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Storytime – My Phone Was STOLEN!!

Hey guys   Yes, you’ve read the title alright. This was the time I had my Nokia stolen my two older women. Oh! And to my own shock, this happened nearly TWICE already! *Disclosure: This post contains affiliates. I earn a compensation if you purchase the product. I do not …
Lifestyle Storytime

Collection Of Primary School Memories

Hey guys   I was on my Facebook just you know, scrolling through my newsfeed while messaging friends and something caught my eye. It was a photo posted from one of my old primary (or elementary for you Americans) classmates. The feels of primary school hit me so hard so …
Lifestyle Storytime

Storytime – My Online BULLY From HELL

Hey guys   This happened when I was about 13 or 14 years old (2011-2012). I had this bully. (wow. Not surprising at all!) Let us call her Eve (just so we don’t spill her). It was a PC multiplayer car game called Need For Speed World.     Eventually, …