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I am a 19-year-old lifestyle blogger and current student studying art or graphic design. Basically, I blog about my personal lifestyle, self-care, mental health, productivity, and blogging tips.




  • My favourite colours red, gold, white and hot pink.
  • I am Australian & Vietnamese.
  • I like bright, colourful and feminine things like those stock images you see on Pinterest.
  • I am very sarcastic, honest and humorous (but I’m totally a nice friendly person).
  • I love art, especially digital art (you can check out my artworks on IG @coffeeeatsbunny).
  • I love playing videos games especially League of Legends (saltiest community ever.)
  • I have a pet duck and two goldfishes.
  • I love LOVE Kpop and everything Korean
  • Memes are life. Pepe I love <3




I use to suffer from social anxiety and depression (I still to this day suffer from social anxiety). I had lost so many friends due to me being sensitive. I had a lack of self-esteem because of my appearance and the way I acted. So I started to lose all my self-confidence and stopped making new friends because of the way my old “friends” treated me in the past. Plus they acted really fake and backstabbed me (I have blog posts on those).
That was when I came to blogging. I came here to type out my life and my thoughts.
I don’t have many friends that I use to talk to so I usually just write in a journal and share it with you (yes you reading this) fellow readers around the world. I also wanted to give advice from my experience also.
But one thing is for sure, I love to help people and make others happy. That’s why I decided to study the course of self-love, gain knowledge from what I do in order to cure a bit of my depression by loving myself and having a healthy lifestyle.



You came here because you either wanted to learn how to be productive and organise or you want to treat yourself better with ways of self-improving yourself. With a sprinkle of my personality (who even wants to read a boring post?) 


You either want to read my life LOL!

But I’m here to give you what you need fellow lemons muahaha ( I don’t even know what lemons have to do with this.)

Also, I want you guys to follow your dreams, succeed, be happy & be positive.



How I created my name for my blog and other social sites is when I was playing one of my favourite PC games League of Legends. I would play Zyra, one of the support characters in League of Legends and I would main her a lot (still do to this day).
How I got ‘Kuma’ is from Rilakkuma, a Japanese cute fictional character from San-X and one of my favourite PlayStation console game, Tekken.  Kuma is also the meaning of bear in Japanese.
I added both Zyra and Kuma together to create ‘ZyraKuma’.
So I hope you come along on my journey~
Have a fun and fabulous day!!


Don’t forget to be ‘you’! 

Zyrakuma oct 2018 banner


Where to start?

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Once or Twice a Week


Share it for Free Chocolate Brownies!