A Letter To My Younger Self From My Past Self

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Hey guys


Last year, I did a post on a letter to my ex-boyfriend that was never sent and that post was one of my top posts with oncoming traffic as well as being on the top pages of the Google search engine.


I decided to do another letter post from the past that was from myself in 2017 to my young self (not sure if that makes sense but you know what I mean).


And no, like my letter to my ex-boyfriend, this one will NOT be edited. So be aware of any grammar or spelling mistakes! I want this letter to be real as possible and it’s something written deepest to my heart.


A Letter To My Younger Self From My Past Self*Disclosure: This post contains affiliates. I earn a compensation if you purchase the product. I do not add affiliates that I do not like or approve on. You do not have to purchase the items but I would absolutely appreciate it if you do!*


A history of this letter is that, as you might not know, I’ve had the toughest childhood and it wasn’t my greatest either. Last year was a turning point for me where I start to realise that there’s more to life than there was and how I learned about self-care and more. I can say it was a good year but not the best year.

Anyways, you’re not here for my backstory, you’re here for my letter so here it is;

“Dear younger Ellen,
I hope you have grown up to be a more mature person. Ellen, when you were in school, don’t go following drama. Don’t think about joining or being friends with the popular girls because when you grow up, being popular doesn’t matter. Ellen, I wished you should have became more confident in yourself. You were so shy back then. If you had the courage to speak up, you could have gain a good school report and made many friends. Ellen, remember the time when you wanted eyelid surgery? It wasn’t because a tissue was broke in your eyelids, it was because you weren’t sleeping enough. Hey, what about the time you got low grades because you played too many video games? I wished you study and tried your best. I hope you would not procrastinate alot and drop grades. Ellen, you had so much school absences, you should have stayed in school so you wouldn’t skip class. Listen to your dad, Ellen. Go to school, don’t skip class so you would become a high achiever. And Ellen, don’t care about other people’s looks. Care about yourself and stop comparing.”


Plot twist.


I’m going to NOW be writing a letter to my past self who wrote- ok you get what I mean. You didn’t see that coming, did you?


“5 April 2018
Hello, dearest of the dearest past Ellen,
Great letter. But now, I’ll be writing you a letter. I’m happy that you made the final decision in changing from free WordPress to self-hosting. You’ve been thinking for a while whether you should start investing in things that you feel afraid of investing in that you did it. Now look at where you are, you’re doing something that you enjoy. Has the self-hosting been a worth? It sure has! Until now, you start investing in this blog and it’s achieving and becoming successful. You also found your voice and you’re able to now share this blog with everyone you know from schoolmates to family to friends and everyone. You finally had the self-confidence in yourself by allowing your amazing readers to see who you truly are by uploading a selfie of yourself and you’re becoming someone that you’ve been hiding inside for a long time. You also found your voice and now you’re able to feel happier now that you’re doing something that could affect your future. You’re not scared anymore Ellen. You start to realise that being in your comfort zone won’t get you anywhere. You’re becoming a better person by working hard, by not procrastinating and you’re being yourself. I know that life has been tough and all you could do is just bury all that misery into one place and that place is in your brain. You’re able to reunite with old friends, you’re able to leave the toxic friends and you’re able to feel confident in yourself. Your parents and brother now know that you’re a blogger and that they’re supporting you for what you’re doing. Ellen, if you were afraid of all those things and kept things for yourself without any help, you wouldn’t be improving in something that you have dreamed of succeeding. So thank you past Ellen for what you did and the mistakes you’ve overcome. You did well and stayed strong during the hardest times.

Yours truly,

71 - A Letter To My Younger Self From My Past Self

I nearly teared up writing the letter but it is something I had been wanting to say for a long time and now I want you to write a letter to your past self. It could be anything from good to bad or something like me, who has held on and wanted to let go like butterflies flying out of your heart.


Have a good day all ~
~ Ellen



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