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Fame Doesn’t Equal Happiness

Hey guys Sometimes, I don’t even realise I’ve been away for so long because of how busy and stressed out I am about my end of year exams (plus we got to memorize quotes etc by hearts because we can’t bring in anything but stationeries!) I’m writing here because it’s …
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Tips for Overcoming Insomnia

Hey guys Hands up if you’re suffering from Insomnia at the moment! (Well it’s nothing to be proud of really but ya know, just tryna hype you up). I know, you’re probably here to find a solution to get rid of your worst sleeping habits. But you’re definitely at the …
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Binge Eating is Hard to Stop

Hey guys This is going to be a serious topic so just a warning, it’s gonna feature some sensitive stuff. If you’re not into this sensitive stuff about bulimia or binge eating, then check out my other related posts. Now, this has been something that I wanted to write for …