Change From Free WordPress to Self-Hosted

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Hey, hi, hello there!

I’ve been blogging for about 1 year now (on this site) and went from free WordPress to self-hosted.

All I can say is, changing to self-hosted was the best moment of my blogging life!

Why didn’t I buy self-host earlier? (You may be asking). I had plenty of reasons for it but mostly, I had no money, I couldn’t use my bank account online till I was 18, I was blogging random things and had no knowledge of niches and like my other older blogs, I would stop blogging.

Change From Free WordPress to Self-Hosted

But however, I didn’t stop because I felt like this blog is pretty much something I can literally keep to myself. Something that involves expressing my concerns, helping others and really, helping myself out of my own hell hole.

But back to the topic.

Going from self-host changed the way I set my blog out and had more freedom. I went from having limited plugins to any available plugging there ever was. Limited media and photo limit to unlimited, having a non-“ugly” url to a more professional one and the list goes on forever.


So if you’re someone who needs help going from to self-hosted, then I’m here to help you in need.

Click here to get started, it’s pretty cheap you know!
Web Hosting





Ok so which one do I pick? SiteGround, BlueHost or GoDaddy? What I picked to self-host my site was SiteGround. I love SiteGround because of how easy it is to install and how CHEAP it is! (coming from a girl with no money). The cost is under $5. But really, I do recommend using SiteGround because I had no problems at all! I did my research don’t worry.

Many other bloggers recommended SiteGround and you know what? I totally in on the recommendation. I didn’t use the chat or the popup wizard (because I’m literally a go go person when it comes to tutorials) and as far as it goes, it’s pretty easy to install.


There are 3 plan installments on SiteGround.
1. StartUp
2. GrowBig
3. GoGeek

I use StartUp since I only use one blog and like I said, I am a girl with no money (*cries in the corners*). Basically, if you want to go to the extreme business, want more premium offers, have more than two sites and be able to handle loads and loads of traffic, I suggest going for the 2 other options which are GrowBig or GoGeek.



Next Step is choosing your domain.

step 2_domain
It could be anything from your domain on your last free WordPress site or something different. I personally used the one on my old free WordPress site because that name is GONNA STICK WITH ME FOREVER. It’s funny because now that I think of it, I could have added something to make it more personal and easy to remember but oh well, things can’t be reversed. That doesn’t mean I don’t like this name.



The last step is to buy of course! Add all your personal information like your address, email, phone number etc, review your cost and on you go.

step 3_review and purchase


What about this?

Purchase Info

Oh, I almost forgot about this! (not really) this here is where you need to read carefully and pick your decisions.


Let’s go one by one.
Hosting – Plan: You already picked the plan in the beginning (step 1) so you leave it as it is unless you changed your mind on planning to go bigger.
Hosting – Data Centre: This is where data is collected, distributed and stored. Leave it as it is.
Hosting – Period: Here is where you can pick a month on whether you want to continue with the hosting or trial it. There is 1 month (trial), 12 months, 24 or 36 months *caution: bills will add up when picking a higher month* What I suggest is using 12 or 14 months. 1. Because you’re not wasting your money with only 1 month and 2. You’re not sure how long you want to run your blog for.

Extra Services – Domain Registration: Since you already made your domain, you could leave that as it is.
Extra Services – Domain Privacy: What this means is that if you don’t have Domain Privacy, your personal information like your address, name, phone number, and other personal info will be available to the whole wide web (public) so I do recommend checking that.
Extra Services – SG Site Scanner: This is a site scanner where they check and monitor your site for any hackers lurking on trying to hack your site or install codes that you do not want on your site. I personally don’t buy this so if you feel risky on those hackers out there, tick the box. This is only optional.

That’s it.


Once you have confirmed the agreement and “PAY NOW” you’re all set on setting your self-hosted blog!

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