Home decluttering

Look, don't make an excuse for this. I know this isn't exactly what you were expecting but I want you to know that whenever you declutter, you'll more likely feel better about yourself but also your home or room will look much more comforting the moment you finish organising.

And did you know that decluttering space will reduce your stress? The messier your room/home is, the more likely you'll feel unproductive and probably end up having a stressful mental breakdown.

Take a look at this video if you must.

When I finished my last exams for the year, I didn't take a break. I went straight into deep "spring cleaning" my whole entire room because I didn't have any time during my study sessions.

I threw all my old stuff out, wiped up the tables, dusted off the dust in closed areas, organised items and the list goes on. It took me a day for everything to look clean, spacious and minimalistic.

Except for my desktop. I fully reset my whole entire laptop and that took 2 days (don't worry, I backed it up so I didn't lose anything)! Was it worth it? Heck yes!

Now my desktop doesn't have to make strange noises, fill up with junk, slow down and even fix errors that I couldn't fix the last time.

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Change up for the new year

Stop sticking to the old and try making a change for the next year. If you've been wanting to do something, do it!

That could be getting a piercing or more, getting a new haircut or dying your hair, getting a tattoo changing a new style and even adding something to match your personality.

This year to change myself, I decided to do something that I haven't done in quite a long time. That was going to the hairdressers! Yes, I decided to dye my hair blonde red because I've been meaning to dye my hair for a long time. Additionally, my mum wanted me to trim my hair so I did that as well.

Because I had school, I couldn't go out. It may have been costly but everyone seems to love it! More importantly, I love it and I feel like it really outshines my wicked personality.


I hope you enjoy this post. What to do now? You can pick any of these of your choice and no matter how less or more you do, you're still taking care of yourself. The second option is doing these from order, every day or once-twice a week.

What are your ways for self-care during the holidays? I would love to know any ideas you guys have and maybe I can try out something new.

Lastly, remember, don't feel guilty when you're focusing on yourself. It's never selfish to find the time for yourself so enjoy your self care holidays!

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~ Ellen