Hey there!

I’m Ellen. You can call me El. I’m the owner and author of Zyrakuma (this site you’re on right now).

I’m a lifestyle blogger who writes topics of self-wellbeing, productivity & blogging tips. My purpose for this blog is to help you improve yourself or/and your blog.

Here’s what I write about…


× Product Reviews/Hauls
× Relationships
× Storytimes (Personal stories)


× Self-care
× Self-love
× Mental Health


× Goals
× Change Habits
× Motivation for Success


× Advice & Tips Blogging for Beginners
× Pinterest
× Branding & Blog Designs (Graphic Design)

What you should know

I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now (this isn’t the first blog I’ve made). Over that 1 year, I studied about self-care and blogging through courses, personal experiences, and other blog posts.

Whilst doing that, I too, have made many mistakes in the past and want to share it with you on what helped me improve.

When I first created this blog, I was only a high school student starting secondary school (Aussie here). I was in a bad situation because you know, like every teenager, we get this thing called “puberty”.

I started to develop serious mental issues like depression and anxiety but I was also having a hard time trusting people and making new friends at my school.

That’s when I started this blog as a personal (I don’t think I can call it personal) online diary. That’s when I saw Xiaxue’s blog and it motivated me to recreate a new blog. I wrote my feelings down, my everyday life journal etc.

6 Months later, after reading all these blog posts on blogging and self-care, I knew where my passion lands. That’s how I ended up making this personal online diary to a self-help for you.

And here we are, right now, with an ongoing “over 1-year” blog and getting plenty of new readers every day (welcome fellow newbies!), I knew that I wanted to make this blog into somewhat of a priority for me. What motivates me is when my readers actually use my helpful advice for their needs (yes I do read comments).

Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I love playing video games. I’m always binge playing League of Legends every day. People find this strange or weird, but I play LoL just to relieve stress.
  2. I love coffee. But I also love tea also. I like both! You can probably tell when you read my main quotation before entering into the post.
  3. I love art. I like to do digital drawings and sketching mostly. I’m not that creative in the creative fields but I like to enjoy doing these things when I feel like it.
  4. I have 2 pet gold fishes and a pet duck name Ducky.
  5. My favourite colours are red, gold and hot pink.
    I’m very obsessive when it comes to colourful and feminine things.
  6. I enjoy memes & tea (not that kind of tea) from time to time. Especially memes on Beef & Shook‘s channels.
  7. I love K-pop, K-drama. You know what, let’s just say I love everything Korea.

Here’s me with my lovely red hair!

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I hope you stick around and enjoy the adventure. I usually post one or twice a week on a Monday or Friday (aussie time). Why not join my newsletter list and receive your free workbook “I have TIME 2 Blog”?