Is The Erin Condren Lifeplanner Worth It For The Price?

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To be a motivated boss, you really need a motivating planner. Why do I say this? Because when people see motivation, they would want to get motivated too.

This review of a planner will give you my in-depth opinions of the Erin Condren lifeplanner and my ratings. That's why I decided to get this planner for 2019 as well as share some photographs as well of the planner and stationeries.

If you're looking for a good planner for 2019 or 2020, then keep reading.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

Is the Erin Condren Planner worth it for the Price?

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I purchased this Erin Condren Lifeplanner last year on December 2018. So let's go look through it.


Alright, what you all been waiting for… The box! Haha, no but really, the box and wrapping look really cute.

I mean look at this! It's like I never want to unbox it because it's just so neat, vibrant and organised. It makes me never want to open my Erin Condren lifeplanner because the box is irresistible!

Oh yeah, don't forget it's so colourful and welcoming. It really makes a good impression to buy more from them.

I don’t know about you but I'm actually going to keep the pink tissue paper.

I think one of the good things about their packaging is that they put in the air cushion bubble wrap so it won't damage the items inside when travelling overseas.

Once I checked out the Erin Condren lifeplanner and there was no damage or marks were on them. Sweet!

Usually, when I receive packages from overseas (Wish for example) they usually come in just the parcels and once they get here, the items inside them would be damaged and have dents in them.

Boxing/Packaging: 10/10


Let's check out the stationeries first before we get right onto the planner.

Total Pricing (without the Erin Condren lifeplanner): $23.00

I added additional 3-pack markers so I can get free international shipping.

Let's start off with the Colourful Dual-Tip Markers (3-Pack)

I'm actually really disappointed. As you can see from the image of the receipt and my actual image of the stationeries, I received something so different than what they had advertised.

I was hoping I would get the 3 coloured (black, red & blue) marker set. Instead, I got something different. I'm not sure if it was an image error or something like that but I got the 4-pack Wet Erase Marker Set (black, magenta, green & light blue).

And yes, I made sure to take everything out of the box and check it from underneath. I went back to check in the box if I'm missing something but nope, there was nothing there but tissue paper and air cushion wrap.

Now I went to try out these wet-erase markers and apparently they can be used as a whiteboard marker on the front and back covers of the planner. I haven't used that the "whiteboard" yet but I did use these markers for ticking off my to-do list.

The markers are vibrant and just like the colour on the caps. They act like newly bought whiteboard markers. But for me, I don't like the magenta and green colours.

Rating: 4/10

Just because I didn't get what I ordered, however, the markers are smart on behalf of using the planner like a whiteboard (idk how much times I'm going to say whiteboard).

Next is the Colourful Dual-Tip Markers (6-pack)

Like what they advertise on their site, it indeed is worth it to get along the Erin Condren lifeplanner. If you want something compact and don't want to have 24 markers on you if you're bringing this planner anywhere with you.

If you love pastels and vibrant colours together (like me) then you're going to love these markers. Finally! The yellow marker doesn't look so bright that you can't see what you write.

The marker has a two-sided pen & marker. That means I can use the marker side if I want to do a heading and add something to my monthly planner while the pen side can be used for smaller paragraphs or notes.

The only thing I dislike is the boxing of it and the marker side of the pen can easily be damaged if you don't have light writing hands.

For the boxing, whenever I take it out, the other markers would slip and slide and because I organised on where I set my colours, I really don't like having to stop just to put back the marker to where it belongs.

The tips of the markers can be easily damaged. I'm not a light person when it comes to writing. I don't know why but I like to get all the ink right onto the paper. For this, when I was using the blue marker side, the tip of it ended up getting squished.

All in all, I am actually really grateful to have bought this because I've been loving it so far. It definitely makes the planner stand out instead of just using a black pen.

Rating: 7/10


What you all been waiting for!

Let's start off with the cover. Now you get to pick and customise your planner the way you like it. For me, I decided to go with less colourful outside and more colourful inside.

I went for the gold-lined flower patterns. I also got to put my name on the front so I don't have to awkwardly write my name and feel disappointed about how bad my calligraphy is (this is probably why I don't do bullet journals lol).

Additional cost if you have the coils in gold or rose gold so I left it as for silver.

The laminated covers make it easier for it to not damage (unlike my past leather planners where they have scratch marks all over them) and can be drawn on using the water erase markers.

Rating:  8/10

Quote Covers

Each month, you will get hit with a motivating quote/saying on the covers.

In my past posts, I mentioned ways to get motivated to be productive or succeed in your goals. That meant waking up and reading inspiring successful quotes.

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This is a wonderful installation in the Erin Condren lifeplanner because this planner is meant to help you exceed your goals. What better way than to just bring it with you on the go?

But also, the moment you start off your day planning, you can just go to your current month and read the quote to get you motivated for the day.

And, I think this is a great idea because usually monthly covers have nothing on them.

Goal Settings

As I said, the goal of the planner is to help you achieve.

In my past planners, they don't have these goal planning so I would always have to make a goal list and post it on my wall. I stopped doing this because I just don't look at my wall enough to notice it.

But now that I have a goal planner right in this planner, I'm able to check it every day whenever I plan out my day and see what I need to work on. Yes, I rate it from most important to less important.

The only thing I don't like is how they're inboxes. To me, when it comes to planning out my lifetime goals, I like to add additional notes to them. For example "Blogging (main goal) - Reach 600 views week/ly" etc etc. So I would prefer if they had a customisable plan for this section.

Monthly Calendars

Let's talk about the monthly calendar section.

I'm really happy that they add it the tab page and how they also laminated the tabs so it doesn't bend (I've had many problems with this in the past).

It fills up the whole page and it's enough space for putting in important dates and events. I can even use the stickers they attached as well.

As well as automatically adding in holidays. However, if it's just me only but I really wished they had only added in international holidays (Easter, Christmas, New Year's etc). Some holidays don't really resemble/matter to me because I live in Australia.

Yearly Calendars

You got one in the front of the page and one after the weekly calendars.

But let's talk about one of the back covers.

The planner is called the "LifePlanner" for a reason. Not only are you getting a yearly review for the year after but you're also able to add in goals or tasks for the month. And, in the box section "In the coming year", you can also add notes.

It's not important to me but I think it's great to know what you want to get out of your goals in preparation for next year.

Weekly Calendars

What more can I say with the daily calendar sections?

I feel like this is enough space to add in tasks/events and it also had a note section for the week so if I run out of space, I can just write it in the note section.

Personally for me, not really a big fan of the numbering layer. It just makes it awkward when writing down tasks for the day plus if I made a space for the tick, then it would look like I said, awkward.

But good thing they have a box space on the right for little notes or just to add stickers.

Extra Notes

Yes, always gotta have those extra note pages in case you need to write down important things when you don't have a notepad on the go.

But what's also great is that you can check everything in the note section instead of having to look through individual small papers or lose important information.

Contact Page

Let's say your mobile phone died but you can't remember anyone to contact.

That's why you have the contact page in the back of your planner in case you need to call someone for emergency (even I can't remember my own phone number).


I love stickers! Ain't these stickers so cute, simple and feminine?

Each planner you choose will probably get different stickers depending on what type of cover you get. They come in 3 pages and for pretty much task, goals or events.

They also have adorable stickers on the 3rd page if you want to spice up your planning and make it look sweet. My favourite ones are the ones with the small sayings on them.

Small On-the-Go Calendar Journal

Additionally, on the back of the planner, you get a small booklet calendar journal in case you want to quickly jot down important events like birthdays etc.

Planner Rating: 8/10


  • Customised LifePlanner cost $60.00 (AUD)
  • Colourful Dual-tip Markers (3-Pack) cost $8.00 (AUD)
  • Colourful Dual-tip Markers (6-Pack) cost $15.00 (AUD)

In Subtotal: $83.00 (AUD)

DHL Parcel Direct: $19.95 (AUD)

Because I bought this during Black Friday, I got a 30% Off Sitewide:  -$24.90 (AUD)

In total, I paid $78.05 (AUD)

Was the cost worth it?

To be honest, it's probably would be normal for you but the cost for me is quite high (because I'm a broke student lol). If it wasn't Black Friday and I had to pay over $90 for a LifePlanner, then I wouldn't buy it because I'm on a budget. All in all, I think this is just a once in a lifetime.

The good news is that it's customisable for your needs and the planner includes plenty of things so I would say that it is definitely worth it for me.

Overall Rating: 8/10


If you want to get one for yourself or a friend, make sure to click HERE or the banner below to get yours exclusively.

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