A Letter To ExBoyfriend That Was Never Sent

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I was reading posts on Thought Catalogue at 12 am (midnight) and then something came up on my mind while reading these "thoughtful" postsΒ (get it haHAA ok I'm not funny).

I use to write these journals or a little letter to exboyfriend but I never sent them because I was afraid that if I sent it to him, I would hurt him (which I didn't want to do) so I kept them to myself.

But then I thought, "maybe I should actually write it down on my blog" and here it is...

Here is my letter to exboyfriend that I never sent.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

A Letter to my Ex-Boyfriend that was Never Sent

24 January 2017

"I'm sorry. I needed time. Time to focus on my feelings towards something I wanted to achieve in life. Time to heal the pain I've caused both of us. Time to get my feelings over you. You may not see this or you might.

Whatever the excuses are, are not good enough to convince how I actually feel about you. I'm not writing this to get your attention. I'm not writing just so I can convince you to come back with me. I'm writing this so I can look back and be happy that I've made the right choice.

You see, we may have had happy times and sad times, but all of that is in the past.

"I Loved You..."

I loved you. I really do. All I wanted for you is to be happy and find the person who makes you happy for who you are.

  • Who loves herself and you equally.
  • To share anything with you.
  • Who you can experience intimacy with.

I tried my best. I tried everything I could to heal our relationship. It just wasn't working. I'm sorry. Someday, you'll find your real soulmate. I promise you."

15 February 2017

"This is my last letter to you before I let you go and forget you entirely. I loved you.

You were the best boyfriend that I've ever had. I wish it didn't turn out this way. I would only wish we had never fallen in love. We could have just stayed friends.

I know how much important you were to me. But here we are. Last I've lost you. The most important guy in my life isn't by my side anymore.

I wish you the best of luck in the future. Maybe someday, we could meet again."


What did we learn from this? Never send a letter to your ex-boyfriend or probably post this online.

What did you learn from my letter to exboyfriend? Have you written a letter and never sent it before?

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