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Recently, I’ve finished reading the book The Way We Were – Remembering Diana by Paul Burrell, her old butler released in 2006. Was I generally emotional because I looked up to Diana as a Q U E E N.


I’m pretty sad that her death was before I was born but, I was interested about it after watching all these conspiracy theories of her car accident (I can see why there are so much conspiracy theories).


It’s pretty much surreal how her butler, her closet buddy, her savant and a person who she knew her personally, wrote a bibliography on her that reveals the real reason behind all these media. I for one, think they made up these stories just from their sight instead of hers (don’t they all?)


This book is the 2nd book (I never read the 1st one) to “A Royal Duty” which maybe you should read that one first before reading “The Way We Were” so you can get more insight on Diana’s history.


So, let me tell you a clip it of this book.


67-Book Review The Way We Were Remembering Diana
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This book is made to contribute to the celebration of her life as the Princess of Wales.


In The Way We Were, Burrell discusses his own personal experiences with Diana as a butler during that time not just what the media perceive her as. He explains about her likings, her kindness, the first time she came upon Kensington Palace, her secrets, her relationships, affairs and of course, till her accident in 1997. He also talks about her one true love, which will be revealed once you read this book. What’s also sweet is that we get to look through the timeline of William and Harry when they were younger and the love their mother gave them. Diana was also known to cherish her sons as their first priority which their mother gave them when they were young. As well as her clashing and rebellious friendship with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. But with her other friendships, she likes to be royal and that’s what royal friends are right? There are also photographs in the book like the palace of apartment 8 & 9 she stayed in, her jewellery as well as the quotes she underlined and the letters she had sent to friends and Burrell.


If you like mystery, memoirs, romance, conspiracies or just Diana in general, then definitely read this book because it will get chills up your spines once you find the truth.


Now for my personal opinion, I’m not a really big or huge Diana fan because I was too young to even know the Princess of Wale’s death but this book did, however, bring me to know her a bit more. She was a well-acknowledged woman and treated everyone and herself with kindness but I sometimes get a bit doozy on some pages throughout the book. Some parts of the book did take interest to me like the secret affairs she had and the friendship with Sarah (I mean, I am one to love gossip) but there are other parts like her liking for fashion that really took a bore to me.


I like how honest Burrell is about Diana but some parts just don’t get to me because he isn’t Diana personally. Can’t really say much since Burrell is only talking about her based on his own personal experiences. All in together, I loved the book and learned so much more about her even though she is not here anymore.


If I had to give it a rating, it would be 4/5.


65 - (Book Review) The Way We Were – Remembering Diana

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