9 Productive Things To Do On Your Phone

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It's not common that you find nothing productive to do during a appointment.

Usually, you'll come to your appointments feeling utterly bored. The worst part than being bored is that you'll eventually have to wait over 2 hours just for a 5-minute check-up at a doctor's appointment. I know, I know, you hate waiting and you hate having to do nothing.

What better thing that comes in handy that you bring everywhere with you is your phone. Yes, your smartphone because we all know you can't do as much if you're using an old outdated phone.

Your smartphone can be a great way to do productive things whenever you have nothing to do while waiting.

That's why I've made a list of productive things to do on your phone when you're sitting in the waiting room at a doctor's appointment etc.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

9 Things to do on your Phone when you're Waiting at an Appointment

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Have a journal app

You might already have a pre-installed app on your phone where you can jot down notes. Write anything down that comes to your mind. You can even write down how bored you are.

If you're a blogger or writer, have OneNote on your phone and jot down ideas or even write a rough draft for your next post.

Note writing or journaling apps:

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Have reading apps

Many people tend to read on their phone as a productive thing to do while waiting. There are plenty of reading apps include apps like Wattpad, Pocket, Amazon Kindle, Webtoon.

Even if you're not a big fan of reading, you can have an audiobook on your phone. Make sure to bring headphones if you're planning to listen to any audiobooks or podcasts.

Audiobook or podcast apps:

  • Amazon Kindle - download free Amazon book or book deals at BookBub.
  • Pocket - you need to add and download sites first before you can use it offline.
  • Wattpad - involves lots of fanfiction or "create your own" stories.
  • Webtoon - if you're a fan of cartoons or manga.
  • Audible - listen to Amazon's audiobooks.
  • Podcast Addict (Android) - listen to all your favourite podcasts.

Play games on your phone

Playing app games can help distract you from boredom and also a great time waster. When you're using WiFi, you can easily download your app games straight onto your phone rather than use up all your data.

There are thousands and millions of games in the app store and if you're using Android, there should be a category of "offline games" available for you.

The games that I recommend are:

Listen to music

You can either download Spotify and play your music offline if you have the premium version. Or you can go to Apple's iTunes or Google Music Store to download your music on your desktop or phone without having to use the internet.

Use these recommended sites to get free mp3 from YouTube videos. Also, make sure you have an anti-virus on your desktop because there's gonna be a lot of ad pop-ups that involve inappropriate things or malware. (Warning: Do it at your own risk).

Again, please bring earphones along with you if you're planning to listen to something out loud. I say this because one guy was playing his YouTube video out loud out of disrespect when I was in the waiting room.

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Get ideas or connecting

Be productive by using apps like Pinterest, Mix, social media & Quora to gain inspiration or connect with others.

  1. Pinterest: use this app to scroll through pins. Re-pin other pins that you like, click on the pins to a site if you're interested in reading the topic. The more you go on Pinterest, the more your ideas expand. That's right, you can literally gain ideas from this site and jot it down for later use.
  2. Mix: aka StumbleUpon (rip SU). Like Pinterest, you can gain more ideas from this app just by looking through links to different topics. Just a quick opinion, I really preferred SU because you'll be able to go to a random website, which makes it more enjoyable and fun.
  3. Social Media: I'm pretty sure everyone who has social media use it on their 247 day to day basis which I will not explain to you how it works haha. Social Media apps are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat.
  4. Quora: A question and answer app. You can answer questions that people ask or you can find answers to your questions like "how do fishes breathe underwater?". I'm pretty sure the top answers go high in-depth and you'll learn something new.

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Other patients in the waiting room may look at you strangely but who cares? This is pretty much the only time where you're not doing anything that you're required to do like clean the house, study or work.

You can pretty much meditate anywhere and you don't need to exactly sit in your chair with your legs crossed and fingers on your lap. All you need to do is close your eyes, plug in your headphones and play the guided meditation on your phone.

Guided Meditating Apps:

  • Headspace
  • Let's Meditate (Android)
  • Youper - it's more like an emotional monitor but it has a meditation for your different types of emotion. (Android | IOS)

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Draw on your phone

There are plenty of drawing apps nowadays. You don't have to be an artist to be good at drawing.

Optional: you can have a stylus (touch pens) that are touch screen friendly to draw on your phone. You absolutely don't need to purchase the apple versions. There are plenty of stores (mostly Japanese $2 stores here) near you that sell a 2 in 1 stylus.

Drawing Apps:

Colouring Apps

Nowadays, many apps involve colouring books. Well, more like digital colouring books. This is highly relaxing and pretty much like meditation (like no brain cells required).

There are plenty of colouring apps that suit your taste, for any ages and another great way to stay productive.

Colouring apps:

Watch YouTube videos

Only optional if you can use public WiFi or you have unlimited data. Watching YT videos or any other streaming sites take uploads of data.

YouTube is a free streaming site where you can watch a bunch of videos that interest you. Including the weird and creative ones.

If you have YouTube Premium, you're able to download offline YT videos straight off your phone.


So there you have your list of productive things to do on your phone while you're waiting for your appointment.

You can journal, read, play games, listen to music, draw, get ideas, meditate, colour in or watch YouTube.

Try these out before your appointment or when you're bored.

Are you waiting an appointment and bored? Here at 9 things you can do on your phone. #phone #android #ios #tech #appointment #bored #smartphone

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