Getting Scammed By A Claw Machine And Eating Food

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I just wanted to share a lovely day I’ve had (sarcastically) on the 25th June 2018.

Just a simple and fine day out and also the last week till holidays. I think for many reasons, I had an excuse to write my day because I took food pictures (haha my little excuses).

So yeah, and also, it’s been forever since I wrote a blog post about my daily life and I really need to get away and refresh myself from the research and all.

Don’t worry, I promise that I will get back to uploading post about self-care or blogging after this.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

A day in the life of my life where I got scammed by the claw machine but made it up by eating good food. #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #clawmachine #dayout #dayinthelife #food

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First off, my mum, brother and I went to the salon first off because both my mum and brother needed to get their haircut. As for me, I was thinking of dying my hair or permanent straightening but that’s going to take too long so I just didn’t bother doing anything with my hair.

As we walked into the salon, I realised that they sold electronics devices, pcs or mobiles on the side. Like what? Never in my life have I seen a salon that also sells laptop, monitors, mobiles etc. That was like a bizarre thing for me. My thought would be that they’re having financial problems or maybe expanding it. Who knows?

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Sunshine Market Place

Later on, after the salon, we went to Sunshine Market Place. If you don’t live in Australia, it’s just like a shopping mall + a market.

Intensity (Claw Machine)

I was siked to go because I wanted to go to Intensity just so I can play the arcade claw machine and grab those stuffed toys (ain’t I too old for them? NEVER!)

I went to Intensity by myself while my mum and brother went off to Big W. As I stopped by the Arcade I wanted to go to, I felt anxious. I didn’t know why I was feeling this way and it was strange because not many people were around.

You might not know this but I have anxiety and semi (??) depression but I’m confident when socialising with people or being by myself. Although, this was strange or maybe because not that many people were around.

When I got to the claw machine, I took out my wallet to take out a few coins to play. Putting in the coins, it didn’t work and the coin slot kept rejecting it.

I did put in the right amount ($2) but it kept rejecting it even though the sign says “1 GAME = $2” but there was another sign that says “$1”. Like, what do you want? $1 or $2??? Another thing, there were two coin slots (why the fudge were there two coin slots? Don’t ask me, I have no clue).

So I tried putting in $1 in the other slot (my clueless brain at it again) and the machine didn’t give me another turn or return back my $1 (now that I think about it, I should have put another $1 in) so I tried asking one of the employees that I was having a problem and that I couldn’t get my money back.

She explained to me that the game cost $2 for one game and that the “$1” sign means that it accepts $1. What I was really trying to tell her was that I had lost my $1 and she kept repeating the cost of the game.

This made me so mad. Now I lost that $1 and another $4 because apparently, they stuffed in large and small stuffed toys in the claw machine making it hard to grab the large stuffed toys. Urgh!

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The Claw Machine

Damn you claw machine.

Giving up, I went to find my fam at Big W and we all walked to Safeway to buy food while I was still ticked off for losing $1 and how they mixed up the stuffed toys in order to SCAM people.


I think the recovery of all that madness was going to my favourite restaurant. My brother didn’t come so just a mother and daughter dine out.

We had some delicious Vietnamese food. I don’t remember the cost for what we all ordered but the Shark Fin Soup costed $12. Absolutely a life saver for what happened before and delicious as well! Well worth it.

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Food Before.JPG

The Before Shot

Food After.JPG

The Aftermath. Don’t worry, we took the soup home for takeaway!


Paul’s USA Direct Outlet

Next, we went to Paul’s USA Direct Outlet to look for a hoodie for my brother. I’m not sure but I feel like this store is a thrift shop.

I really don’t know what thrift shopping is (something to do with people donating their old clothes etc?) but at least it’s 50% off this month for clothes like Nike, Adidas, Converse etc.

Got to look around and found something I liked that cost $25 but I really don’t like the sleeves (sadly I didn’t take a photo of it because I WAS TOO BUSY LOOKING THROUGH CLOTHES). We left empty handed.

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Paul USA outlet.JPG

The warehouse is huge! This is only the part of it.

So that’s my “day in a life”. Lol, not really but it was lovely because the sun was shining.

There were some pros and cons to it.


The food, looking through clothes and going out with the fam.


Claw Machines, losing $5, getting tilted and not buying anything from Paul’s USA Outlet.

A day in the life of my life where I got scammed by the claw machine but made it up by eating good food. #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #clawmachine #dayout #dayinthelife #food

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~ Ellen


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